Lively Discussion Time

From the electronic mailbox:
Councilmen Steve Levin (your guy if you live in the “waterfront” section of the Southside, in most of the Northside or in Greenpoint) is hosting a town hall meeting tomorrow to discuss the Domino Development.
Meeting info: Wed. April 14, 2010 @ Pierogi Boiler 191 N14th (between Berry & Wythe) from 6-8pm.
Have no idea what i am talking about?
Well, the old Domino Sugar factory (@ Kent & S5th-S2nd) is in the midst of the rezoning process. There is a plan from the developers. There is community push back. In a nutshell, lots of $$, lots of L line drama, lots of towers, lots of local politics, lots of “lively discussion”. The project will be coming before city council pretty soon and if you dont like what you see from the developers (or if you do) now is the time to get involved and speak up…..
Need more info. Lots more articles on Brooklyn 11211 about the rezoning process, etc. Also, can get the real estate perspective on Brownstoner.

FREE Moive at Brooklyn Bowl Tonight


Stop Blaming Hipsters for the Census

Census copy.jpg
Hey NPR, next time you run a piece entitled ‚”New York’s Hipsters Too Cool for the Census,” you should maybe do more than talk to three people in a record store?
Sure, as Brian pointed out last week, Williamsburg’s response rates are super low. But check out the actual data available on the Census 2010 Map. The Census return rates for the ‚”hip” parts of Williamsburg are about on par with those for the rest of the city. It’s the Hassidic areas that have a super low rate of return (see screenshot above). Which the NPR story mentioned, kind of, at the end of the piece, after focusing on those crazy kids with their “wacky bikes” and “ironic mustaches.”
So yeah, some of us are lazy assholes who haven’t mailed their forms in yet (like, ok, I *might* have just mailed mine in this morning). But come on ‚Äì we’re no more lazy than the rest of this city.
UPDATE: Aaron Short, over at A Short Story blog, points out that one reason the Hassidic return rate might be so low is because the forms were mailed out during… Passover.
So what we’re saying is that it’s nobody’s fault, really.

Hank Williams Gets Pulitzer

And it’s about time!

The Pulitzer Prize Board awarded a posthumous special award to Williams, who died in 1953 at 29, for his lifetime achievement as a musician, praising the country legend for “his craftsmanship as a songwriter who expressed universal feelings with poignant simplicity and played a pivotal role in transforming country music into a major musical and cultural force in American life.”
The board, chaired by Miami Herald Executive Editor Anders Gyllenhaal, decided on the “special citation” after a confidential survey of experts in popular music.
“The citation, above all, recognizes the lasting impact of Williams as a creative force that influenced a wide range of other musicians and performers,” said Sig Gissler, administrator of the Pulitzer Prizes, in a statement. “At the same time, the award highlights the board’s desire to broaden its Music Prize and recognize the full range of musical excellence that might not have been considered in the past.”

Ticket Giveaway: Glass Ghost w/ Kaki King at MHoW

Glass Ghost might be the most reflective band name I’ve heard in a while. Their terribly fragile sound floats somewhat eerily over subtle keyboards and drum beats– a moving falsetto that played repeatedly during my hazy winter, but which also translates to sunshine times and naps in the park with great fluidity.
If you haven’t had a chance to see these guys live, today is your lucky day because FREEwilly has got you covered… well, one lucky reader anyway. If you want to win a pair of tickets to see Glass Ghost along with Brooklyn’s venerable Kaki King at Music Hall on 4/15, all you’ve gotta do is RT this over on Twitter, or comment on the contest thread on our Facebook page. Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy, no?
Check out the video for Glass Ghost’s “Like A Diamond” after the jump…

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Bánh Mì Replaces Curves Gym on Grand Street

Picture 5.png
Great news for all Vietnamese food lovers-B√°nh M√¨ has opened an expanded Williamsburg location in the former Curves Gym on Grand Street. The owners Vu Bui, Dung Trinh, and Thomas Bui are three Brooklyn-raised Vietnamese (‚”Brooklyn-mese”, as they called themselves) friends who met on a handball court as children. Now they’ve joined forces to open their third Vietnamese restaurant in Williamsburg (they also own the sit-down restaurant An Nhau on Bedford Avenue).
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"The Worst Hair in Williamsburg?"

Via Gawker:

Several people report seeing this man around Williamsburg. He wears, says one tipster “a pair of child’s pleather shorts as a headpiece to contain a giant jewfro to give the effect of twin chimneys.” They call him chimneyhead.

Apparently, some of you folks out there have made out with him. Gross.

HEALTH Premiere "We Are Water" Video

This video by the awesome Eric Wareheim may ruin your day:

HEALTH “We are Water” from Eric Wareheim on Vimeo.