People Of The North: Album Review

Check out this mind-blowing album review from our local record store maven Diana Kinscherf. Disclaimer: she loves it but hey it’s Oneida’s side project so get down on it in the groovy spaced out way!
People Of The North are here! (No, not the Canadians!) Back in February 2009, half of Oneida decided to record Deep Tissue, a four track LP on Oneida’s own Brah label. Graduating from an Oneida song title to band moniker, People Of The North bring you a delicious high without having to blow your hard earned money on copious amounts of drugs.
Begin the trip on the flip…

Deep Tissue opens with “Tunnels” like an awakening beast of synths met with a barrage of some intricate drumming drawing you near – but don’t get too close or it will take your soul away. “The Vastest Island” carries you aloft, taking the listener to a place in the past you never thought you were permitted. Beautiful, albeit indecipherable vocals adorn this track like a distant lullaby. Chilling, haunting synths dream the way into a feeling of detached serenity – you can now hear your disembodied soul calling out to you!
Flip the record over and be led into “Summer Leaves”, and excursion into the wooded forest before the throbbing fury that is “Over Me” takes hold. Nothing short of fourteen minutes, (like any epic song should be) pulsating rhythms throw you into a trance-inducing head spin, leaving the listener with no other choice but to flip the record and let it begin again! Give your soul to the People Of The North! They’re calling you…

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