It's Halloween!

kids-halloween-costumes-1.jpgAnd there’s a lot going on. Here are our picks:
A Flavorpill Halloween at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple with music by The Very Best
DAYTIME Dirt-Deth Rally at Robertas w/ Ninjasonik & Anamanaguchi
The Danger Party at 3rd Ward
Livin’ for the Citaaayyy w/ the Rude Dudes at Legion Bar, Halloween Edition
Deer Tick play the songs of the Sex Pistols at Brooklyn Bowl
The Vice 15 year anniversary party (invite only) with Bad Brains and Jesus Lizard

Spooky Burt Bacharach and a Satanic Three Ring Circus at Issue Project Room

Obits, Pissed Jeans, Dum Dum Girls, Golden Triangle at Secret Project Robot
The Annihilation of Oz at Warsaw:

The self-proclaimed “Greatest Halloween Party Ever” is back for its fifth year, boasting a ball pit (to bring back fun, if unsanitary, memories of childhood), an hour of free beer (to relish in your current mature state), two hours of free pierogies, and three bands (the Vandelles, Toys in Trouble, and Dragons of Zynth). The theme is “The Annihilation of Oz,” which is a warped imagining of what Dorothy left behind in Oz, where the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion battle evil Glinda for control of Oz and end up hanged from the gates in Emerald City as a warning to future do-gooders.

And of course, Todd P has 2 great events:

:: MT EERIE ———– aka the Microphones
:::: Liturgy
:::::: Malkuth
:::::::: Tara Jane O’Neil
:::::::::: No Kids
1142 Myrtle Ave @ Bdwy | Bushwick, Bklyn
JMZ-Myrtle, L-Jefferson, G-Myrtle/Willoughby | 8pm | all ages | $12
| curated by Brandon Stosuy |
:: Wooden Shjips
:::: Vivian Girls
:::::: Crystal Stilts
:::::::: Religious Knives
:: dj Keegan Cooke
171 Lombardy St @ Varick Ave | Greenpoint, Brooklyn
L-Graham, G-Nassau, B48-Nassau/Van Dam | 8pm | all ages | $12

Tonight: Lightning Bolt & Black Dice

:::::: Mick Barr — mem Orthrelm, Krallice, Cromtech, Octis, Ocrilim
:::::::: TV Ghost —
600 Bushwick Ave @ Jefferson St | Bushwick, Brooklyn
JMZ-Myrtle/Broadway, L-Jefferson | 8pm | $12 | all ages

Deer Tick Does Sex Pistols

If you’re one of many planning on seeing Deer Tick play the songs of the Sex Pistols Saturday night at Brooklyn Bowl, we’re told it’s not yet sold out but will likely be soon. A limited number of costumed attendees will get in for free, but “only if you get there early!” So, don’t think you can roll up in your ironic hipster grifter outfit at 9pm and expect to be let in. Doors are at 6, and honestly, tickets are only $5.
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The Office Jam: "Male Prima Donna"

If You Hear The Clown Horn, Run

A woman wrote us this morning about a surreal attempted mugging in Williamsburg:

I almost got mugged by a group of girls last night.
Last night at around 1 AM I was walking home down N. 7th St. between Havemeyer and Roebling. I’m a small person and I was by myself. There’s a big empty lot on the North side of the street and as I was walking past it a very loud rubber horn noise issued from behind the fence. Like one of those plastic party horns that clowns carry. Which seemed really out of place. As I approached the intersection three girls were walking through it (not together, walking in different directions). One of them ended up walking a little bit in front of me and then turned around and started heading towards me. As she passed me she grabbed my coat and started punching me in the head. She was trying to grab my bag from my shoulder but mostly just kept hitting me. I started screaming and thankfully there was a guy very close by who came running up and chased her off. Her friend, one of the other girls from the intersection, started to drag her away and they ran. We called the cops but couldn’t locate these girls, who looked to be in their late teens, early twenties maybe. The girl who was hitting me was heavy set and around 5’7″ tall. Her friend was skinnier.
This is all to say- if you hear a clown horn noise, call the cops and/or start running. Please let people know about this, it was definitely an organized group lying in wait for a good target to walk by.

If you have information or a similar tale, let us know.

Yeasayer Release "Ambling Alp"; Perform at Guggenheim Tonight

Just got really excited for tonight! Yeasayer’s first single off the new album, Odd Blood, is pretty rad!
If you don’t have tickets, get them here.

The Daily Footprint 10/29/09

Here today, Gone Tomorrow
Bedford ave and Grand street

A Todd P Halloween

hunters-run.jpgIf you’re still sorting out your plans for Halloween, this Todd P joint looks promising.

Saturday October 31st – HALLOWEEN @ 171 LOMBARDY @ VARICK AVE
Hunter’s Run, Vivian Girls, Wooden Shjips, Crystal Stilts, Religious Knives
171 Lombardy St @ Varick Ave | Greenpoint, Brooklyn
L-Graham, G-Nassau, B48-Nassau/Van Dam | 8pm | all ages | $12
171 LOMBARDY ST @ VARICK AVE is a wonderful, big (but cozy) new space in a dramatic location w/ a beautiful roof patio overlooking the Midtown skyline, the Greenpoint industrial district & the Kosciusko Bridge -PLUS- it’s air conditioned & heated & has a killer soundsystem & great dance floor lights & no neighbors.
| curated by Caleb Braaten & Sacred Bones records & Todd Patrick |