Pizza! FW exclusive: 25% off Dieci Pizzeria & Osteria

For those missing Motorino and wanting another option other than Forcella, we recommend giving Dieci Pizzeria & Osteria a shot.

We’ve been curious about Dieci Pizzeria & Osteria since they opened a few months ago, and finally got a chance to check them out. What we love about Dieci is that it’s a hidden gem, with tasty, (mostly) organic ingredients used for their authentic Italian cuisine. In addition the numerous wood-burning oven pizzas, there’s a variety of salads and main dishes such as a grilled pork chop with roasted fingerling potatoes, sautéed spinach in a red wine reduction, pan seared salmon, veal, and a few classic chicken dishes. For those who are sensitive to gluten, there are also two gluten free pizzas, and gluten free pasta can be substituted for any of the main pastas.

The interior is simply decorated and could use a little love, but what really matters is the food which is excellent. We’re looking forward to eating in the large outdoor garden once warmer weather returns.

For our loyal Free Williamsburg readers, Dieci Pizzeria & Osteria has offered to give you 25% off your entire bill if you mention Free Williamsburg.

Check them out:

Dieci Pizzeria & Osteria
10 Devoe St
(between Union Ave & Lorimer St)
New York, NY 11211


  1. is there a max limit? how long is this offered for? is this only today? do i have to tell them before i order? how does this work?

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