Brooklyn Star Gazing

It was the more-than-century-old wood brick oven that led Joaquin Baca, co-founder of the Momofuku empire, to chose the diminutive space on a lightly trafficked stretch of Havemeyer Street for his new Southern restaurant, Brooklyn Star. And indeed, framed alluringly in the exposed kitchen like the altar in a Gothic cathedral, diners and chef alike seem eager to worship at it. But while the oven grants distinctive flair to these modern takes on Dixie staples, Baca has said that it is also an ‚”organic machine,” with hot spots and cold areas, and requires some finesse. The same could be said of Brooklyn Star itself. The menu, divided between small and big plates, with oddly overlapping price ranges, offers plenty of eye-catching choices and seems affordable, on average. But a meal comprised of only the intriguing, buzzed-about (and, yes, most expensive) dishes, can still cost you, and will pass over some of the more subtle standouts.

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Traditional Marriage Explained

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While we’re on the subject…. when is Obama going to wake up and smell the decade? We need some leadership on this issue. Thus far, he sounds a lot like Bush on the gay mariage issue: “I’m a Christian…. my religious beliefs say that marriage is something sanctified between a man and a woman.”
Perhaps he should take note of Hillary’s latest statement on the matter and stop playing politics on human rights. More after the jump:

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New Peaches – 'Lose You'

She’s uh…she’s in love with both of us.

Music Slut tells us it was produced by Simian Mobile Disco, who’s James Ford also lent his production hand for the new untitled Arctic Monkeys album, dropping August 25th.

No Age, Gang Gang Dance, The National Inspire Apparel Collection

Soundscreen Design, a Bklyn-based design company, asked three “prominent designers” to create art for indie bands that inspired them. The end result, which is Soundscreen’s first apparel collection, is now for sale, printed on organic t-shirts, hoodies and totes. Those inspirational bands are:

No Age,
Gang Gang Dance,
Handsome Furs,
Fucked Up,
The National and

But first, a party! Members of The National and Gang Gang Dance are DJing the release of Soundscreen’s Summer 2009 Collection at Glasslands Gallery this Thursday, June 4th @ 8:00pm. It costs no monies. Flyer posted after the jump.

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LANDy – yes please

The girls are kinda creepy man but boy is Adam hot!
Wow I think there is finally a celebrity foray into music that isn’t a complete joke – (a la Honey Brothers, DOGSTAR and Scarlett Johansson) – featuring the backing band talents of members of Earlimart and The Flaming Lips – LANDy is writer, director, actor and all around HOTTIE Adam Goldberg’s new band. OK maybe I’m biased since my mom spotted him at Balthazar last year and said something along the lines of “WOW – isn’t that the hot guy from Saving Private Ryan?” And yes, yes it was.
His debut album Eros and Omissions comes out June 23rd – in the meantime peep the new video for “BFF!” Yes maybe it’s pretentious as fuck featuring girls that remind me of The Shining twins, apples, lemons, strings and over- sized sexy playing cards but it’s actually dare I say – excellent!

Landlord to Black Betty: Drop Dead

The Brooklyn Paper has already done a stellar job reporting on the real estate-related undoing of neighborhood founding father Black Betty, but there are still a few pertinent details that mourners must know. First, some bittersweet news: closing ceremonies kick off tomorrow night, June 3rd, with Hype of the States, Orion Experience, and DJ Chris Rob, starting at 10:30pm. After that, look for Chin Chin on June 4, the eighth anniversary of Brazilian Beat on June 7, Jonah Smith on June 10, the Pimps of Joytime on June 11, and, for their June 15 finale, the Reverend Vince Anderson. (More details here.) After that sad, sad day, look for their ‚”Make Love, Not War” parties to move to Rose and Vince Anderson to take up residence at Union Pool. Of course, neither of these venues serves chicken tagine or chickpeas with basmati rice, but they will have to do.
Now, the just plain bitter stuff:

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Brooklyn Brat Pack Mashup

What does one long weekend and the best rooftop in Williamsburg get you? A summer kickoff music video to end all. A tribute to a tribute, inspired by the Youtube bratpack mashup video set to the tune of Phoenix’s Lisztomania, the soon to be omnipresent (if not already) summer jam.

The Original Mashup

I think director Ian Parker explained the reasoning behind the tribute to the tribute best: We did it for the summer, for friends, sunsets, and social propaganda experiments, for the sake of global cultural education. and pop music.


My friend Clint took some amazing photos of the zombies roaming McCarren Park and the rest of Williamsburg on Sunday, including this (paid?) participant having a tug of war contest via the hooks in his and his competitor’s back. I get the whole appeal to dress up and shuffle around en masse, but can someone explain where this fits in?