Beneath the Surface of the New York Harbor

Under about 15-feet of water out in the East River, somewhere between Brooklyn’s North 10th St. and Manhattan’s E. 14th, lies an old dining room table “with a Formica top and the grooved metal bands around the edge.” I learned that this morning, along with the term “Hudson River Alligator” and that there are these nightmarish worms, “nearly four feet long, with little triangular teeth” that are gnawing away at our bridges.
Basically, this Secrets of the Deep feature over at NYMag is fantastic.
[Illustration by Mark Nerys, c/o of NYMag]

Important Artifacts

Currently, my literary obsession is with Important Artifacts and Personal Property from the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris, Including Books, Street Fashion, and Jewelry by Leann Shapton.
Shapton charts the (fictional) rise and fall of a relationship through an auction house listing of 325 items given or collected during the four years the characters Lenora and Harold dated. Books, love letters, photos, stolen salt and pepper shakers from dates, unwanted gifts from the other’s mother, mix tapes and phone bills, you name it, it lends itself to the story. It’s quite refreshing to read the old, inevitably doomed love story in a new structure that has you turning the page back to see how pieces fit. I mean, really, when’s the last time you interacted with a book like that? Harold’s Brooklyn address is revealed, but alas! He is a Prospect Heights resident (yes, I’m so into the story that I google mapped an address). I’m not really doing this book justice but I’m going to reread and return it to the library, so someone should get on it asap.
Interestingly enough, Shapton’s website displays the page that is also in the self portrait I took this weekend.

Just Another Job Listing

Are you a recent college graduate who would enjoy working out of a “home office” in Williamsburg 2-3 days a week doing things like “data entry, research, organization, client communications”?
If you’re interested, you should have “awesome PC skills, be a great Internet researcher, be a go-getter, and very creative.” It pays $10/hr, with the potential to make $30/hr if you move up the ranks.
To do that, you should know how to give a good striptease. Inquire within. Below the jump, check out some video of one of the instructors at the company demonstrating some of the moves you’ll need to learn.
Update: They have a blog! And they have a blog with a post about a guy who used to come into a bar to buy shots of pee for $50 or $100 bucks. For realz: “He would come into the club and request that a girl pee in to a shot glass or beer bottle so that he could drink it. I think he was paying like 50, 100 bucks and this was like 10 yrs ago. So it was easy money.” But the girl actually had her male DJ’s do it cuz she couldn’t aim. Hah! Must have been the Turkey’s Nest?

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Slick Rick on the Water

Slick Rick is coming to town! Slick Rick is coming to town! He’s slated to play East River State Park this summer as one of three recently announced dates for “the new pool parties,” sandwiched between Man Man and Ismael Miranda:

Thursday, July 16th: Man Man
Thursday, July 23rd: Slick Rick
Thursday, July 30th: Ismael Miranda

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Anella Awakens In Greenpoint

Anella Photo.jpg
Leather booths. Edison lamps. Waiters in bowties. All are examples of some supposedly fun trends I hope I never see in a new restaurant again. Nothing against, say, Walter Foods and speakeasy chic—I like an inscrutable, nefarious-sounding cocktail as much as the next guy—but trends spread like the flu in this town, ha, and it’s nice to stumble into an antidote like Anella.
OK, so there’s no sign on the door here, but all preciousness is stopped at the door. Housed in the old Queen’s Hideway space on Franklin Ave, Anella has expanded it to two slim dining spaces wrapped around the apartment entrance in the middle. If this makes for a slightly disorienting entrance—aim for the door on the left—inside one is warmly welcomed by a sturdy, idiosyncratic-looking bar made out of workbenches snagged from the Queens Steinway factory. Some other piano paraphernalia blends seamlessly into an era-blending aesthetic combining smooth wood paneling, slate-topped tables, and a pair of unfinished walls, still sporting contractors’ instructions, that serve as an homage to the well-loved previous tenant.

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It's Hipsters in Space!

The Daily Footprint 05/11/09


Brian Williams

MSNBC anchor Brian Williams launches what he calls an “inaugural web experiment”, BriTunes, with indie twang darlings Deer Tick. It’s, um, interesting…: