The Northside Festival: The FREEwilliamsburg Showcase

Northside festival
Mark your calendars! We’re excited to announce our showcase for the upcoming Northside Festival.
Friday June 12 at Death by Audio:

Needless to say, we’re psyched to have such an amazing line-up and we have lots more details to come, so stay tuned. For now, you can check out the bands below:

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Blind Pilot & The Love Language

We’ve been loving Portland’s Blind Pilot. Their debut 3 Rounds and a Sound has been out for a while now, but here’s a highlight performed live on NPR:

We’ve also been enjoying North Carolina’s The Love Language. Their debut is pretty much perfect, start to finish. Here’s the single “Lalita” live on KEXP at ME Television studios in Austin during SXSW.

Breaking: Obama Makes iPhone Stocks App Green Again

After months of intense negotiations and billion dollar bailouts, it appears that Barack Obama, 44th President of the iUnited States of America, has finally fixed our stupid iPhone app for stocks and made it green again.
CNN is reporting that “(the iPhone) Stocks (app) end(ed) at multimonth highs on encouraging economic data. S&P ends above 900 for first time since January 8.(and it looks much prettier now),” and upon fact checking and following up it appears this is indeed true. It is beautiful.
Local iPhone and “the color green” enthusiast Elizabeth G. expressed her excitement to us over AIM. “It went up! Yay!,” she wrote, adding “Looks perrrty.”
We can indeed confirm that the Stocks iPhone app is green and on the up-swing once again. Apple has yet to respond to multiple requests for comment.

Celebrate Brooklyn! Announces Summer Line-up

photo c/o celebrate brooklyn! on facebook
Celebrate Brooklyn! announced their summer line-up today. Aside from the MGMT, TV On The Radio(confirmed!) and Animal Co fundraisers, these are all free (w/ a $3 suggested donation), so pony up, pansies. We’ve got David Byrne, Dr. Dog, Burning Spear, Soulive (w/ John Scofield), the 13 most beautiful songs for Andy Warhol’s screen tests, Deer Tick, Grace Potter and Big Daddy Kane as a few highlights. Click through for the full list…

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Hipster Foldables: The Hipster Grifter

We want to give you a foldable hipster grifter with our mouth.
Who better to launch our new hipster foldables series, than Kari Ferrell, aka the Hipster Grifter. And just in time for Mother’s Day! In case you missed it, her story was first detailed in the New York Observer by Doree Shafrir (speaking of Mother’s Day, buy Doree’s hilarious book!).
Now, Kari is making fresh headlines over at Animal New York and Gawker. (“I want to give you a mom job“… WTF!) And, UPDATE: apparently, she’s now in custody. We should have included handcuffs in our foldable.
Each month, we’ll be featuring a new Williamsburg foldable celebrity, care of the immensely talented Bryan of
Send us photo submissions of local characters and microcelebrites—we’re looking for additional Williamsburgers to make foldable. Don’t make us do Kyp Malone. (Actually, how can we not do Kyp Malone?)
1. Download the Hipster Grifter foldable here (.pdf)
2. Print
3. Cut along black solid lines
4. Fold along dotted lines and tape, as instructed
5. Pull dress down to see boobz
Thanks again to Bryan. And remember, send us photos for future foldables!
Screenshot and foldable after the jump.
UPDATE 2: Now there’s a Hipster Grifter phone app.

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Brooklyn Kickball: Day One


The country’s best looking and most notorious kickball league kicks off their summer season today at McCarren Park, despite the cold, wet damper currently suffocating the city. The teams are set, the schedule is up and the Turkey’s Nest just received their ten ton shipment of Styrobeer foam cups to keep everybody properly hydrated.
Two weeks ago, two first-year teams had to battle it out for the last spot in the league in a game that made your little sister’s t-ball league look like the pros. The league’s rowdy band of misfits – the Pirates (Los Piratas Mechanicos…loosely translated and probably poorly spelled) – are more timely and relevant than ever. Look to them for scurvy tales of hostage taking and an abundance of petty arguments over the placement of their pirate flags. We may or may not be sending dispatches from the fields at If you see anything of particular hilarity, feel free to send along tips & photos.

Good News For Motorino Fans

Not that it matters today, given the rain, but Motorino now has a garden. Oh yeah, and a full liquor license. Yahoo. Images and more information here.

3rd Ward Green Bikes Birthday Party

Yep, this is still going on today. It’ll just be indoors now.

2 to 8 p, FREE admission and Colt 45
On our 3rd Anniversary in Brooklyn, we announce Green Bikes! Starting in May, when you sign up for a 3rd Ward membership you get a free custom-designed bike! To celebrate we’ve taken over Stagg street for a day of mayhem. Compete in a drag race, bring a t-shirt for live screenprinting, take a workshop, or just come for the fun.
Live Music: The Wild Yaks, Pterodactyl, Afuche, Aa, Lam, DJ Drew Heffron, DJ Grizzly Spears
Festivities: BBQ from Chef Stephanie Sugawara, Summer drinks, Bike competitions & performances, Films from Empire, Music videos from Moviehouse, Photobooth, Badminton, Selena Kimball in the Gallery
Free Workshops: Bike Repair, Reclaimed Lumber, Furniture Design, Welding Basics, Experimental Video Presentation, Building Green, Jewelry Workshop: Flocking, Fabrication: Alginate Casting, Leather as an Art