1 2 3 4 Feist

Her new record has been kicking our ass. Go out and get a copy if you haven’t already. Here’s her latest adorable video, “1 2 3 4″:

Easy Tiger… It's 4:20

From Vulture

There’s only a month left until the release of Easy Tiger, Ryan Adams’s ninth (official) record, but leakage has been minimal and details are sparse. Thankfully, its cover offers a few clues. The art is deceptively simple at first — just the title, in a Tron-esque sans serif, and a confused-looking alt-country singer staring down at the expensively carpeted floor of his West Village apartment (this is the world’s only known photograph of Adams not recording an album). It’s only when you notice the light-up LCD display of his calculator watch that the subtle genius reveals itself: Ryan Adams is so high that he can’t remember what he’s supposed to be doing at 4:20. In other words, great news for anyone hoping for more Grateful Dead worship with lots of noodly guitar solos.

We’ve haven’t heard it yet, but Rolling Stone says it’s Adams’ best record since Heartbreaker:

While prolific to the point of compulsion nothing he’s done has rivaled his classic solo debut, 2000′s uniformly gorgeous Heartbreaker…until now. The punk troubadour’s new album Easy Tiger – which is playing in our mail room, in our editors’ cars, and may soon be piped in via loudspeaker to the restrooms around here – has us thinking Adams may finally transcend his perpetual next big thing status.

Paris Hilton And K-Fed To Survive Armageddon

Gawker brought this story about the bubonic plague to our attention. According to Reuters, “a Denver Zoo monkey has died of bubonic plague, apparently after eating a squirrel stricken with the disease.” Coincidentally, scientists just released a report indicating that having herpes can protect against the bubonic plague and other bacterial contagions. Yahoo. Forget safe sex, we’re gonna go get us some herpes.

Bush Has No Intention Of Listening To Congress, Reason, or the American Public

illustration: Tim Jessell
The San Franciso Chronicle is reporting that the Bush may be planning a new “surge” that would nearly double the number of combat troops in Iraq by Christmas. Nevermind the fact that he is defying the will of Congress, the American people, the Iraq Study Group, and the advice of many of the generals on the ground. From SF Chronicle:

The Bush administration is quietly on track to nearly double the number of combat troops in Iraq this year, an analysis of Pentagon deployment orders showed Monday.
The little-noticed second surge, designed to reinforce U.S. troops in Iraq, is being executed by sending more combat brigades and extending tours of duty for troops already there.
The actions could boost the number of combat soldiers from 52,500 in early January to as many as 98,000 by the end of this year if the Pentagon overlaps arriving and departing combat brigades.
Separately, when additional support troops are included in this second troop increase, the total number of U.S. troops in Iraq could increase from 162,000 now to more than 200,000 — a record-high number — by the end of the year.
The numbers were arrived at by an analysis of deployment orders by Hearst Newspapers.
“It doesn’t surprise me that they’re not talking about it,” said retired Army Maj. Gen. William Nash, a former U.S. commander of NATO troops in Bosnia, referring to the Bush administration. “I think they would be very happy not to have any more attention paid to this.”

M. Ward With Neko Case, Jim James (of My Morning Jacket), And Kelly Hogan

In case you missed this performance last week on Conan, it was amazing. M. Ward and friends performing “Chinese Translation.”

Some Greatest Hits From Falwell's Thomas Road Baptist Church

Yes, these are real. We’ll “miss” you Jerry. [Via SparklePony]
The Monkey Song (MP3)
Ecumenical Movement (MP3)

New Beastie Boys Video From Upcoming All-Instrumental Album

From their Press release

The Mix-Up
All-Instrumental Album Out June 26
Mike “Mike D” Diamond, Adam “MCA” Yauch and Adam “Adrock” Horovitz have confirmed a June 26 release date for their seventh studio album, The Mix-Up, on Capitol Records.
The Mix-Up is Beastie Boys’ first-ever full album of all-new instrumental material. The follow-up to 2004′s To The 5 Boroughs, The Mix-Up features Diamond, Horovitz and Yauch back on drums, guitar and bass, with able assistance from Keyboard Money Mark and percussionist Alfredo Ortiz, on 12 brand new wordless, sample-less, scratchless originals. Sure to please fans of the instrumental cuts from Check Your Head and Ill Communication and the cult hit compilation album made up largely of those tracks, The In Sound From Way Out!, The Mix-Up finds NYC’s favorite sons drawing on one of their arsenal’s primary strengths and pushing it into bold new directions.

Superchunk, Oakley Hall, Erase Errata, And Others Added To McCarren Park Pool Schedule

Erase Errata
We have the full list at mccarrenpark.com.