“Pee all you can pee with Airpnp”

When you gotta go, you gotta go- and now there is an app for that. Airpnp to the rescue! Similar to the travel rental website, residents and businesses can rent out bathrooms for public use, and patrons can then rate their commode experience.
The founders started the app as a way to prevent “rogue pee” during Mardi Gras this year, but it quickly caught on all over the world, with 208 toilet hosts in Europe. There are only four locations currently in NYC, one right here in Williamsburg. For a mere $5, you can visit a stranger’s W.C. at 167 N 6th Street!


Here’s the ad:


Drop a load in our humble abode

We’ve got an excellent throne for your tush and its ready for use! You can rest assured it will be a holy matrimony because our apartment is in a reclaimed rectory in Williamsburg. Only three floors to walk up to take your caca. So park your fixie and rock your brightest flannel as you drop the kids off in our communal pool. We’ve even got free nail clippers!

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