R.I.P. Dash Snow

Gawker is reporting that artist Dash Snow has died of a heroin overdose. They credit several sources in the article. If you are familiar with Snow’s work, you could never really delineate between his intense lifestyle and his artistic output.
I hope the old Irak crew does a befitting memorial.

Sessions at Santos Party House

The Santos Party House Sessions have been going strong for the last couple of months. This week’s promises to be great with an appearance by Growing–which just so happens to include the most recent curator for the weekly residency Sadie Laska. Check them out before they head to the UK.

Williamsburg's 'Pool Parties' Debut

The consensus is in: the new Williamsburg waterfront venue is far superior to McCarren Park Pool. It’s more spacious, there’s a breeze, the view is better, the sound far superior, and yesterday, even the weather behaved.
Still, we must confess to one major gripe. Namely, what’s up with the fence? Those who decided to drink found themselves cordoned off, away from the music like protesters at a peace rally. (While we’re complaining, why no Brooklyn beers or veggie food options?) Still, we didn’t let these minor grievances ruin our day.
The weather was perfect and, though we missed the opening act, Ponytail, Fucked Up, and Mission of Burma all delivered the goods. Our personal highlight was hearing Marty Markowitz forgo cursing by thanking “Effed Up” for performing. Also, we were happy to see the indie icons David Cross and Ira Kaplan enjoying the show.
It was a great kick-off party for the new venue and we are looking forward to next week’s show featuring Dirty Projectors and Magnolia Electric Co. It finally feels like summer has arrived in Williamsburg!
More pix after the jump.

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Obama's Silence on "Bruno" Outrages Activists

I have a new piece over at HuffPost. Here’s a taste:

In what many have perceived as a reversal, president Obama upheld the controversial “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy by refusing to state his opinion of the film “Bruno.” The President, who attended a screening in Dupont Circle on Saturday night, was asked his opinion of the film this morning by former presidential correspondent and current member of the White House Press Corps Helen Thomas.
“Don’t ask me that, Helen,” stated an uncharacteristically flustered Obama. “Look, I’m committed to opening up the dialogue about this and, yes, changing my current policy, but now is not the time to address this.” [...]
Many activists contend that given the success of “Bruno,” the time is now for the president to speak out in support of non-traditional films such as the ones made by Cohen.

Check it all out on The Huffington Post.

If You Need a Vacation from Williamsburg…

OR, we could bring ghostriding to the ‘Burg. Who’s with me?

This LANDy is your LANDy

Adam Goldberg makes music we actually want to listen to
So we posted the video for “BFF!” a little while back…and then we scored an interview with the man himself on LANDy. Check out excerpts from a chat on going from being overwhelmed by years and years of drives of music to working with Steven Drozd from the Flaming Lips and Aaron Espinoza from Earlimart on Eros and Omissions (in stores now).

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McCarren Park Manifesto

Today in McCarren Park, a woman named Alma was handing out copies of an email she’d sent a friend. She was pretty sparing in the details, but she’s fed up with gossip and communications issues and also talks to ghosts. Unlike most of us, who’d write a pissed-off tweet, she channeled her frustration into a 2 page long manifesto and took it to the streets. I don’t know how evangelical Alma is about her mission, but if someone could forward this to the Bedford Preacher, it would be a big help. Images of Alma’s email after the jump:

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The Daily Footprint 7/13/09

The First Water Front Pool Party of the summer!
Mission of Burma , Fucked Up , Ponytail , Jemina Pearl

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