Pasar Malam – a new Malaysian, night market-inspired restaurant is open in Williamsburg


Credit: Noah Fecks/Bedford & Bowery

Pasar Malam; 208 Grand Street (bet. Bedford and Driggs Aves)

From Bedford & Bowery:

The dishes here are mostly Malay classics with unique twists: the chili crab, for instance, is made with a soft-shell rather than hard-shell crab, and the Hainanese chicken rice is made with crispy rather than steamed chicken. Though the food isn’t knock-your-socks-off spicy, says Mehta, the Nasi Lemak will have you reaching for one of the place’s herb-packed “holistic” Chinese drinks, or a cooling soymilk and grass jelly drink named Michael Jackson for its black-and-white color.

“If it’s not a good one, you’re not sweating,” says Mehta of Malaysia’s national dish, a combination of coconut rice, pandan leaves, pickled vegetables and house-made anchovy sambal.

Aside from a few placards advertising that item and others, the 60-seat dining room isn’t heavily modeled after Panang’s celebrated night markets, where individual stalls surround a food court.

Credit: Daniel Mauer/Bedford & Bowery

Credit: Daniel Mauer/Bedford & Bowery

Here’s the menu:

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