Happy Thanksgiving!

New Major Lazer Video is Ass-id Trip-tastic

Major Lazer is back with another outrageous music video for their super catchy track “Keep it Going Louder,” courtesy again of Eric Wareheim (from Adult Swim’s “Tim and Eric Show”). The clip shares a lot in common with “Pon De Floor,” their previous video foray into hallucinogenic rump shaking, Diplo quasi-dancing and Skerrit Bwoy contorting his face while flying through various stages of raunch.
I think it’s safe to say this is the party anthem of Thanksgiving ’09, ideally to be projected onto the nearest white wall in your Aunt Suzie’s living room. Kids these days.

Jimmy Fallon Does Neil Young Covering The Fresh Prince

Ha ha ha. This is the best thing I’ve seen all day. And I’m not even a Jimmy Fallon fan.

Dijital Fix Robbed, MacBooks Stolen

Dijital Fix, the electronics store located in the back of Bedford’s Mini Mall, was robbed early Saturday morning by crooks who kicked in their back window and got away with two MacBooks and an iPod Touch. Eagle scouts — they ask that we keep an eye out for any Craigslist listings that might fit the part.
Doug from Dijital Fix writes:

We wanted to let you guys know if you wanna do a little snippet on it, that our store was robbed sometime in the wee hours of this morning(3 or 4am) The back window was kicked in and a bunch of merchandise, 3 macbooks, some ipods and all the cash was taken. We would like to get the word out there so if anyone see’s any Macbooks or itouch’s for sale on craigslist that look suspicious they can contact us and everything. There were 2 silver macbook pro’s and one black one. and a 16 gig itouch. So i mean if you need any more information just let me know and i can supply you with it. The police have been notified and prints are being dusted for and whatnot. Hopefully you can help us out and keep local people aware. Thanks guys.

No fun. We hope this snippet helps get the word out and the MacBooks are found…they’re probably very scared right now.

Palin's Fans Just As Smart As You'd Imagine

The Daily Footprint 10/23/09

North 1st and River street

Our Favorite Dance Party

You, too, can get your groove back…
Flyer by Behold The Destroyer

The Bloodsugars

cdreleaseflyer.jpgTonight, indie-pop rockers The Bloodsugars will celebrate their album, ‚”I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On” release at The Studio at Webster Hall with Savoir Adore and Project Jenny Project Jan.
Melding inspiration from garage, new wave and pop rock, The Bloodsugars shine above their contemporaries by keeping their inspiration just that: inspiration and don’t attempt to revive (or knock off) the iconic sound of any one genre. The Bloodsugars are an elating gem that stand out in both their recordings and their earnest live performances. On record and live, The Bloodsugars confidently and comfortably hold their own in the indie scene as a tight ensemble fantastically arranged and self aware.
Lead singer Jason Rabinowitz discusses with Free Williamsburg The Bloodsugars’ album, the sentimentality he hopes his listeners will take away from his music, and how his personal connection to the album exceeds more than just its musical content.
Interview after the jump:

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