Free Section of Williamsburg's Craigslist

For the love of God, someone please claim this.
I made this Towelie costume for Halloween and have no further use for it. Please come and take it if you need it!! I can leave the cardboard I used to keep the shoulders up in if you want, but I can’t garauntee if will be in the best shape. Also please note this only includes the blue towel part, not the shirt or socks underneath.
Let me know if you want it! Otherwise it will just be thrown out!

'Tis The Season


Secret Adam Green Show at Lit Lounge Tonight

Here’s the info from the man himself:
I am PLayingk a Surprise Full-BANd Showe at LiT LOUNGE (2nd Ave. and 5th st.)
ON MoNDAY The 14th
With THe SHinIng Twins
and Delilah
THE SHINING TWINS Go on at 9:56pm
DELILAH Goez on at 10:49pm
and I (ADAM GREEN) Go on at 11:27pm
This Seems like a good idea!
Keep a lookout in the next few weeks, as we’ll be talking to Adam about his upcoming album, Minor Love, out on February 16th, 2010.

Biker Struck And Tragically Killed In Greenpoint

This is devastating:

A British-born Brooklyn DJ died yesterday when she was sideswiped by a truck as she rode her bike in Greenpoint.
Solange Raulston, 33, known as DJ Reverend Soul, had been set to play a gig just hours after the noon tragedy.
“She’s the life of the party, a real bright star,” said her heartbroken pal and fellow musician Jesse Graham. “She’s known as a dancer and a socialite in London and Israel.”
Raulston, who moved to New York five years ago, was riding her mountain bike on Nassau Avenue to her day job at a florist when she was hit.
The truck driver was not charged.
“Solange was an outrageously kind, genuine and a very creative person,” said her distraught roommate, who asked that her name not be printed.
Raulston, who toured in Tel Aviv and London, was a huge fan of ’60s and ’70s funk acts.
“If you came to her requesting something else, she would tell you to move,” said pal Ethan Shorter. “All she wanted to play was that or the Ray Charles Christmas album. That was her favorite.”
Last night, one of her bands, Soul Survivor, played a tribute to her at the Williamsburg music club Bembe.

Of course the elephant in the room is that New York can be an incredibly dangerous place to bike. Be careful out there!

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Author Jonathan Safran Foer Doesn't Just Have Sex Whenever He Feels Like It

The Park Slope author of ‚”Eating Animals” sat down with Gersh Kuntzman of The Brooklyn Paper (who shamelessly ordered a chicken sandwich), to talk about the “fecal soup” baths at factory farms, famous people reading his books, and yep, the parallels of sex and steak.

Yes, Jonathan Safran Foer misses a good steak. He said it. But for him, the key for the future of humanity is to simply stop seeking to gratify all of our worst cravings just because we can.
‚”I love having sex, and I love it a lot more than I like having a steak,” he said. ‚”But I curtail that craving. I don’t act on it whenever I feel like it.”

Everybody loves a good piece of meat from time to time, but you’ll help save the planet if don’t just go and hump it. Park Slope, you’re so sexy these days!

The Life Magazine Photo Archive of Santa School

This is truly a fantastic waste of time. [via WFMU]

Saturday Night Happenings Worth Checking Out

If you’ve been drinking at Brooklyn Bowl all day, or if you’re looking to start your night, here are a few things to check out on your drunken romp through the ‘hood in the bitter cold…
First, one of our favorite new local bands, Steel Phantoms, is playing at Glasslands with Calypso, The Chairs, and No Place– and now they have merch!
Dirty Nerdy Dance Party at Beauty Bar tonight, bringing you “the sweaty smart fun your nasty-ass craves…”– no cover with drink specials all night.
Vivian Girls playing with Yellow Fever and Happy Birthday at Death By Audio
Here’s a party that looks like it’ll probably get shut down.
And, there’s also a Danger “Sugar Rum Cherry” Holiday Party going on, put on with the help of the 3rd Ward folks we all love so much:

Explore twelve thousand square feet of debauched festivities that somehow mixes the best elements of all holiday traditions while respecting none. With dirty Santas, seductive elves, Rockette(ish) dance troupes, flaming circus acts, all-night dance floors, live brass bands, cheap drinks, mistletoe and an abundance of whip-cream and cherries.

TOMORROW, assemble in the name of Bedford Ave Bike Lanes!
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O'Death Playing The Music Slut's Party @ Brooklyn Bowl

Photo of TheMusicSlut.jpeg
From The Music Slut’s Twitter…surprise!

O’DEATH are playing a surprise show at our party tomorrow at your venue! Settime, 6pm, FREE! RETWEET!

Go forth and retweet this communication, for this show shall rock your pretty little faces off! This is a free show from a great local music blogger. So, naturally, go party. Doors are at 12:00, show starts at 1.