NJ's Ducktails + Julian Lynch Split 7"

Underwater Peoples, the folks who got us longing for the sunshine with the perfect summer mix, will be releasing a split 7″ record on Monday, July 13th. And who will be delivering the musical goods, you ask? Well none other than New Jersey’s finest– on Side A, Ducktails‘ tour de force, “Parasailing” and on Side B, the 7″ debut of hometown pal, Julian Lynch, bringing the mystical lo-fi sound one could only expect from this crew, with “Topi” and “Garden 2.” Plus, the cover art was made possible by fellow Real Estater Martin Courtney.
And that’s not all! With your $7 purchase of the record, you’ll get a DVD including two Richard Law videos that will be making their way to YouTube shortly. So email the guys at underwaterpeoples@gmail.com to get your copy– before they’re all sold out!!
The best marketing tactic ever, after the jump…

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Dumpster Diving (literally)

Image via MACROSEA
‚”We heard about dumpster pools—one was done by Curtis Crowe of the band Pylon in Athens, Georgia a few years ago, and others have done it, but usually smaller—and decided we wanted to do it this summer in Brooklyn as a test site/prototype. We (David Belt, Alix Feinkind, and myself, who are Macro-Sea) heard about in late February. In late May we found the location, and from the time we got the dumpsters to the opening on July 4th was 12 days. We would like to do them in the parking lots of the strip malls and show people that with not too much expense you can creatively reuse what is basically considered urban detritus and make something really cool and fun and also fairly easy to put together.” — Jocko Weyland
If anyone sees any of the dumpster pools in the neighborhood, let us know!
Source: Ready Made

Old Made Vintage Grand Opening

Check out the Grand Opening of Williamsburg’s newest Vintage Boutique– Old Made. More than just a clever name, owners Leah Kroll and Frances Pezik are bringing you some of the cutest vintage clothing and accessories the ‘hood has to offer.
In addition to all the cuteness, they’ve recruited some awesome local talent for this Friday’s opening including music from Drew Citron, Beeping Sleauty, Unsolved Mysteries, Graffiti Monsters; and local arists Ethan Cook, Chelsea Harris, Ivy Weinglass, Eric Von Massey and Morgan Silver-Greenberg.
And the fun doesn’t stop after opening night, expect revolving art shows, live music, and maybe even some store front BBQs in the future. Make an appearance on Friday between 7pm and Midnight for a celebratory cocktail off the Lorimer stop, or at least to peep the killer MJ memorial in the window.

The Daily Footprint 07/07/09

MJ tribute
A tiny tribute to MJ, spotted from LA Burrito on Bedford Ave.

Giveaway: Handmade Fanfarlo Box Set

From the studio of Interpol and The National producer Peter Katis, as well as their own bookish depths of musical charm emerge Fanfarlo. This whimsical quartet of string, horn, and backyard folk vocals, is the perfect mix of meloncholy Devotchka with a happier pop core, like local faves Motel Motel. In addition to their already long list of musical talents, they seem to be quite crafty too! From KEXP:

Fanfarlo not only released their debut themselves, but they also handcrafted 500 limited editions of the album ‚Äî housed in special foil-blocked, embossed linen-covered dvd-shaped box, packed with an exclusive set of heavyweight letterpress printed postcards featuring the band’s artwork and lyrics ‚Äî themselves! They set up a production line in their own living room and handpacked each one[...]
The sets were originally available through Rough Trade but are long gone by now

And just when you thought you were out of luck… FREEburg is giving away a Fanfarlo Box Set to one lucky reader! Just follow us on Twitter @freedubya and ReTweet the Fanfarlo contest for a chance to win!
Take a looksy after the jump for photos of the Fanfarlo gang making the Limited Edition Reservoir Box Sets, as well as a download of “Luna”, the first single off the self released debut album.

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Summerscreen Returns

The L’s Summerscreen outdoor film series returns tomorrow (Wed.) night with Reality Bites, and food and drink urges will be tamed by Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, DUB Pies, San Loco, Two Boots, Sixpoint Craft Ales and Wine Australia. The “doors” to the McCarren Park ballfields open at 6:00, and Brooklyn band Wild Yaks will be playing at 6:30. After that, it’s all Ben Stiller and his time capsule of early 90′s deliciousness to wet your whistles.

This Is How We're Always Going To Remember Michael

Yacht Rock MJ: “How am I supposed to stick my dick in some pussy, when you got me singing like one”

Undoubtedly, you’ve all seen Yacht Rock already. If not, go here and watch them all. They’re a few years old, but they still hold up amazingly well. The Wikipedia summary of the plot, is almost as hilarious as the videos. Check it out after the jump.

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First Annual “Freelancers Put On Your Pants” Day

Hey, freelancers and the unemployed. Sheila over at ASSME thinks its time you liven up and r-e-s-p-e-c-t yourselves:

This Friday, July 10th, let’s all make an effort to all put on pants. Fridays are often a time for a more relaxed dress code in offices. But not for the jobless. This Friday, take a shower in the morning, fix your hair, and put on some nice clothes even if you won’t be leaving the house. Nice shorts and skirts OK too, but NO boxers or pajamas‚Äìyou must wear clothes that you could actually go to a job in. (Send in pics if you want!)

So there you have it. July 10th. Put on your pants. We’ll be making house calls to check up on each and every one of you in support of this ambitious cause. (h/t gawker)