Perfect Pussy’s New Album is Out


“Say Yes to Love,” the first official studio album of the much-hyped Syracuse band Perfect Pussy dropped last Tuesday. Front woman Meredith Graves shouts about relationships and break-ups unapologetically smothered by messy guitar feedback layering up to a cacophony of raw emotions.

The songs cascade one into the next in a true album unity, with a few airy endings to catch your breath. Advance Upon the Real quiets to a low mumble after about a minute and a half for the remainder of the 5 minute song, reminding me of “hidden tracks” of albums past. The pause could also act as a built in bathroom break for listening to the record on repeat. The last track VII raises out of the lull with a field day of grungy electronic noise mounting to reverberating, slow lyrics that feel like a bad trip.

The 23-minute long album leaves you wanting more, yet the songs push to the brink of exhaustion and a cigarette is probably the “more” you’re looking for.

Here’s a taste from their show last year at Shea Stadium:

And you can see them live at Mercury Lounge April 5.

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