PHOTO GALLERIES: Pre-Halloween Face Painted Festivities

OKAY so Halloween hasn’t even happened yet and all these people are already obscuring their faces and running around wreaking havoc …

We’ve got Bingo the Bunny with is two friends (we can’t tell if his friends are in costumes or just trying to get photographed for that buzzy tumblr) going to the weekly Lass & Laddies party at Webster‘s Dance Hall.
>> See more photos of their dance party discotecca here.

We’ve got a trashy kitten not so ironically attending the “TRASH” party.
>> Check out more pics of her purr-sonal party parts HERE.

Did you know that faux zombies played bingo? Neither did we!
>> Check out our investigative evidence of people dressed as zombies playing grandma’s favorite game!

There was a CULT group of people who insisted that the world was going to come to and end. Alas it did not (that’s how you’re able to read this) so they just partied the night out with some Freemasons.
>> Click here to see more snow white Halloween end of the world photographs.

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