People actually prefer the shuttle to the G train

credit: Greenpointers

credit: Greenpointers

We griped and griped, but many commuters actually preferred the shuttle to taking the awful G train. Enjoy it while it lasts. Service resumes on Tuesday:

“It’s faster,” said George Huarotte, 22, who works in Greenpoint. “I prefer the shuttle.”

“The shuttle is always there,” said Tiffany Elisca, 25, who also works in Greenpoint. “And it’s free.”

The G train has been shut down between the Nassau Avenue and Court Square stops since July 25 to allow workers to make “extended repairs” after 3 million gallons of salt water flooded the line during Sandy, according to the MTA…

Taveras once waited 20 minutes for the train to leave the Court Square station, making her total commute about 30 minutes, she said. But with the shuttle, she said she zips to work in just 10 to 15 minutes.

“I actually get to work on time now,” she said. “It is convenient.”

For nighttime commuters, the shuttle has been particularly beneficial, said John Monte, 47, who commutes from work in Long Island City to his Greenpoint home at night.

Monte doesn’t mind the G train during the day, but after 10 p.m., “it’s awful,” he said.

“The shuttle comes more often,” he said.

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