The Brooklyn Brunch Experiment

Instead of eating brunch at your favorite spot this Sunday; try something new and head to the latest installment of The Brooklyn Food Experiments: The Brooklyn Brunch Experiment at The Bell House.
This experiment aims to take brunch to the next level by infusing a bit of “competition” and turning it into a cook-off. The chefs will bring everything to the table from granola to waffles to Hollandaise Sauce, all you have to bring is your appetite. The audience, along with a panel of judges including Sean Rembold, chef at Diner and Marlow & Sons, and Andrew Knowlton, Iron Chef Judge and restaurant editor at Bon Appetit magazine, will name a Brunch King and Queen. One drink is included with price of admission.
The event will be held on Sunday March 28th from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.-tickets are $25 at the door.
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Ticket Giveaway: Shearwater at the Bowery

We’ve got a pair of tickets to check out Austin’s Shearwater this Saturday at the Bowery Ballroom. Their epically dreamy sound booms with melancholy, and kinda reminds me of Where the Wild Things Are, in the newest video for “Hidden Lakes”:

To win a pair of tickets to see Shearwater this weekend just comment on the contest thread over on our Facebook page!

Hippie On Grandmas Wall – Live At the Vatican?? by WinterBand

The scary thing is I think these guys are for real:

And then there’s this. We *love* that these asshats are dressed like a hobo wizards but don’t recognize the irony of lashing out at Obama for being outside their comfort zone.

Bklyn Chatroulette Site Offering $100 for Best Screengrab

While nobody from this neck of the woods has popped up on the Chatroulette Map, we know you’re out there! You can’t hide forever!! Anyways, want to make $100 for ChatRoulette’n?
We spoke with one of our neighbors, a Williamsburg resident who we’ll call Agent Chatbro for the sake of anonymity, who runs Chatroulette Images – a rather hilarious and ongoing collection of the best screengrabs in the biz.
For a contest that wraps up at the end of the month, he’s rewarding $100 for the top-rated photo submitted in the past 31 days. You’ve still got time! Just submit your photo to and include a headline and caption along with your name and email. G’luck!
p.s. – while you’re at it, why not play a lil’ chatroulette bingo?

Bedford Businesses Rail Against Endless Summer Taco Truck, Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

Emboldened in their unified opposition to Williamsburg Walks, a number of Bedford’s business owners are turning on the neighborhood’s food trucks. It’s dog eat dog out here!
The ever-popular Endless Summer taco truck and Van Leeuwen Ice Cream truck were both mentioned in a Brooklyn Paper article by storefront merchants looking to lay blame on falling profits.

‚”They affect business in the area in a pretty detrimental way,” said Blackbird Caf√© owner Emmanuel Cris. ‚”It’s tough enough to pay rent in this neighborhood.”
According to one restaurant manager, who declined to give her name, merchants are threatened by the carts but ‚”nobody wants to be the one to kick the taco trucks out.”

Mike, the owner of New York Muffins, added, “When you come to Bedford Avenue in the morning, the neighborhood stinks because of them. They drop all their disposals in the sewer.”
To the unhappy merchants, Ben Van Leeuwen takes the high road and throws out a zinger on a cone, telling the Paper, “Too many people worry about stamping out competition and do not spend enough time worrying about making their product good.”
Shots fired.
photo via pallid7

A Business Owner on Williamsburg Walks

From David Auerbach, owner of Dijital Fix:

As an owner of a Business on Bedford Ave, I can definitely attest to the fact that this stuff HURTS and not HELPS my business. At first, I was excited about it, having moved into my space just around the time they were beginning them. I soon realized what it meant. To make matters worse, the reps for Williamsburg Walks want us to sponsor this event, and if we don’t, they won’t be putting us on a useless flyer they hand out, which people throw away immediately since they don’t realize the “Williamsburg Walks” is actually an event.
I found the event somewhat interesting at first, but it doesn’t really give any local artists or street vendors any additional chance to do anything different, really. All we get are people sprawled out on the pavement simply because they can. This doesn’t make any sense. It’s hard enough to make a business in these economic times especially when rent on Bedford Ave is at a super-high-premium. It just doesn’t work. Duane Reade can afford a bad weekend, but small stores like mine suffer. I’m totally down to sponsor a block party of sorts where we can all participate, but this event leaves us out.

I like block parties.

Baumbach, Murphy, Greenberg, and Greenberg – Friends in Art

Herein lies select responses and some commentary following a roundtable interview with James Murphy, LCD Soundsystem frontman, and more importantly for the sake of this interview, the original score artist in writer/director Noah Baumbach’s newest film.
Wantonly neurotic, fresh off of a mental breakdown, and finding himself once again in his family’s Hollywood hills mansion after having a pre-mid-life in Brooklyn (or, because he has to be more specific: Bushwick) – Roger Greenberg, of Noah Baumbach’s newest, Greenberg, rarely feels comfortable operating in the present tense, preferring instead to relish in the comfort of nostalgia. A similar sentimentality runs through many of the songs by James Murphy and his celebrated electro-rock outfit, LCD Soundsystem.
Baumbach, who got to know Murphy musically and emotively after he first heard ‚”New York I Love You.” It isn’t a stretch to imagine a character like Roger listening to a band like LCD Soundsystem. When the director started to consider what kind of soundtrack would be appropriate for Greenberg, he called up Murphy. What began as mutual respect and admiration between the two artists quickly became an amicable (and kind of adorable) professional relationship.

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O Brooklyn! My Brooklyn!

An excerpt from Walt Whitman’s “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry” as retold by Brooklynites. [Thanks Heather]