Meet Oh Land: The Most Adorable Danish Musician This Side of the Gowanus

Oh Land in a big bowIt all started in 2009, when a relatively unknown former ballerina from Denmark took the stage at SXSW, enchanting audience members with her dreamy electro-pop. She had just one self-produced album and little more than a year’s worth of experience making music under her belt. She’d never before performed in the U.S.

Now Nanna Øland Fabricius, otherwise known as Oh Land, is set to release her first major label album on Sony’s Epic Records later this year. After flying back and forth between LA and NYC, she just settled down for good this past January in Williamsburg, and will be playing at our very own Free Williamsburg showcase at the Northside festival this Sunday.

We sat down with the 25-year-old Copenhagen native to discuss her custom made electronic bell organ, being her own tour manager, and why her show will be like Mary Poppins on acid.

Free Williamsburg: So, you’ve just moved to Williamsburg. How do you like it so far?

Oh Land: I wanted to move here because I really like the feeling and the vibe. It’s more relaxed than manhattan. Like going over the bridge: all the work is in Manhattan and then it’s nice to go over the water and be out here and leave all that behind. Actually, Williamsburg reminds me a little bit of Copenhagen, where I come from. It’s like a little village.

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Giveaway: Holy Ghost w/ Neon Indian DJ Set @ Le Poisson Rouge (Thurs)

Want to win a pair of tickets to see Holy Ghost tomorrow night at Le Poisson Rouge? Just comment on this facebook update and we’ll pick a winner tomorrow around noon. Thanks to Green Label Sound for hooking us up with the tickets!

Update 6/24: And congrats to Ryan Smith for winning! Contest closed. But don’t fret. Click here to go grab a free mp3 from the band.

Lorimer Street Terrorism Scare: Bomb Squad Investigates Running Vehicle w/ 20-Pound Propane Cylynders

This one’s hot off the Twitters.

About an hour ago the NYPD bomb squad was called in to investigate a suspicious vehicle idling at Ainslie St. & Union Ave. Arriving units reported seeing two 20-pound propane tanks in the car alongside a mysterious briefcase “with unknown contents.” Just over twenty minutes ago however the package was cleared, which means, we can assume, somebody left their car running after refilling the BBQ supplies. OR ARE TERRORISTS TARGETING HIPSTERS SOMEBODY CALL THE NYPOST!?

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VIDEO: Woods Premieres "Death Rattles," First Video from At Echo Lake LP

Woods is playing Northside Festival this weekend with a show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg Friday night for the Woodsist Records Showcase. Then, Kevin Morby, who plays bass in Woods, is playing the FREEwilliamsburg show Sunday night at Brooklyn Bowl as one-half of The Babies (alongside Vivian Girls’ Cassie Ramone).

Get tickets to our showcase here.

Street Carnage: Racial Beating in Williamsburg

Benjamin Leo, a Street Carnage writer, has a friend who got jumped in Williasmburg over the weekend. The victim was called a “faggot” and had his head smashed into the ground.

After giving a brief history of their friendship through the guy’s 2000 move to NYC from California, Leo writes:

Ten years later, this past weekend, he was in Williamsburg, skateboarding back to his house at night, when three white youths forced him off his board in the middle of the street. When he asked them what the fuck, they started punching him in the face, knocking him down to the sidewalk, and continuing to beat the shit out of him. They never asked for his wallet or anything else, just called him a “black faggot” and smashed his head into the ground.

The assault was halted by a “white cop” who caught up with the assailants and arrested them. But of course, being Street Carnage, this can’t be the whole story, right?

“One last note,” he adds, “I took the liberty of reversing the racial identities in this otherwise 100% factual account. That is, everywhere above that says ‘black’ should instead say ‘white,’ and vice-versa.”

Where Were You When the Earthquake Struck Brooklyn?

I was at my desk, watching Obama’s remarks on the resignation of Gen. Stanley McCrystal when Twitter blew up with reports of an earthquake in Brooklyn. I didn’t feel a thing. Where were you?

It's Raining Oil!

It’s Raining Oil! Hallelujah! – It’s Raining Oil! Amen! (Um, sorry Louisiana — this is depressing.)

Yuck – "Weakend"

Ever since hearing this, we’ve been pretty excited about Yuck. [via]



(And a couple more tracks here and here.)

Check out the video to Yuck’s “Georgia” after the jump.

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