Pinback at Music Hall of Williamsburg

Pinback‘s music is a blend of chilled out, dusky melodies that echo and weave together gracefully with a minimalist feel. Last night was certainly mellow and sedate, as Rob Crow and Zach Smith exchanged their signature vocals and laid back stage presences.
Kylesa jumped the night off with a blistering set of death metal, complete with male/female screams, severe headbanging, finger tapping, and frequent guitar solos. The group’s dual lead singers, guitarists, and double drummers generated a booming and somewhat disorienting set.
Pinback’s execution of their material got off to a bumpy start, with some sound problems and even voices cracking. The issues were no doubt in part due to the recent departure of their keyboardist Terrin Durfey, who has unfortunately been fighting cancer (for more information or to help donate $, please click here!). In his stead was a new keyboard guy, Braden, who had only a week or so joined on.
After nearly a 1/2 hour of weaker playing, the group did tighten up and engaged some fan favorites for the audience, including ‚”Tripoli,” ‚”Loro,” and ‚”Fortress” in a more potent manner. All throughout the set, a screen setup behind the musicians played a montage of video from the film ‚”Dark Star” (from which Pinback took their name), trippy underwater scenes, and Pinback’s own music videos ‚Äì and I’m convinced that the footage did a great deal to augment the set and make it somewhat less, well, boring.
All criticisms aside, Pinback played for the better part of 90 minutes, and they did an excellent job of throwing in fan favorites like ‚”Penelope” and ‚”Bloods on Fire.” It’s possible that the lineup problems circulating around them distracted them a bit, or maybe we’re just spoiled here in NYC and we’re used to seeing bands give 150% energy and enthusiasm for having the opportunity to play here. Whatever the case, the show was distinctively relaxed, yet also extensive in terms of Pinback’s musical catalogue and their unpretentious relationships with their fans and each other.

All photos c/o Elizabeth Brady

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