The Daily Footprint 10/05/09

North 5th pier and Kent

L Train Down For Realz

Twitter alerts us to a very down L train. It is stuck in the tunnel, and has been for an hour, and everyone is now firmly planted in Williamsburg forever. No matter how bad it gets out there people, just remember this day.
When you’re old and gray and living somewhere far, far away from the city, your kids will ask, “Grandma, where were you that day when the L train went down 4ever.” And hopefully you’ll have a wonderful story to tell.
Oh, and hey! Today is the new cream cheese-loving MTA chairman’s very first one on the job. He was out greeting riders earlier this morning. Can we blame him? Probably not. But should we, just to give him a warm welcome to “one of the state’s most high-pressure jobs”? Yes! Jay H. Walder, you broke it!
Update: Not anymore.

Tonight: Rooftop Farms Lecture at Pete's Candy Store

This fall, Pete’s Candy Store is hosting a slew of free lectures from Jamie Hook and the Open City Dialogue (OCD). We’re especially excited about tonight’s event, which features Greenpoint’s Rooftop Farms:

Join Annie Novak, one of the masterminds behind Greenpoint’s Rooftop Farms, a 6,000 square foot organic farm picture-esquely plopped on top of a warehouse overlooking Midtown Manhattan. Her operation–founded in partnership with Ben Flanner, a neophyte to farming, and Goode Green, a green-roofing specialist–currently produces produce for a host of Brooklyn gourmandizers, including Anella and Marlow and Sons. They even run a farm stand featuring fresh picked produce every Sunday! Come hear how this urban Agronomist tells us the unlikely story of how she did it–and learn how you can too!

The talk will begin at 7:30pm.

Bedford Bikes Taken via NYPD Chainsaw

Cops removed a number of “unused” bikes Thursday night on Bedford avenue by chainsaw, telling the Post they were abandoned bikes of at least three months.
But the guy who shot the video (below) says otherwise:

‚”They didn’t look like beat up bikes that had locked up there forever ‚Äî they looked like they were being used,” said Ben Running, a Greenpoint resident and cyclist who filmed police removing the bikes from a street sign near the corner of North Eighth Street. ‚”Bikes shouldn’t be removed without some kind of notice.”

So! If you lost a bike that was parked in that area the other night, try calling the 94th precinct to see if they’re still around.

Art & Rock in Greenpoint TONIGHT

From the Art & Rock 2 folks:

Mary Meyer’s Art House presents a rock show and art/fashion auction[...] donating all proceeds to Arts for All’s Step Right Up Program.
This is a great night of music, fashion and art all to help keep arts programming in NYC public schools. The bands playing will include: Necking, The Nasties, Brass Cups & Rocko Lives It. The artists and designers include: Jeremy Davies, Costalots, Round Designs, H Fredrickson, Uluru, Covet, men’s and women’s and Mary Meyer.
Raffle Donations from Shoe Market, Fox & Fawn, Go Yoga and more! Across the street at the TBD Beer Garden, you can buy some delicious BBQ and a percentage will be donated as well.

Art starts at 7pm, Music Starts at 10pm. It’s an All Ages show, and it’s FREE!
Mary Meyer Art House
97 Green St, G24
Brooklyn NY 11222
Get there early, or you’ll miss Brooklyn’s next big thing, which includes a former member of a little known band called Islands– Steel Phantoms (formerly known as, as in right before the flyer was made, the Brass Cups). We got a chance to catch up with the boys recently, so keep a lookout for that interview in the next few days.

The October 2009 Movie Preview

by Dave Thomas
A Serious Man
Is it wrong of me to be more psyched about Black Dynamite than Where the Wild Things Are?
October 2
Jesse Eisenberg of the Dead
Early buzz is good. Also starring Woody Harrelson, Mila Kunis and Abigail Breslin. Don’t know much about the creators, but the trailer’s a hoot.
More Shaun of the Dead than Scream. $18mil.
Best Zombie Kill. Give it time. The Academy will get there.
Ellen Page gets into roller derby.
Early buzz is good. The directorial debut of Drew Barrymore. With Alia Shawkat, Kristen Wiig, Zoe Bell, Marcia Gay Harden, and Daniel Stern. And roller derby handles like Malice in Wonderland and Eva Destruction.
Similarly demo’d Fame crashed and burned, but this has more names. $44mil.

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A Letter To Kari

Bryan sent Kari a letter in jail. You can too. And to construct your own Hipster Grifter paper foldable, go here.

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