If You Need a Vacation from Williamsburg…

OR, we could bring ghostriding to the ‘Burg. Who’s with me?

This LANDy is your LANDy

Adam Goldberg makes music we actually want to listen to
So we posted the video for “BFF!” a little while back…and then we scored an interview with the man himself on LANDy. Check out excerpts from a chat on going from being overwhelmed by years and years of drives of music to working with Steven Drozd from the Flaming Lips and Aaron Espinoza from Earlimart on Eros and Omissions (in stores now).

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McCarren Park Manifesto

Today in McCarren Park, a woman named Alma was handing out copies of an email she’d sent a friend. She was pretty sparing in the details, but she’s fed up with gossip and communications issues and also talks to ghosts. Unlike most of us, who’d write a pissed-off tweet, she channeled her frustration into a 2 page long manifesto and took it to the streets. I don’t know how evangelical Alma is about her mission, but if someone could forward this to the Bedford Preacher, it would be a big help. Images of Alma’s email after the jump:

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The Daily Footprint 7/13/09

The First Water Front Pool Party of the summer!
Mission of Burma , Fucked Up , Ponytail , Jemina Pearl

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Williamsburg Waterfront Pool Party…. Today at 2pm

Today, JellyNYC’s Pool Parties debut at their new location on the Williamsburg waterfront. Food and beer will be sold inside, but like last year they won’t be allowing you to bring your own booze or food.
Here are the set times:
Mission of Burma – 6pm
Fucked Up – 5pm
Ponytail – 4pm
Jemina Pearl – 3pm
More details and directions here.
Fucked Up – “Crooked Head”

New York Eye and Ear Festival This Weekend

As many of you know, we are big fans of the New York Eye and Ear Festival. The second incarnation features bands from allover the New York experimental spectrum in three very distinct venues along with film screenings and a well curated record fair to boot.
Tonight’s line up is for me the most exciting. This is a must for any adventurous music lover.
Check the remaining line up after the jump.

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Williamsburg Walks- Going On NOW

Kittens Ablaze performing on N 7th & Bedford
Bedford Ave is shut down to traffic, so go get a handroll made on the street in front of Wasabi, do some shopping, or Yoga, or Twister– all on the street… Then walk slightly East and get yourself some zepolles and go on a carnival ride by the BQE. Sounds like a nice way to spend a breezy Saturday to me.

O'Death + Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt @ Brooklyn Bowl

Photos by Yoon Kim
Last night at Williamsburg’s new Brooklyn Bowl, Flavorpill hosted the first ever concert bowling extravaganza featuring O’Death and a band I’ve been dying to see live, Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt. Pleasantly surprised by our dear CMJ and SXSW staple, the Ice Cream Man, I entered the glowing space shortly after consuming my cherry flavored Powerpuff Girls pop.
The space was overwhelmingly huge, finished with stained wood and dark leather couches. I had heard of its extravagance, but Brooklyn Bowl really took me by surprise. Around each corner, there was more… but all with the looming notion of “is this really neccessary?” I’m not a bowler, so maybe I don’t get it– especially since, well, don’t we have the Gutter (just a few blocks away) already? After some time in this new almost waterfront paradox, I was ready for some music…

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