Anna Barie, Bill Salas and Pat Noecker
May I present, THESE ARE POWERS, the second band interview of four to prepare everyone for the Freewilliamsburg set during the Northside Festival. I’ll admit I chose to interview this trio since they struck me as the most likely to get the dance party started (I’ve been aching for one big time). Besides making me want to be part in a sweaty mass at a show, THESE ARE POWERS are engaging in some forward looking art collaborations, bringing visual art to previously only audio shows. In fact, they will be premiering the video for their song “Easy Answer” during the show. Check them out on Friday along with Real Estate, Javelin, Organs, and Air Waves.
a still from ‘Easy Answers,’ directed by Jacqueline Castel
Can you tell me about this Secret Project Robot you wrote about on your blog?
ANNA: Secret Project Robot’s whole point is to make art fun and community based. So what they’ve done is opened up their space to a bunch of a different events that they curate but also curate with other people. We had an art opening and cd release party for our new album this past Feburary and for that album we asked 12 different artists and a writer to contribute work to our album so that was on display in addition to about 40 other pieces from other artists. Because of that show, some of our friends and others bands have told us they that inspired to have similar events, our friends band had a similar cd release party where they screened a bunch of different films.
PAT: Our friend Paul ended up selling his painting that night for a whole of money and our friend Javelin got offered another show. The idea is to create community around ideas. I feel like you can’t really have a full experience with one form of expression, you should really try and create a group state and by group I mean everyone from the community. It’s limited to think that music is the only art form that you can incorporate into shows.

Do you think this is a more holistic approach to what you are trying to do?

PAT: It’s more interesting. That’s what it boils down to-What’s interesting and fun at the same time? Playing at a club and just setting up and doing sound check and selling your merchandise afterward isn’t nearly as interesting as really making an event out of every show.

Do you have more shows like this coming up?

BILL: August 6th we are playing the X Initiative which is a gallery in Chelsea that is having a set of curators every season put on multimedia shows and we got invited. They’re screening some Bruce Nauman and we are going to perform in front of this film “City Slivers” and a film called “Stations of the Elevated,” which is a grafitti film from the late 70′s. It’s just one more example of cross pollination between “art” and music. It’s just about not drawing distinctions and a lot of it comes down to playing much more interesting events.
What are you looking most forward to doing in Brooklyn?
ANNA: Summer in New York is an awesome time because of all the free outdoors films and concerts. I want to check out the High Line and check out Femi Cutin in Prospect Park. I Just riding your bikes around and hanging out.
BILL: Skateboarding for me, personally. The only summer month we are here for August.
PAT: We were gone last summer so every summer moment we get in the city we’re cherishing.
Get them while you can, THESE ARE POWERS head to Canada on Saturday and then China next month and you won’t get a chance to see them until they play at the Whitney with Vivian Girls on July 31st.
Check out their Myspace and Blog for more musing and jams.
More stills from their new video, which the band will debut on Friday, after the jump:

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Ticket Giveaway: Rooftop Films First Williamsburg Summer Show

Rooftop Films‘ first Williamsburg show of the season is tomorrow night, with a special “carnival-like screening event” of No Impact Man on the lawn of Automotive High School, hosted in part by The Fledgling Fund. No Impact Man is a documentary directed by Laura Gabbert & Justin Schein which follows a local family with global implications, as they challenge themselves to make no environmental impact for one whole year.
Here’s a bit more on the carnival-like aspect of the event:

The lawn of Automotive High School will host a celebration of environmentally-friendly activities, as Rooftop Films and The Fledgling Fund utilize the screening of No Impact Man to engage audience members in making environmentally-friendly lifestyle commitments . There will be information about local foods, opportunities to volunteer in local environmental projects, composting demonstrations, ideas about reusing old products, and a demonstration of biodiesel cars from the students of our hosts at Automotive High School. Audience members who make personal video pledges to change aspects of their lifestyles will be entered into a raffle to win various prizes. The Hungry March Band, New York’s legendary political street brass march band will help create a festive atmosphere as they perform in the anarchic style that has become their trademark.

Buy tickets here, or if you’re feeling lucky visit our Facebook page and comment on our most recent update mentioning Rooftop Films for your chance at a pair of tickets.
Doors are at 7 tomorrow night (thurs), Sound Fix Records presents live music by The Hungry March Band at 8, the film is at 9 and the after-party is an open bar at Matchless (557 Manhattan Ave. @ Driggs) Courtesy of Radeberger Pilsner.
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Ticket Giveaway: The Devil Makes Three @ Public Assembly Tomorrow

Since over here at FREEburg we’re givers, here are some more tix to make the rainy week a good one!
Check out The Devil Makes Three in all their acoustic glory on KEXP here.
Again, you know the deal. This time, the fifth to comment gets the win…
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Ticket Giveaway: Uncensored Interview Northside Showcase

Wanna see Ólöf Arnalds on Thursday June 11th @ Union Pool with François Virot, Lisa Li-Lund, Sharon Van Etten, & Ivana XL!?
Check out how two lucky folks won Northside Festival badges– the same rules apply:
Just holler at our Facebook thread & hope you’re our lucky random!

The Daily Footprint 06/09/09

South 5th

Big Terrific: One-Year Anniversary Show

Big Terrific, the comedy show hosted by Gabe Liedman & Max Silvestri, is having its big old baby’s first birthday party tomorrow (wed.) night at Cameo, back behind The Lovin’ Cup. It’s been a big year for them. They used to be at Sound Fix you guys before all that landlordy shit went down. But it’s OK, because they never stopped bringin’ the funnies.
From the facebook event:

Holy shit, everybody. It’s been a whole year since BIG TERRIFIC was born! So much has happened (pretty much only OctoMom, right?)!
We sure hope you’ll come out tomorrow night and help us celebrate! You’ll be in great company, with these retardedly wonderful comedians:
and MORE!
(More is my favorite comedian, who’s yours?)
As always, if you come, Max and I will kiss you ANYWHERE! Hey, it’s our anniversary, it’s the least we could do.

Cameo’s at 93 n 6th, btw Berry and Wythe. Bring no quarters, dimes, nickels or pennies because it’s free. Starts at 8pm.

FreeWilliamsburg Showcase Q&A with Real Estate

Before you guys come to our showcase on friday, we thought it would be only fitting that you get to know the bands we love a little more personally. First up are our boys in Real Estate.
It’s difficult to believe that before September this band didn’t exist. They have since been signed to one of the best labels right now Woodsist, been all over Pitchfork and recently finished up a tour stint with Love is All.
FW: What’s your daily routine as a band?
Martin Courtney:
We don’t really have a daily routine as a band; we don’t like live together or anything. If we lived together, it would be in the suburbs, and we would do things like jam and eat mac and cheese.
Etienne Duguay:
chill then grip;
chill, jam, party, grip

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Them Scary Gays Turn Dems Red

In a move stunning only to the roughly fourteen remaining New Yorkers that expect competent governance from Albany, Republicans retook control on the State Senate today, as two turncoat Democratic senators (from the city, no less!) joined the opposition and voted to kick their own party out of power. What could cause this dramatic political upset that already has Albany awash in such chaos that the Senate’s own TV station went temporarily black? Why, gay people, of course. You have to ask? The Bronx’s Pedro Espada Jr., seen here threatening to run over your dog, and Queens’ Hiram Monserrate (two of the morally corrupt ignoramuses that tried to bankrupt the MTA earlier this year; the latter was also alleged to have slashed his girlfriend in the face) were filled with God’s holy wrath by now-deposed majority leader Malcom Smith and his attempt to bring the gay marriage bill to a fair vote. So, to save straight marriage, they chose to just go ahead and politically murder him, and burn their own party’s house down while they were at it. Now, not only is there approximately zero chance that New York will catch up with that stalwart bastion of liberalism, Iowa, and allow spouses to visit each other in hospitals (just one of many insidious results of gay marriage) but, as some are already wondering, that last-ditch MTA bailout may also be in danger. And let’s let alone any other potentially important legislation coming down the pike in this still-perilous economic climate. To quote Kent Brockman, ‚”I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: democracy simply doesn’t work.”
Ladies and gentleman, start your angry letter-writin’ hands. Here and here.