Visual Music Marathon Tomorrow

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My two favorite mediums are the visual arts and music. So, it’s a no brainer that I would be excited for the Visual Music Marathon happening tomorrow in Chelsea. What makes me even more amped is that we have works from people allover the world represented.

The 2009 Visual Music Marathon will be held at the Visual Arts Theatre, 333 West 23rd Street, New York City. Over 300 works from 33 countries were submitted to the Marathon. Of these, 64, representing 6 hours of programming, were selected for screening. The remaining six hours will be devoted to invited artists, historic works on 16mm film, works provided by two guest curators, and approximately one hour of live video performance art.

New School Arrests (Video)

Ah, another day, another protest. In Brandon Jourdan’s video of today’s New School shenanigans obtained by the Times, we see A) police officers spraying pepper spray around a bulging door, B) a cop introducing a student’s face to the sidewalk, rubbing it in the way a big brother would, and C) a cop (who really should be fired and arrested for assault at this point) literally throwing a punch at a student protester yelling “shame on you!”. You just can’t do that. On camera, at least. The kid then of course gets swarmed and arrested.
Update: NYPD Spokesperson to the NYTimes on item C: ‚”My comment ‚Äî the officer pushed into him and he fell down. There were individuals interfering with an arrest being made, and he was one of them, and they pushed into him and he fell down.”
Anyways, here are some screenshots of A, B and C, and of course there’s video after the jump. Dizzamn…
[Side note: people. Don't scream like a terrified 6th grader when you're getting arrested while protesting.]
Exhibit A: Pepperspray’d
Exhibit B: Face meet sidewalk, sidewalk meet face
Exhibit C: Shame on your fist

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More New York College Students Seize More Buildings

Image courtesy of Uptown Notes.
Apparently sick of NYU kids copping their activist style, students at the New School have barricaded themselves into a building on their Union Square campus. Back in December, the New Schoolers seized a building for pretty much the same reason: they hate University President Bob Kerrey with a deep and devout passion and want him to go the hell away. Students and faculty seem to despise this guy, for reasons both fair and unfair (for a nice primer on the conflict, check out this article from New York Mag). I don’t really know what the anarchist flags and black bloc attire of the protesters have to do with Kerrey, but why miss a chance to help the mainstream media portray you as apeshit insane?
UPDATE: The NY Times reports that the revolution has been quashed. Ol’ Man Kerrey asked the NYPD to arrest the occupiers, so a squad of helmeted riot police stormed the building and took 19 into custody. This’ll no doubt further endear Kerrey to his angry little university.

From Papercuts, With Love

Jason Quever is at it again with the release of Papercuts newest, You Can Have What You Want, dropping on April 14th. Keeping his previously adored sullen pop sound, Quever takes us deeper into a heavier analog synth world this time around– some of which can be credited to the influence of Beach House’s Alex Scully on the album. With a sound that’s distinctivly his own, Jason’s music has the unique ability of transcending situational constraint. These are definitely the kind of jams you can walk in the rain, dance in a kitchen, or nap in the grass to.
Papercuts will be back in the States after a UK tour with dates coming up in New York with fellow San Franciscan Vetiver:
Bowery Ballroom, May 3rd; The Bell House, May 7th.
The album is available now, exclusively on iTunes, with a special remix by The Go Team!, if you’re into that sort of thing (i.e. good music).

First Aid Kit, Yo

These girls are pretty amazing.

Pay Me to Sh*t On Your Cabbage

Vegetarians are supposed to be sexy, right?

Hello There–
My friend and I don’t eat animals or any animal products. We understand the value of good, fresh, fertilizer and are willing to stop by your garden and “unload” on your plants for a small, negotiable fee.
Only serious replies, please.
Location: Brooklyn, NY

Thanks, Craigslist!

Green Day: The Musical?

Pic courtesy of Parlour.
You guys remember 2004? Back when Green Day got all into politics, eyeliner, and bloated concept albums? Well, so does Tony-award winning director Michael Mayer, and he remembers it so fondly that he’s turning American Idiot into a musical running this fall at the Berkeley Repertory Theater in California. Sayeth the Times:

For now the creative team is tight lipped about how, exactly, it will translate the libretto of ‚”American Idiot” into a narrative. As Mr. Armstrong admitted, ‚”It’s not the most linear story in the world.”
But Mr. Mayer said, ‚”If you read it a certain way, you can pull out a multiplicity of voices.” He hinted that a triumvirate of characters referred to elliptically in the album’s lyrics, with names like Jesus of Suburbia, St. Jimmy and Whatshername, would likely emerge as the central characters. All told, he said, the ensemble would include 19 performers playing characters in their early 20s, though no casting has been announced.

Sounds like it has the potential to devolve into a disgusting mess of pretension. Mayer is optimistic, though, and has dreams of a run “in a beautiful, big Broadway theater.” I think that the success of this thing really depends on the casting. My recommendation after the jump.

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Jesus Vs The Pope