Phoenix & Passion Pit, Summerstage 9/25 and 9/26

French phenom Phoenix brought the sold-out crowd and rocked Central Park both Friday and Saturday nights. The delightful surprise for the uninitiated few was Passion Pit’s show-stealing opening sets.
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Passion Pit:
Passion Pit01.jpg
Passion Pit02.jpg
Passion Pit03.jpg
Anne-Marie Howard


  1. what a great show… Passion pit needed a lot of work on their sound though, of course it was probably just summer stage. Props to Phoenix… the lighting was kick ass, and the performance was one of their best.
    If you weren’t impressed by passion pit see them in a smaller venue it’s always better.

  2. first time reader, but... says:

    neither free nor williamsburg

  3. i was kinda down on the PassionPit set at first, but then i noticed something. i moved from the back area in front of the soundboard between the bleachers and went up towards the crowd, and the closer i got the better the sound got. so i wish i had caught the PassionPit set from closer, everyone who was closer said they sounded great.
    Phoenix killed.

  4. True, Passion Pit killed it at Bowery Ballroom, even though they played for what seemed like less than an hour.

  5. Seriously?! Phoenix made the concert. I love both bands but Passion Pit could have only sounded good to the tone def. If Phoenix hadn’t played after Passion Pit I would have left.

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