Paulie Gee’s now open on Mondays, expanding to other cities


credit: The Food Doc

Good news! Paulie Gee’s is now open for dinner seven days a week. Paulie (AKA Paul Giannone), a prolific user of social media, has been blitzing Twitter and Instagram with news of the change.

If you’ve been to Paulie Gee’s, you’ve probably met and chatted with Paulie. That’s because he’s always there when the restaurant is open. It’s part of his hands-on approach to making pizza. He likes to know his customers. That’s also why the famous pizzeria has always been closed on Mondays; it’s Paulie’s day of rest.

But, with Paulie looking to expand to other cities, he’s decided to give some of his proteges a chance to practice “being the Paulie,” as Adam Kuban puts it. Kuban, who started the pizza blog Slice, will be managing the front-of-house operations tonight. Paulie plans to hand Kuban the reins of a new Paulie Gee’s location in Portland, Oregon, when it opens.

Going forward, Paulie’s assistant pizzaiolos, including Kuban, will be managing the restaurant every Monday. Paulie told us he has three people working for him now who want to open up Paulie Gee’s franchises in different cities. Ultimately, Paulie plans to open locations in Chicago, Oakland, Portland, LA, Las Vegas, Columbus, Ohio, and on Long Island.


  1. jjinbroklyn says:

    Go, Paulie! Congrats.
    He’s a sweetheart and really cares about his food and customers.

  2. Congrats & so deserved! Paulie is so sweet. His approach to his business speaks volumes on his character. I’ve been to his place a few times & even celebrated my engagement there. It’s one of the only places I’ve missed since relocating to the west coast. He can’t get here fast enough for me!!

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