Kraftwerk at The Hammerstein Ballroom

Our friends at OneLouder are making us feel even worse about missing last night’s Kraftwerk show. Check out these great pix and their review.

Bush tries to shortchange New York, um, again

From AP
WASHINGTON — New York has yet to spend some $125 million for workers injured in the Sept. 11, 2001, attack and its aftermath, and the federal government doesn’t want to wait any longer. It wants the money back.
New York lawmakers are trying to hold onto the funding ahead of a House committee meeting next week to consider re-claiming the funds as proposed by the Bush administration’s budget for fiscal year 2006.
A group of 21 New York lawmakers, including state Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Charles Schumer, both D-N.Y., is urging the White House to redirect the money toward health programs for ground zero workers affected with long-term lung problems that may not appear for years to come. The administration has resisted.
The dispute dates to the aftermath of the 2001 terror attack, when the government agreed to give more than $20 billion to help New York recover. The money included some $175 million for the state’s workers compensation program, but as the claims were processed the bulk of the money was unspent.

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Ari Up, Coughs, and Mahi Mahi Reviews

Ari Up
“Dread More Den Dead”

“Dread More Den Dead” is the first, studio solo album by the legendary Ari Up, lead singer for The Slits and New Age Steppers — two pivotal bands that helped define the punky-reggae party sound coursing through the veins of the London underground in the late seventies and early eighties. Ari has since become a beacon of inspiration for women in the arts worldwide and is an active supporter of emerging artists and new music movements everywhere.
On “Dread” Ari extends her dub reggae roots into dancehall and ragga territory, transforming the heavily male-dominated — and often misogynist—style of Jamaican music into a platform for pointedly pro-family messages.
Combining her infamous operatic trill with a newfound provincial brogue adopted on the Kingston deejay circuit, the empowered punk
matriarch challenges her male counterparts to rethink their approach to sexuality and relationships on the disc’s hottest track “True Warrior”: “A bad boy to society, or lover to his family? / Bad boy to society, or lover to his baby and me? / Got to be a lover, and then you’re a fighter / Only a true lover can be a warrior.”
Having proved she can snarl as severely as any Sex Pistol and rock as hard as any member of The Clash, it should come as no surprise that Ari’s chops as a producer easily compare to the current crop of street beat and dancehall rhythm makers.
Ari’s electronic production is minimal in construction — applying just a dash of rhythm guitar and modest helpings of synthesizer — but her beats and bass are big and beefy and aggressive enough to emasculate any competition and eradicate the ignorance dividing the sexes.
“Fright Makes Right”

Chicago’s Coughs are out to prove you’re never too old to throw a temper tantrum. On “Fright Makes Right,” lead vocalist Anya Davidson leads this windy-city six-piece unit of multi-instrumentalists through one hissy-fit after another, screaming Lydia Lunch-style over rollicking sheet metal rhythms and shrieking reed skronk-outs.

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Ding Dong Song (You Touch My Tra-La-La)

This video has evidently been out for a while. We don’t know how we missed it. It’s definitely not work safe, but we don’t know what’s more offensive, the nudity, the music, or the dancing. Watch it here.

From MTVAsia
Gunther & The Sunshine Girls are set to have the biggest hit this summer with their debut single, “Ding Dong Song (You Touch My Tra-La-La).” The catchy bubblegum dance track is totally infectious…. 29-year-old Gunther is from Sweden, where “Ding Dong Song (You Touch My Tra-la-la)” is already a huge smash. The accompanying music video has also been the most requested clip on Swedish TV for weeks. Even UK indie darlings Franz Ferdinand performed an acoustic version of the “Ding Dong Song” for Dutch radio.

Listen to Coldplay X&Y Stream

We think they’re melodramatic and overrated (granted, they have a few great songs). Nevertheless, the kids seem to love them. So here it is, care of Scenestars, the stream of the new Coldplay record. Enjoy.

Condoms create reef – "a small plane could be landed on it"


[From Unknown Country via Gawker]
A huge floating reef made up of millions of disposed condoms has been discovered in the mid Pacific. The condom mass is two miles long, up to sixty feet deep, and in places so tightly compressed that a small plane could be landed on it.
The mass was discovered by the Australian Oceanographic Laboratory Outpost on Macquarie Island in the South Pacific. Scientists there explained that the accumulation, which consists almost exclusively of condoms, is explained by a principle of physics called “like aggregation.” Like aggregation is caused by the massing of similar objects due to ocean currents and winds, the response of the objects to the earth’s magnetic field, and other factors.
The tendency of dust to clump and mass in a house or under a bed is explained by the same principle.
The Australian scientists are mapping the reef by satellite because it is a serious marine hazard. The world disposes of an estimated 300 million condoms a year.

Phone Ring Tone Tops Coldplay

A cell-phone ring tone appeared set to top the British singles chart Sunday, outselling the new single by the band Coldplay by nearly four to one, a music retailer said.
“Crazy Frog Axel F,” a ring tone based on the sound of a revving Swedish mo-ped, is the first tune being used on mobile phones to cross into mainstream music charts, said Gennaro Castaldo, a spokesman for HMV, the British music retailing chain.
Coldplay had hoped to go straight to No. 1 on this Sunday’s British singles chart with its new song, “Speed of Sound.” But by Saturday, it appeared that the ring tone – which is available for digital download and as a compact disc single – would prevail, said Castaldo.
The ring tone was expected to replace the Oasis tune “Lyla” as the No. 1 hit on the list released Sunday by the Official UK Charts Co. The weekly singles chart, which has been released since 1952, is based on the sales of 5,600 retail shops across Britain.
While “Crazy Frog” and other ring tones do not appear to be much of a hit among adults, so many youngsters are personalizing the sound of their cell phones that such digital music could change world music markets.
“Music purists might not be too happy at the prospect of the “Crazy Frog” outselling Coldplay, but it shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise when you consider its huge novelty appeal and the massive amount of exposure it is currently getting,” said Castaldo.
The ring tone is based on a song that was recorded in Sweden nearly a decade ago by 17-year-old Daniel Malmedahl, using the high pitched revving of a two-stroke motorcycle, The International Herald Tribune reported Saturday.

It's Memorial Day Weekend….

The Hold Steady free at Soundfix Records
Get drunk by 7pm because Rilo Kiley is sold-out anyway.
Go home and download MP3′s of this free Ryan Adams show
Check out The Hold Steady at Soundfix Records, 3:00 PM
Bedford Avenue (at North 11th Street)
Then check out The Weird Weeds w/ Castanets and Marissa Nadler at
Glass House Gallery, 38 S 1st St, W-burg. (only 5 bucks)

From Flavorpill
The Weird Weeds, the Castanets, and Marissa Nadler are united by the tendency to haunt and hypnotize. While the Austin-based Weird Weeds create uncanny congruity from eerie guitar riffs, electrifying cymbals, door creaks, and full-pitched screams, the Castanets, birthed from San Diego’s underground scene, mesmerize with mellower avant folk-rock. Marissa Nadler’s hypnotic soprano, fortified by guitar, ukelele, or five-string banjo, croons with melancholy and soul. Within the Glass House Gallery’s surreal setting (where freedom of artistic expression oozes like the freshly thrown acrylics on the walls), unfetter those last shackles of reality and succumb to this existential showcase.

See the film “Smiles of a Summer Night” at the very underated Museum of the Moving Image at 6:30pm (only $10 and include admission). Get directions here.

From Time Out
Ingmar Bergman’s sunniest film — it’s very nearly a comedy, in fact — inspired both Sondheim’s A Little Night Music and Woody Allen’s A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy. Those who find his usual gloom ‘n’ doom wearisome are in for a very pleasant surprise.

If the weather is nice on Memorial Day:
Green-Wood Cemetery Celebrates Memorial Day with Free Annual Concert
[From Gotham Gazette] On Monday, May 30 at 2:00 p.m., The Green-Wood Historic Fund will celebrate its 7th Annual Memorial Day Concert as the extraordinary 54-piece Goldman Memorial Band pays tribute to Green-Wood “residents” Leonard Bernstein, Louis Gottschalk and Fred Ebb in a musical salute. The band will also debut a special medley to legendary Broadway lyricist Fred Ebb. The free concert takes place at the landmark Victorian Archway of Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn.
Guests are welcome to bring picnic lunches and folding chairs. Hot dogs, snacks and refreshments will be sold, as well as books about the cemetery and its history. All proceeds will benefit the Historic Fund, which preserves and restores the historic monuments and tombstones.
Green-Wood Cemetery is located at 25th Street at 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. The concert will be at the Victorian Archway.
Please call 718-788-7850 for additional information