PHOTO GALLERY: CMJ … it happened and barely anyone got hurt.

Nicky Digital had his annual showcase. There was free beer and 6 bands. See the Photos HERE!

Green Label Sound (Yummm MTN DEWWWW) had a top secret after hours party at a top secret venue called Fig 19 (shhh don’t tell anyone). Look at pictures of the SECRET STUFF HERE

EVEN Underground Rebel Bingo made music for CMJ. They got Hyundai’s VELOSTER to sponsor performances by Cold War Kids and Datarock. Look at pictures of the winners (and LOSERS) HERE.

The snazzy Converse recording studio in Williamburg hosted free booze and bands like FRIENDS and TWIN SHADOW. The lead singer from FRIENDS even made out with a girl in the audience … cooties!

There was a fort made by FADER magazine and they had this really phenomenal Canadian girl who goes by the moniker GRIMES (though there doesn’t seem to be anything grimey about her) perform. Her stage presence was amazing and we can’t wait to see what she grows into. Look at more photos of her being cute here.

Electronic music booking agency AM ONLY took over Grills and Thrills at Webster Fall to showcase some of their hottest talents. Look at pictures of kids high on alcohol and some of the best DJs in the known universe here!


  1. Wow, what a bunch of douchey people.


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