Contest: 2 Tickets to FADER/OSB Party @ Museum of Natural History

We’ve got a pair of tickets to giveaway for this FADER party, which will feature:

DJ Rupture, Matt Shadetek, Jahdan Blakkamore, Maluca, and Sonido Martines. It’s gonna be really dope and heavy into to the reggae, drum ‘ n bass, and island riddims.

Just head over to our twitter account and retweet this to enter:

RT to win 2 tix to @thefader’s One Step Beyond party on 11/13 @atANMH from @freedubya #freewilliamsburg

Good luck!

FREEwilly Exclusive: Jihae’s “My Love”, Album Out Summer 2010

I think that’s the first time I’ve officially typed out the numbers 2-0-1-0 side by side and it just really freaked me out. So here’s a jam from the future, y’all.
One of the best things about New York is that everyone’s a somebody, we’re all artists-actors, writers, and musicians all at the same time. But then there are those that make it look so damn easy (while looking especially hot doing so)! Lucky for you, we think of making things easier for our readers as well. Here is the exclusive premiere (*also available for download*) of Jihae‘s ‚”My Love” off of her upcoming LP, Fire Burning Rain, due out in July of 2010. Seriously, I just want to sing that to the tune of “In the year 2000…”

Interview: Small Black, Big Sound; Play Bell House TONIGHT

Seems Small Black became a big deal overnight. And we’re not surprised.
This duo’s hazy layers have been echoing strong through speakers in Brooklyn these last few weeks. More than just the en vogue sound of what OhMyRockness pegged best as lyrics sung through a “Fisher-Price microphone”, these Long Island gone Brooklyn boys bring the noise, in a lovey dovey sort of way.
They killed it at Market Hotel on Saturday night, and will be doing the same TONIGHT at Bell House with Free Energy. No shows are listed until mid-December, so I’d get off your couch, put down the PBR and Ben & Jerry’s and head south.
For more things Small Black check out the rest of the interview with Josh Kolenik after the jump, who sings lead on these romancing tech-infused melodies.
Reverb heavy lo-fi has been quite the craze as of late, although there’s something about your sound that stands out– what do you think it is?
I think lots of people have been making reverby lo-fi music for a long long time, just people have decided to pay attention to it a little closer over the past year or so. It seems like a natural response to the pristine production of digital music that has been floating around this decade. But I wouldn’t say that our music is lo-fi. The production style is very complicated and layered. Maybe some of tones we use are a bit cruddy, but when you put them all on top of each other, I think it’s something that is a bit more unique than a 4 track recording

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Stay Behind Those Yellow Lines!


That New York Magazine Article: Brooklyn's Sonic Boom

splash091116_lead_365x275.jpgNew York Magazine has a long-overdue cover story on the Brooklyn music scene and the thing is pretty epic. The article discusses the latest wave of a-list indie bands—Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear, Antlers, TV on the Radio—and canonizes the Dirty Projectors as “the most risk-taking” group of the crop:

Bitte Orca, it turns out, is Dirty Projectors’ real New York album, an urbane and sophisticated outgrowth of the most fertile new-music environment the city has seen since the CBGB heyday of the seventies. It is no coincidence that it came out within months of beloved albums by two giants of the local scene—Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavilion and Grizzly Bear’s Veckatimest. These three bands do not sound alike. Animal Collective layers lush, romantic harmonies on top of kooky, heavily sampled orchestrations, a sound that is equal parts madness and impeccable logic. Grizzly Bear has a much more down-to-earth, folky approach, reveling in the pure pleasure of melodies and the ways they can be turned inside out and upside down. But the three bands all embrace many of the same virtues: fearless sincerity, devotion to craft, agnosticism about digital technology (which is to say, they use it but don’t fetishize it), profound musical curiosity, ingenuity at using the human voice as an instrument, and an uncanny ability to reproduce their complex material in live performance (in no small part because this is where the money is).

The author was kind enough to include a quote by yours truly:

Meanwhile, a more studious, art-focused scene was coalescing around a Williamsburg band called TV on the Radio, which released its label debut EP Young Liars in 2003. “They had art-punk, gospel, freak folk‚Äö everything interesting that was going on in Brooklyn,” says Robert Lanham, the blogger, who has lived in the neighborhood since 1996. “TV on the Radio was just a completely different organism.”

And later, they deem FREEwilliamsburg one of the “Five Voices That Matter in the Music Blogosphere.” Yahoo!
Critics will of course say this article came a tad late, but the real arguments will revolve around their Brooklyn Top 40 list. (We were happy to see it included zero Hold Steady songs—hipster frat rock). Still, it was nice to see New York paying respect to the amazing music scene that has emerged. As I told the reporter, it’s the most exciting time to be making (and listening to) music in the city since the late Eighties.

The Daily Footprint 11/10/09

Escaped the cubicle
North 3rd and Kent

This is what happens when you quit your corporate job.

It seems there are a lot of people throwing caution to the wind and quitting their jobs, even with the still tenuous economical situation. My cousin Sam quit her cushy job and is now a full time artist and designer. And her first project involves your ass (hopefully).

Rules and details are here. 100 bucks and bragging rights to show off what your momma gave you? Not bad.

Drummer Jerry Fuchs Dies at 338 Berry in Elevator Shaft Fall

Jerry Fuchs, the 34-year old drummer for such bands as !!!, The Juan Maclean, and Maserati, died early Sunday morning in a freak fall down an elevator shaft at 338 Berry Street (b/t S4th and S5th). The many reports out there say he and a friend tried to jump out after the freight elevator stopped b/t the 4th and 5th floors while at a party for the Uniform Project’s six month anniversary. His buddy made it. Jerry, sadly, did not. His hoodie got caught and he fell.
His friend and roommate, Alex Frankel of Holy Ghost!, writes on his band’s blog:

Last night Jerry Fuchs, our friend and our drum hero, passed away. Jerry accidentally fell from a freight elevator in Williamsburg Brooklyn and was not able to survive the intense trauma caused by the fall. Nick and I entered the building about the time the fall occurred. We found him in the elevator shaft. We held him and talked to him and went with him to Bellevue Hospital. Heartbreakingly, the doctors were unable to resuscitate him. He was pronounced dead at 3:33 am.

Gothamist reports the building has had a history of DOB violations, yet the majority have been “dismissed.” There have been 8 total complaints, 61 DOB violations, and 24 ECB violations. The most recent, V 040109E9011/296054, was filed on April 1st of this year. Violation type? E, for elevator.
Here’s a video of Jerry that’s been making the rounds this morning. RIP.