Ticket Giveaway: Cale Parks @ Santos Party House

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Cale Parks, the genius drummer boy behind indie faves Aloha and White Williams, has been doing the solo thing and we just can’t get enough. The newest EP, To Swift Mars, has been playing soundtrack to our dreamy (read: make believe) summertime love affairs with bike messengers. I got a chance to catch up with Greenpoint’s own Parks about his love for synth sound, Broadcast, and Brooklyn– so keep your eye out for the interview in the next few days.
Recently coming off tour with Passion Pit, Cale kicks off his next tour with Lemonade at Santos Party House on August 18th, and we’ve got a pair of tickets for one lucky reader!
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La Superior, One Year

Check out this interview with La Superior where they talk an outdoor area (next summer), their favorite New Yorkers, and NYPD chill pills.

A Cure for the Condos

So the only way to sell condos these days and beat back that impending feeling of Condo Shame (noun; “a toxic combination of desire and repulsion toward reasonably priced postwar creature comforts.”) might be to put sweaty handprints all over the bathroom mirrors, so when the new buyers steam it up for the first time they’ll see what might have been one lesbian couple’s Valentine’s Day bang sesh. Or, throw some Amniotic Fluid around.
From the Observer article about “condo shame,” a quote on the state of what a buyer might want:

‚”I have a deeply rooted dislike of expedient, cookie-cutter, pseudo-luxury condo developments and would almost rather blow money renting something ‘real’ with history, a story, the possibility that some woman once gave birth in my bedroom with or without a midwife or a lesbian couple had V-Day sex in the bathroom.”

Hell, if that’ll sell these monstrosities it’s just a matter of time before the open houses come with a free seven minutes in heaven with the middle-aged real estate agent in the master bedroom, just to stain things up a bit and give it that lived-in feeling. And you thought free iPods might get these yupsters through the doors? Try harder.

Get On The New Obsession Train, And Ride It

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Radiohead: Making Another Record Would "Kill Us"

From The Guardian

“None of us want to go into that creative hoo-ha of a long-play record again,” he said. “Not straight off … It worked with In Rainbows because we had a real fixed idea about where we were going. But we’ve all said that we can’t possibly dive into that again. It’ll kill us.”
The problem isn’t the format ‚Äì “obviously, there’s still something great about the album,” Yorke said ‚Äì but with the scale and consistency of vision that is required. “In Rainbows was a particular aesthetic and I can’t bear the idea of doing that again. Not that it’s not good, I just can’t … bear … that.”

Town Hall Lunatics Getting Even Lunatic-ier

Evidently, this lunatic is nowhere near where the president will be conducting his town hall address, but he is legally allowed to carry the pistol in New Hampshire. Live Free or Die indeed. Also worth noting:

the gun-toting protester was holding a sign referencing the Jefferson quote: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

Needless to say, if this were a liberal protester, he’d be in jail now. The hard right just keeps getting creepier.

“The mood is sort of festive,” says this MSNBC talking head. Evidently hand guns, just like pinatas and pony rides, can turn any dull event into a party.

The Daily Footprint 08/11/09

Metropolitan Ave

Sports Bar, Bro

Shawn Muholland, co-owner of Williamsburg’s lone sports bar Muholland’s, spoke with Gothamist about gettin’ drunk with hipsters, gettin’ drunk on Saturdays in the rain, and the one time he saw a drunk chick shit on a bar.

It was packed, I mean you couldn’t move at all, and a female customer took a shit… while standing at the bar. True story!

Natch this wasn’t at Muholland’s, but at another bar, probably the one featured in Michael Cera’s Infinite Stroll Around New York. But, Muholland’s really does deserve some credit as the lone outpost of testosterone in a battlefield of irony-plagued liquor establishments. It’s too literal of a sports bar for non-sports loving hipsters to go there to hilariously wear Yankees shirts, only to ironically get drunk and then get wings just to smile and laugh at the fact that they’re drunk and getting wings at a sports bar. So Muholland’s, hats off to ya. It takes a bro to stand amongst the brahs.