Pandamonium, Continued

A tipster sent us this picture from Saturday’s Pandamonium march on Bedford. Christ, don’t the cops have something better to do than go apeshit on a bunch of drunk panda-hipsters? More images here. And our original post is here.


  1. BedfordDweller says:

    I was out of town, but if I had been there, I would’ve run down my steps with my own banner:
    “Let’s reclaim the streets from idiots like you people in your ridiculous costumes.”
    Contrary to what a lot of visitors think, this is a real neighborhood and actual people live here. And some of us are damned tired of having the streets and the sidewalks taken over by idiots.

  2. Willy South says:

    Why do people think they can just move to Williamsburg and expect it to suddenly be Park Slope? You and your babies belong in PARK SLOPE OR GLEN RIDGE. You moved to a neighborhood famous for being 18th grade. Yes you did you recently moved. Of course they’re arresting one of the 14 black guys in all of Williamsburg. The cops are on the take, remember Cokie’s? Meanwhile they can’t seem to keep the thugs from leaving their dogshit everywhere and generally being violent menaces to the graphic designers, scenesters and other settlers. Of course, I knew that was part of the deal…

  3. BedfordDweller says:

    I moved to Bedford Avenue in 1988. I moved here from Manhattan when I started dating my husband and we couldn’t afford to live there anymore.
    When we moved here, nothing stayed open past 11 p.m. at night, and the only people on the street were the few people who took the subway home past 10 o’clock. That was a drag, to say the least. However, now the pendulum has swung way too far in the other direction. There’s got to be some balance to all of this. Want to have a party? Have a party! But if you’re going to close a city street, there’s bound to be police action. Don’t like police? Find a better place to party.

  4. How disgustingly typical that the only person that is physically assaulted and dragged to the ground is a young black man. Every other picture is of young white kids hanging out listening to music with no cops beating down on them. This photo is reminiscent of Civil Rights-era protest images. It just reveals how institutionally racist the police force still is. How disappointing.

  5. The war in Iraq…The complete privatization of everything…no social programs…and all they could come up with to take the streets were Panda suits. This brings passive nihilism to whole new levels. This was a complete overture of conformism. How depressing!

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