Nollywood Movie Trailers

Nigeria, in addition to rich natural resources and bank scams, has a nascent film industry within its borders, operating under the moniker of “Nollywood.” It’s the third largest film industry in the world (Behind Hollywood and Bollywood) and makes the country of Nigeria a bit richer by churning out high-quality home videos with lots of pirated soundtrack songs and bargain special-effects. It seems that “Izogn Movies” has put their trailers up on youtube allowing even the most remote Nollywood fan to take in some of their work. Check out some trailers after the jump:

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The Barking Benefit

Tomorrow night The Shiny Squirrel is hosting a benefit for Williamsburg’s BARC Animal Shelter.
Reasons you should go:
- It’s at K+M Bar
- Free food
- Free shots
- Great bands
- No cover
- You ‚ô• animals

Eat Local, Join a CSA

The Southside CSA (read: Community Supported Agriculture) is offering around 50 memberships, with a choice of four types of shares ‚Äì vegetable, fruit, eggs and wine – all grown in black dirt at MimoMex Farm up in Goshen, New York. If you’re interested in locally grown produce with a hot and sexy Mexican flavor, CSA organizers are having a farmer meet n’ greet taco potluck (!!!) this sunday from 2-5p.m. on Metropolitan Ave. Email them for the exact address. Click through the jump for a full farm grow list and availability.

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Peter Bjorn and John Debut A "Living Thing"

image via
We caught Peter Bjorn and John last night at the W Hotel on Lexington Ave. The concert was part of the hotel’s Wonderlust Concert series and it was PB&J’s first show in America to support their upcoming record “Living Thing,” due to be released March 31st.
The open bar was nice, but largely gratuitous since the band completely dismantled everyone’s inhibitions on their own. They played an energized 10-song set, featuring several songs from “Living Thing,” and the crowd was enchanted throughout—dancing to “Nothing to Worry About” and singing along to “Lay Down’s” hilarious chorus: ‘Hey, shut the fuck up boy, you’re starting to piss me off.’ (Could it be a lyrical response to this moron?)
Heather D’Angelo of Au Revoir Simone joined the band for the encore—”Young Folks” of course—and and seemed adorably starstruck by the opportunity.
Oh, did we mention Julia Stiles was there? We were hoping to see her bust out some moves from “Save the Last Dance,” but she largely kept to herself and enjoyed the music with a very unassuming, un-Hollywood crew of friends. Who knew Julia had good taste in music? Parker Posey was there too, but that should come as no surprise since she is New York’s most ubiquitously-spotted celebrity. (Or is that Chloe?) Set list and more pix after the jump.
The band will be playing again in NY next month:
2009-04-29: Webster Hall, New York, NY
2009-04-30: Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY
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"The Noir A-Z": Photography Packs Glamour and Grit

L is for Lascivious.jpg
Housed in a wedge-shaped Meatpacking District building with a checkered past — former tenants include a Civil War Hospital and three S&M bars — the Ivy Brown Gallery provides the perfect backdrop for photographer Julian Hibbard‘s show, ‚”The Noir A-Z,” on display now through April 16th. The exhibit features ten limited edition photographs laced with enough impending peril and shadowy intrigue to transport the audience to the seedy underbelly of life. Populated by classic archetypes come to life from the pulpy pages of hard-boiled detective fiction, we’re introduced to a world filled with seductive femme fatales and faceless calculating killers.

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Barry Manilow the Original W-Burg Hipster

Who knew Bary Manilow grew up here? Williamsburg just got a little bit *cooler.* From

Q: You didn’t have a lot of money growing up.
A: Oh, none. Zero. Zip. Nothin’. I come from nowhere Brooklyn, New York. Williamsburg, Brooklyn. These days Williamsburg is kind of a hip area, but when I grew up there, the taxi drivers wouldn’t even go over the bridge, it was so dangerous.
Q: So you were the original Williamsburg hipster.
A: I wasn’t really a hipster. I was a geek.

“Copacabana” after the jump, but don’t do it on an empty stomach.

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Magnificent Ukuleles are indeed Magnificent

A.C. Newman and friends @ Bowery Ballroom
A.C. Newman opened his set with the first tracks from both his solo albums (“Miracle
Drug” and “There are Maybe Ten or Twelve”) but the highlight for me was definitely
“Like A Hitman, Like A Dancer.” There were so many people onstage and it reminded me a bit of seeing The Magic Numbers at Barrowlands in Glasgow, Scotland a few
years ago — which reminded me of seeing Fleetwood Mac with my dad in California for my 20th birthday. Oh life, oh music.
At one point Newman commented to the redhead on his right – saying “It’s kinda distracting when girls are dancing next to you — it’s B.S. — I don’t dance in front of you — it’s give and take!”
And as much as opener Dent May kinda freaks me out his magnificent ukulele was indeed magnificent. He freaks me out because well — watch the video below and let me know how you feel.

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Another Reason to Love Summer '09

Seriously– I’ve become a super nerd. Check out one of the many live feeds I was following today about the sneak peak of the new iPhone operating system. I’m so excited, I could puke. Who knew copy & paste could be such a turn on…
Hey, let’s hope the upgrade is available before the Northside Festival so we can follow our turn-by-turn directions from venue to venue and show each other how cool we really are.