Pandora hosts BK Night Bazaar this weekend

photo by @StylesbyRoseTran

photo by @StylesbyRoseTran

It’s tough to follow last week’s line-up from Communion, with Rubblebucket singing WHILE crowd surfing and attracting the likes of LiLo, but Pandora’s going to give it a shot.

Tonight night kicks off with the Bronze Radio Return whose happy, toe-tap worthy tunes are sure to attract a crowd. From Hartford, Connecticut, the 6-member band brings rootsy rock to the stage, even recording their latest record in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Saturday night features a variety of danceable bands: Ash, River Run North and Golden Suits. Here is a video for River Run North’s “Fight to Keep”,  which premiered on Conan O’Brien Presents: TeamCoco:

AND Brooklyn Star will be serving up fried chicken in waffle cones all weekend long. There’s mashed potatoes in there too. It’s like the savory ice cream cone of my dreams. RSVP and skip the line here.

I give a “thumbs up”.

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