The Sulimays Gang Weigh-In On Grizzly Bear and Iggy Pop

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Hey you!

Get off the internets and go do your American duty of spending money and roasting in the sun on this July 4th at Williamsburg Walks. Bedford between N4 and n9 are a pedestrian mall with seating, tables, vendors and all sorts of fun things. It’s going on right now and patriotic as ever.

Sarah Palin's Resigning

Happy July 4th, everyone.

Bringing Back Summers Past

Over at the L Mag, they’re feeling nostalgic. Even I have been sucked into thinking about the past. So, I’ve decided to do some bringin’ it back a la Pomp & Circumstance. Starting with the video that kicked off the summer of ’08, before quickly disappearing (but definitely not before starting some Royal Oak style rooftop foot stomping), sorta like this year’s (more lo-fi) tribute to a tribute. Thing is, it’s still relevant, especially for those of you that are getting out of the city this weekend… Unlike those other summer kick off princes, MGMT.

Check out some been there, done thats that are oh-so-last summer after the jump.

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The Bruno Quoting Taskforce

Mumblecore Goes Electro-Dream-Drone-Pop

Neon Indian, the electronics-gone-sad collaboration between Alan Palomo and Alicia Scardetta, shall be releasing a debut full length just in time to play soundtrack to our summer memories. You know, right around mid-October when you realize it’s almost Halloween & you don’t have a costume. This hazy musical mumblecore will scroll through your brain with flashes of hand holding which quickly disappeared once the BBQ sauce sticky PBR cans got recycled.
It took a minute for these tracks to grow on me after GvB first introduced us. But sometimes all it takes is a fan video to make us change our minds– (also, anyone who quotes Clueless is ok in my book):

Right click away here, for the single “Terminally Chill” off Psychic Chasms, which hits the streets October 13th.

Are You Ready?

I know I certainly am! And I don’t want to get ahead of myself here, but with the announcement of GravyTrain!!!! at the closing show, I nearly wet myself. Here’s why:
In 2002, I headed West. And where did this newly free New Yorker end up? Well, Oakland, CA! And as I sped down the I-80 across the Bay Bridge, with my equally annoying high-pitched roommate in tow, I would belt out the racket hook of “Hella Nervous” as my only exception to uttering the meaningless adjective(?) that is… hella.
GravyTrain!!!! will always have a special place in my heart. So when this year’s “Pool Parties” come to a close, think of me and my personal Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl, no matter how stupid they, or I, might have been.

Grand Theft Auto: Williamsburg

Picture 3.jpg
Were you or someone you know recently the victim of a Niko Bellic-style crime scene? We found a Craigslist listing that might point you in the right direction:
Totally NOT creepy stuff i need to get rid of. (Williamsburg)

I am “moving away”, so i need to get rid of some things that might me useful to some one. shoot me an email if you want anything.
items are as follows:
-Pair of crutches
-Black Uniqlo trench coat size small
-Lead Pipe
-2gal jerry can, red
-Black leather gloves mens size s-m
-ww2 leather ammo pouches
-Perfectly good notebook, with some pages missing.
have a nice day

Oh, we will. Have a nice move. We’re still friends for blogging about this, right? I wouldn’t, uh, what anything to happen or anything. Kinda missing the days of free couches and stuff.