First Hunter, Now Saul Bellow….

From AP
Author Saul Bellow dies
image c/o Dmitri Kasterine

Saul Bellow, the Nobel Prize-winning author of “Herzog,” “Humboldt’s Gift” and other essential tales of memory, chaos and the sensitive soul in 20th century America, died Tuesday. He was 89.
Bellow’s close friend and attorney, Walter Pozen, said the writer had been in declining health. Pozen said Bellow’s wife, Janis, and daughter, Naomi, were at his side when he died at his home in Brookline, Mass.
Few writers have been so honored in their time. He won three National Book Awards: in 1954 for “The Adventures of Augie March,” in 1965 for “Herzog” and in 1971 for “Mr. Sammler’s Planet.” In 1976, he won the Pulitzer Prize for “Humboldt’s Gift.” That same year Bellow was awarded the Nobel Prize, cited for his “human understanding and subtle analysis of contemporary culture.”
In 2003, the Library of America paid the rare tribute of releasing work by a living writer, issuing a volume of Bellow’s early novels.
“The backbone of 20th-century American literature has been provided by two novelists — William Faulkner and Saul Bellow,” Philip Roth said in a statement Tuesday. “Together they are the Melville, Hawthorne, and Twain of the 20th century.”
Bellow was the most acclaimed of a generation of Jewish writers who emerged after World War II, among them Roth and Bernard Malamud, leading Bellow to joke that he and his two peers were the “Hart, Schaffner & Marx” of literature. To American letters, he brought the immigrant’s hustle, the bookworm’s brains and the high-minded notions of the born romantic.

April 2005 Movie Preview

by Dave Thomas
After three months of some of the worst major releases Hollywood has ever had to offer (only four major releases have received a “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes so far this year), we finally have something to rejoice about. The month begins and ends with two of the most widely anticipated adaptations in recent memory. And there’s some good stuff in between, too (though most of that’s coming from the indies).
April 1
It’s “Sin City.” Either you know, or you don’t. But in an effort to be an equal opportunity geek, I’ll tell you that this is an anthology based on the popular, gritty Frank Miller comic.
Now, just wait until “Sim City” comes out next month. That’s gonna be a motherfucker!
How can I put this delicately? This is the fan-boy spooge-fest of the year. And not just because of Jessica Alba in a stripper/cowgirl outfit. Though that helps. No, the geeks have been waiting for this for years and to have Frank Miller not only sign off on it but co-direct it (in a move which cost co-director Robert Rodriguez his DGA membership) is the ultimate endorsement.

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LCD Soundsystem vs Janet Jackson

Check this funny remix of Daft Punk is Playing at my House. Funny shit.

Air-ianna America – The Left Wing Blog Network

We can’t wait to see Larry David’s blog…
From Variety

In a move unlikely only because it’s taken this long to happen, pundit-about-town Arianna Huffington is extending her hosting largess to the blogosphere.
This month the wannabe California governor is launching a Slate-like Web site where a cast of bigwigs, including Sen. Jon Corzine (D-N.J.), David Geffen, Barry Diller, Larry David, Tom Freston, Ari Emanuel, Jim Wiatt, Tina Brown and Harold Evans will each have their own blog from which to spout Big Thoughts about politics.
Huffington wouldn’t comment, but it was confirmed that a soft-launch of the Huffington Report would be up and running before the end of April.
It will be interesting to see how these honchos fare in the Wild West of the ‘Net, where contentious, or even off-hand remarks are seized upon within seconds by millions and held up for debate (and often scorn) on scores of Web sites. Or even if Diller or Geffen will actually type their thoughts.
Unlike corporations, the Internet does not provide legions of publicists and spinmeisters to keep the public at bay.
Then again, Huffington is wisely confining her site mostly to politics. It’s safer, after all, for liberals to bash the government than Hollywood.

Lightning Bolt, DMBQ, and Panthers in Williamsburg

From Todd P’s newsletter:

Friday 4/1 at Club Exit:
LIGHTNING BOLT -> DMBQ -> Panthers -> Titan -> Shellshag
with CHK CHK CHK djs – NEW TAAFE dance party btwn bands & till late
some tickets will be available @ the door -&- in advance @ EAT RECORDS:
124 Meserole Ave @ Leonard St in Greenpoint, BKYLN
Take the G train to Nassau – call 718.389.8083 for ticket info
Club Exit is a fuckin’ crazy designed to the hilt Polish disco located above a Burger King around the corner from the Greenpoint Ave train station in Greenpoint, Brooklyn – Little Poland, NYC. Club Exit features many many rroms and levels of pulsating lights, lasers, smoke, ovular furniture, light fixtures, bathrooms sinks, bartops, etc – and lots and lots of backlit opaque plastic. You’ve walked past it a zillion times – you’ve got to see the inside of this place.
Check out the site –>

Will Oldham, Tortoise Collaborate on Covers Album

From Pitchfork:

Will Oldham is collaborating his beard off these days: Fresh off the success of his Superwolf venture with ChaveZwan alum Matt Sweeney, he’s laid down a series of cover songs with Chicago post-rockers Tortoise. Initially concieved as a half-joke between Overcoat Recordings owner Howard Greynolds and Oldham, the record has ballooned into a full-on but unnamed collaboration, featuring 10 cuts from artists as disparate as Elton John and Lungfish.
“On one level, it sounds like a cross between Tortoise and Will Oldham,” Tortoise bassist Doug McCombs told the Chicago Reader. “But ultimately it sounds like a collaboration between six people, not just a group and one guy.”

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Paralysed people can now control artificial limbs by thought alone.

This is the coolest story we’ve read in a while. From The Guardian:

There’s a hand lying on the blanket on Matt Nagle’s desk and he’s staring at it intently, thinking “Close, close,” as the scientists gathered around him look on. To their delight, the hand twitches and its outstretched fingers close around the open palm, clenching to a fist.
In that moment, Nagle made history. Paralysed from the neck down after a vicious knife attack four years ago, he is the first person to have controlled an artificial limb using a device chronically implanted into his brain.

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"We sometimes were too loud, too direct, maybe too blustery"

Bush puppet, Colin Powell, speaks out 2 years too late.

(AP) – Former Secretary of State Colin Powell said the Bush administration was sometimes “too blustery” in its rhetoric during the buildup to the Iraq war, but he still believed toppling Saddam Hussein was the right thing to do, according to a German magazine interview published Wednesday.
Powell also was quoted by Stern magazine as saying that the ongoing insurgency in Iraq is “much bigger” than anticipated. The magazine published the interview in its German translation and could not immediately offer the English version.
“I suppose we sometimes were too loud, too direct, maybe too blustery,” Powell was quoted as saying. “That must have had the Europeans shuddering quite a few times.”

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