Craft Hacker Panel at the New Museum Tonight

The way I think of Craft Hacker is Ghada Amer + Computer programmer = Awesome. If you feel the same way, then you should check out this panel tonight.

Tonight at K+M Bar

YAY FRIDAY! I can’t conceive of a single better way to spend time than to attend this show tonight at K + M Bar. Throw some money down for a great cause, see Lady Magma play, and get nourished and inebriated. Let’s hold hands and clink glasses!!!
The Shiny Squirrel Presents
a benefit concert for the AIDS Resource center for Children
Co- Sponsored with One Stepper Production
Free Shots, Food!!
FRIDAY, December 12th ; 7:00 to 10:30 pm

Matisyahu’s Festival of Light & Ticket Giveaway

Matisyahu is wrapping up 2008 and celebrating Chanukah here in his hometown of NYC, with eight nights of live music. These shows are each being opened by different bands, and there’s a special chance for some VIP love from the Hasidic reggae impresario:

At each Festival of Light show, Matisyahu will select a winner from his mailing list to win a prize package. The prize package includes a Festival of Light poster signed by the whole band, a Matisyahu t-shirt and a live recording of the show where Matisyahu announces your name on stage.
In addition, Matisyahu will personally call you to congratulate you and exchange holiday greetings.

The dates are as follows, and you can click here to purchase tickets:
12/21 – Webster Hall w/ The Crystal Method
12/22 – Webster Hall w/ The Levees
12/23 – Webster Hall w/ U Melt
12/25 – Webster Hall w/ Easy Star Allstars
12/27 – Music Hall of Williamsburg w/ Asher Roth
12/28 – Music Hall of Williamsburg w/ Assembly of Dust
12/29 – Music Hall of Williamsburg w/ Little Jackie
12/30 – Music Hall of Williamsburg w/ Brett Dennen
Fortunately, your beloved FREEwilliamsburgonians will be GIVING AWAY a pair of tickets to the December 22nd show AND a pair of tickets to the December 27th show to whoever emails me first at Please specify which night you are submitting for….
I expect a deluge of responses, bonne chance!

A Charlie Brown Ad Agency

Williamsburg Has Really Jumped the Shark This Time

From PageSix

At around 3:30 on the morning after Halloween, two dozen twentysomething hipsters linger at a loft party in East Williamsburg. The kegs are dry, but die-hard stragglers are still dancing drunkenly in the main room. Dave Summers, a 29-year-old grad student at the Bank Street College of Education and one of the party’s hosts, has dressed as a cloud for the night — his baby-blue T-shirt and baseball cap covered in dozens of white cotton balls. While several guests have come as Sarah Palin, one is in a furry yellow duck costume. Another is Bill Murray’s character from the 1980 film Caddyshack.
Suddenly, one of Dave’s guests runs over to tell him: “The real Bill Murray just walked in the door.”
“You’re joking,” Dave scoffs.
“No, really, he’s here.” [...]
The whole scene is kind of goofy and light-hearted until a young male guest approaches Bill, who is probably his dad’s age, and says, “I think you’re making bad life choices.” [...]
Later, Dave found out that Bill had been party-hopping with the band MGMT, the hot Brooklyn duo featured on the November cover of Spin, after attending their concert at the Music Hall of Williamsburg that night. “There he was in my apartment, just having a good time like everybody else,” Dave says now, still amazed. “I felt something between excitement and incredulity that he was there–and that my party must be pretty fun because he didn’t just leave.”

Of course, if you have photos…WE NEED THEM. [Hap tip Rumproast]

Flight of the Conchords Lip Dub

We’ve raved about Flight of the Conchords before. If you’re in the dark, FOTC is a hilarious show on HBO, with New Zealanders who talk like Australians but don’t like being told that. They’re a band duo, trying to make it in this big city of ours. They also happen to shoot around Williamsburg from time to time.
Well, Season 1 ended a while back, and now season 2 is starting to creep back into our lives – with this Flight lip dub video contest! They’re asking fans to lip-synch the “‚”Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros” song, and then send it in to get included in a big fansterpiece of awesomeness.
For a whole slew of links, including lip dubs by the College Humor guys and My Damn Channel (Steve Agee, Nate Corddry, Kerri Kenney-Silver, A.D. Miles, and David Wain), visit BuzzFeed. For Mel’s instruction video, view below! Then, click through to to enter! You’ve got till the end of January to get your groove on.

'Flow' DVD Giveaway

In case you missed that screening of Flow Monday night, the kind folks at Oscilloscope Pictures sent over two copies for us to giveaway. So, here we go. The first two emails I get saying “i want flow” wins! Ready, Set…….Flow!
update: that’s it! no mas! thanks for playing. we’ll see you next year.
Here’s the trailer of the film, now available on DVD in a store near you:

Christmas with Kay Martin and Her Bodyguards

Since everyone is sharing Christmas tracks on the music blogs, we thought we’d share our favorite naughty find: Kay Martin and the Bodyguards. AM, Then FM has three hilarious and oddly catchy songs from the 60′s diva available for download here. How can you not love a track called “Santa’s Doing the Horizontal Twist?!” As they point out, the tracks are from ‚”I Know What He Wants for Christmas (But I Don’t Know How to Wrap It),” which was released in 1962. It’s sadly out of print. If anyone knows where to find the rest of the record, let us know in comments. Christmas Yule Blog has some background on Kate here. And WFMU posted a few more Xmas tracks from Kay last year.
On another note, we’ve also been enjoying Bobby Roberts & His Orchestra’s – Holiday Music For Happy People. Christmas Yule blog has a clean vinyl rip available if you’re looking for some alternative holiday tunes. It’s guaranteed to please. If you know of any other nontraditional records available for download, let us know.