Lil Wayne Dumber Than Beethoven, Alleges Caltech Grad Student

After reading Lola’s post concerning the statistical reasons for my involuntary celibacy, I did a little research on the guy behind the stats, a Caltech Ph.D. student named Virgil Griffith. Turns out he’s something of a pop culture Nate Silver, using his borderline-autistic love of numbers to enlighten erstwhile web surfers about all things shallow and amusing.
Just last week, it seems, he put the finishing touches on a little chart that classifies musicians based on the relative SAT scores of their fans. To do this, he compiled different colleges’ favorite bands via Facebook and matched these acts up to the respective schools’ SAT scores. The results, while pretty far from scientifically significant, are at least amusing. According to the numbers, Lil Wayne fans score the lowest (856-896) and Beethoven’s admirers are by far the smartest (1346-1396). Other revelations: fans of the Used and gospel music are idiots compared to the genius admirers of Sufjan, Radiohead, and Counting Crows (?), while people into Something Corporate and Yellowcard are, as expected, totally average.
The complete chart after the jump (hat tip to The Grip).

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This Is The Most Juvenile Thing We've Seen In A While….

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Starting Lineup Announced For 2009 Pitchfork Music Festival

Pitchfork Festival.jpg
Image courtesy of P4K
The folks at Pitchfork have announced the first few bands on the bill for their 2k9 musical festival, and the lineup looks solid thus far. In addition to FREEwilliamsburg friends the Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Grizzly Bear, the Chicago festival will feature the first American performance by the Jesus Lizard in over a decade. The bands announced today:
Friday, July 17
Built to Spill
The Jesus Lizard
Yo La Tengo
Saturday, July 18
The National
Pharoahe Monch
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
Sunday, July 19
Grizzly Bear
The Walkmen
Vivian Girls
Also, if you shell out for a ticket, you’ll be able to vote online for what songs you want the four first-night bands to play. Not quite as cool of a gimmick as seeing Public Enemy perform It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back in its entirety, but it’s not without its charms. Tickets go on sale 3/13.

Requiem For a Day Off

The hopes and dreams of three ambitious people are shattered when their school-day adventures begin spiraling out of control.

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The Times Is Tough

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And not just for us… even Hollywood is reeling from the recession. First Shannen Doherty decides to take a second job as art director for a magazine. Then Michael auctions off some classics at Julien’s. And now, Kanye contemplates his roots as a video game designer:

“My game was very sexual,” West told Details Magazine. “The main character was, like, a giant penis. It was like Mario Brothers, but the ghosts were, like, vaginas. Mind you, I’m 12 years old, and this is stuff 30-year-olds are programming. You’d have to draw in and program every little step — it literally took me all night to do a step, ’cause the penis, y’know, had little feet and eyes.”

Well, I guess Kanye is pretty well off at this point and prooooobably doesn’t need to return to his previous *ahem* passion ’cause Kanye, y’know, has his game on.

My friend Andrew, I miss him

Sometimes it’s a Thursday after a goddamn blizzard in March and you’re thinking, “Why am I looking forward to summer? What is so great about it being really hot out and wearing t-shirts?” Then you remember, “Oh yeah, The Gathering of The Juggalos!” I mean, if you were me you’d probably think all that. But after you see this video the “you” won’t be “me,” it’ll be YOU! You will be excited for The Gathering of The Juggalos! Because of Andrew WK! Because he killed it at The Gathering of The Juggalos just last summer and I bet you didn’t know that!

Guy needs to write a book (and you know he’d write one 8 inches thick) about how to turn irrelevancy into irreverance(y) as a freaking career.
I’m just gonna end all my posts with sweet pics.
juggalos vs. emos.png

Peace & Happiness, & Long Live Eraserhead

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