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As the posters slowly peel off the infamous Bedford Berlin Wall, our brains are still full of a coy Lou Reed smirking at us thru his shades, badass-ness perfectly intune. How can you not be a fan of this man? In my book, he’s timeless, and although Metal Machine Trio kinda confuses my taste for Reed, I think I get it. Seems like I’m not the only one– via NYTimes:

When Lou Reed released ‚”Metal Machine Music,” his 1975 double album mostly (exclusively?) consisting- of guitar feedback, critics and fans were dumbfounded ‚Äî was it a joke, a smirking way to get out a sour record deal? Or was it a harbinger of the industrial and noise music that would flourish decades later? Now, Mr. Reed is again revisiting the experiment, teaming with the composer and saxophonist Ulrich Krieger and the multi-instrumentalist Sarth Calhoun to create ‚”a night of deep noise.”

Download some of the “noise” here.
If you like what you’re hearing, take a walk on the wild side, grab some tix (50% off with valid student ID), and witness one of the greats doing his anti- do do do do do do.
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Miss High Times Pageant Tonight at Studio B

Being the day when stoners around the world celebrate the fact that they are stoners around the world and get stoned, High Times Magazine is throwing their Miss High Times Pageant at Studio B tonight, and everybody’s gonna get soooo stoned.

Date: Monday, April 20th 2009
Location: New York City (it’s at Studio B)
Doors: 7 pm / Showtime: 8 pm
Price: $15 now, $20 day of show
Hosted by: HIGH TIMES Editors Bobby Black & Vaporella
Performances by: Prospect Hill, Special Guests
Celebrity Judges: TBA
Sponsored by: Advanced Nutrients, BC Northern Lights, NugBrand Clothing & Beta Foods

Also of note: “Every entrant certifies that she is 18 years of age or older, that she has no objection to the smoking of marijuana or being depicted as smoking marijuana in any and all photos used by HIGH TIMES and THC.” So, buy now! Only 420 tickets will be sold!

Hipster Grifter Bingo


Brooklyn's Got Balls

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Per this map (CAE, circa 2000), we’re located somewhere around the north testicle and the L train will take you straight along the “tip” of Manhattan. Via Kottke, who went with the “suck my Manhattan” and “I’ll kick you in the Brooklyn” jokes.

Micachu and the Shapes

Our friends over at Rumproast recently turned us onto the invigoratingly lo-fi Micachu and the Shapes and we’ve been loving them. Their new record, Jewellery was released last month on Rough Trade, but it’s strangely been a bit under the radar. From Rough Trade:

So, a quick introduction, Bjork is said to be a fan of Micachu and can probably indentify with another artist brave enough to take pop music into entirely uncharted territory. Micachu is largely inspired by Harry Partch who famously used an array of customised and home made instruments. These included a xylophone made of light bulbs, a ‘Cloud Chamber’ made out of pyrex dishes that could not only be played musically but detect particles of ionizing radiation and a series of highly complicated 44 stringed instruments.
Similarly Micachu uses a modified guitar played with a hammer action called a ‘chu’ and a bowed instrument fashioned from a CD rack. She also uses improvised instruments, such as glass bottles or a vacuum cleaner.

You can grab a few tracks over at Hype Machine and a BBC session at Keep Hope Inside.

The Grifster Scavenger Hunt


The Daily Footprint 04/18/09

Turkey’s Nest, MCcarren Park

Be good at everything

Bedford & N4th