I Hope He Got Some Action From This Little Ditty

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First Announced Williamsburg Waterfront Show

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July 12: Mission of Burma + Fucked Up + Ponytail.
And yes, it’s free. We’re really going to miss the McCarren Park shows, but this almost makes it alright. [via]
In case you missed it, here’s the dealio on shows this summer. From NY Times:

McCarren Park Pool, the crumbling, Depression-era public swimming pool on the border between Williamsburg and Greenpoint in Brooklyn, is set to become a swimming spot again, but the concerts that put it on the rock map over the last three summers are set to move to the Williamsburg waterfront. Stephanie Thayer, executive director of the Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn, a nonprofit group that coordinated last year’s concerts, said that a strip along the East River between North Eighth and North Ninth Streets that was designated a New York State park a few years ago will have concerts this summer, with room for 6,000 fans. The news was confirmed by the office of State Assemblyman Joseph R. Lentol, who represents Greenpoint and Williamsburg. ‚”This is the continuation of McCarren Park Pool,” Ms. Thayer said. ‚”It’s different, but it has its own exquisite beauty, with the waterfront and the skyline of Manhattan.” She added that she plans to work with many of the promoters who put on events at the pool, but that if enough sponsorship money comes through, she hopes to also put on classical and opera concerts as well. Ms. Thayer, who in addition to her role with the Open Space Alliance is an administrator with the City Parks Department, said that renovations on McCarren Pool were set to begin on schedule this summer.

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Casting Call: Do you tap the family trust fund?

We can only hope this is a joke. And as of yet, there is no content at hipsterhood.com.

Download: Underwater Peoples Summer Mix

Y’all know that we’ve been loving Real Estate and Ducktails round here lately…
Well, let us thank the dudes over at Underwater Peoples Records and the “bad girls” at BUTTERxFACE for an exclusive download to kick off our summer (or at least to bring us to a happy mental paradise where the rain has stopped).
Hat tip, GvB.

Grizzly Bear and Their Beet Salads

Grizzly Bear had dinner with a New York writer the other night at the deliciously soft-opened Rye on South 1st the other night, and they all ordered beet salads. Also, the server made a funny.

‚”Did you say the quail is small?” the singer inquires. ‚”Yeah. It’s quail-sized,” she deadpans.

Grizzly Bear plays two dates at Town Hall later this month before heading off on a summer tour that will take them through Canada, the Northwest, Bonnaroo, Texas and California.
Read more colorful tidbits in this New York article.
By the way, Rye is pretty amazing. Stay away, we want it all to ourselves.
And we’re surprised Droste didn’t insist on going to BEP for pho.

Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis & Natalie Portman

We apologize for the excess number of videos today, but we have a policy that demands that all Zach Galifianakis videos run immediately. Especially if they involve Natalie Portman.


Play Them Off, Keyboard Cat!

Kids tells his mom he’s an atheist, cat plays organ! What more could you want from a dumb YouTube viral video?

More Keyboard Cat after the jump!

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Death Metal Grandparents