Harry Shearer: Turd Blossom Special

Viral Marketing or Dead Monster?

This bird-dog-rat thing supposedly washed ashore in Montauk. Smells suspicious to us. Gawker has the scoop.

New Bodega Sells Hipness Instead of Jamaican Beef Patties

New bars and venues open constantly in this neighborhood–it almost feels like the community board consists of a solitary robot with a giant rubber “Approved” stamp for liquor license applications. To which I say “Huzzah!” because papa needs his sweet, sweet booze.
Anyway, today we take a look at a new music venue in Bushwick called Bodega (1089 Broadway), which is run by those hip souls over at Chiefmag. The space holds 300 people and used to be an actual bodega–one which used to sell crack I am told, which goes great with beef patties and Boar’s Head turkey sandwiches.
Most bands they host are of the Todd P variety, including Japanther, The Death Set, Ninjasonik, etc. Shows are usually in the $5-$6 range, perfect for the club’s young, eight-people-to-a-loft crowd.
In related news, I was perusing an interview that Chief did with The Teenagers and I read this:

Where in Brooklyn did you check out?

Quentin: We walked through Williamsburg, down Bedford. Everyone looked like they were out of a video or something. It was weird. I felt really uncomfortable because everyone was so hot.

Keep it up, you sexy ass Williamsburgers.

Most Crowded Pool Party Ever

Photo by Aaron Cansler


Photo by Agaton Strom

Sunday’s McCarren Park Pool Party was the scene to end all scenes. Seriously, the press line was down the block and from most accounts the regular line ended somewhere in Dumbo. Hipsters, twelve-year-olds, Kirsten Dunst–everyone and their mother was there. Even the rain couldn’t stop the event from being filled to capacity.
The Ting Tings got the crowd jumping, causing even diehard concertgoers to throw their usual Williamsburg concert etiquette to the wind. Black Moth Super Rainbow, not so much. Then came the main event. MGMT played a solid set of cosmic Bowie-esque pop, which was appreciated by the hordes of latecomers standing dejectedly outside of the pool’s fences.
Hopefully next week’s free show with the Black Lips, Deerhunter and Tall Firs won’t be such an overcrowded zoo. Also, hopefully I won’t be hung over from free Dewar’s when I write that day’s post.
Plenty of photos after the jump …

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THIS WEEKEND: Atlas Sound & El Guincho, Ghostland Observatory, and MGMT

Bradford Cox of Atlas Sound
Atlas Sound with El Guincho at South Street Seaport
From Village Voice

Choking reflections, terminal isolation, solemn nostalgia–TGIF! Deerhunter front man Bradford Cox’s solo endeavor is less beastly MBV maelstrom, more half-assed bubble-noise diary soundtrack. It’s troubled background music; bring your favorite conversation starters. As you breathe in East River toxins down on Pier 17, “River Card” won’t inspire the happiest of hours: “River’s bottom dark and blue: Why do I love you? You’ll drown me.” Next $5 Bud in a Pepsi cup is on me. With El Guincho.

Doors: 7pm, FREE
More information at RiverToRiver
also tonight, Philip Glass Ensemble at Celebrate Brooklyn
Ghostland Observatory
Ghostland Observatory at Prospect Park Bandshell
with Jealous Girlfriends and Bear Hands
From Flavorpill

Austin duo Ghostland Observatory fuse sprawling, futuristic electro with spastic, Rapture-style rock for a sound that’s been described as “a robot making love to a tree.” On their third full-length record, Robotique Majestique, the duo’s dance-y, Klaxons-esque sound gets an even poppier makeover. Yet their shows are where the real magic happens ‚Äî just check last year’s live DVD for proof. They’re becoming a regular institution in Austin, the home of essential music fest SXSW, winning the Austin American-Statesman’s “Band of the Year” nod for 2007. Tonight, they roll into NYC alongside buzzworthy rockers the Jealous Girlfriends and Bear Hands.

Doors: 7pm, $3
More information at Celebrate Brooklyn
also on Saturday: Big River Project: The Music of Johnny Cash
MGMT, Black Moth Super Rainbow. and the Ting Tings At McCarren Park
From Flavorpill

It’s been too long since we’ve had a good, weird pop band like Brooklyn’s MGMT. Founded by Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser in a prankish mood, the group leaps between extremes — gigantic earnestness and eccentric nonsense; psychedelic overdrive and wounded prisms — leaving you wondering whether it’s the product of geniuses or goofballs. That they might be both is what makes them so exciting. Garlanded with a Columbia Records contract, the band’s debut, Oracular Spectacular, packages glam-inflected mega-pop in producer Dave Fridmann’s typically lush, stretchable sonic architecture. The band hits today’s pool party alongside psych-noiseniks Black Moth Super Rainbow and hyperactive UK dance-rockers the Ting Tings.

Doors: 2pm, FREE
More information at mccarrenpark.com

Sonic Youth At McCarren Park: Tickets At Noon

Grab ’em while they last at mccarrenpark.com.

Top Chef Shooting In Williamsburg

From NY Observer

It’s more or less an open secret, but we’ve learned that the Top Chef cast has definitely been living for about two weeks now in a terraced duplex penthouse in Williamsburg overlooking McCarren Park. So far, the chefs have pretty much kept to themselves, said an extremely well-placed source, leaving around 8 or 9 in the mornings for a soundstage in Greenpoint and coming straight back in the evenings….
Though the source would not say which of the two “identical” parkview penthouses the cast is living in, a 1,368-square-foot, 16th-floor unit was sold in April for $1.4 million, according to StreetEasy. (Meanwhile the neighboring unit, 16A, is in contract for $1.295 million.)
According to the duplex floor plans on the 20 Bayard Web site, the first floor has an open-air kitchen, foyer, eating area and living room–with a balcony–and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking McCarren Park and Manhattan. …
So far the cast has remained pretty incognito. Few people from neighboring buildings were even aware Top Chef was shooting in Williamsburg.
‚”No way,” said the cashier at Urban Rustic, an organic market down the street, who is a fan of the show. ‚”That’s awesome.”
So will the cast do any shopping there?
‚”That would be cool, but I doubt it,” the cashier said. “They usually give them a budget.”

Rush Play 'Tom Saywer" On Rock Band

From Comedy Central

So, when Rush was backstage at The Colbert Report last week, they played “Tom Sawyer” on Rock Band and now there’s video of it. I kind of expected it to be a funny demonstration of how unlike playing real instruments Rock Band really is, with these three seasoned pros failing the song about 30 seconds in.