Finding Love (and Sex) in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Based polled their friends to find the best spots in the borough to find love and romance. Surprisingly, Union Pool shone through with the most mentions, which I don’t know what that says about our humanity but basically means you’re better off prowling Craigslist.
Some of your relevant love spots for Williamsburg, which racked up all the points for getting laid from a bar pick-up, are: Union Pool, Royal Oak, Macri Park, Second Chance, IONA, etc. etc., you know the drill.
For the rest of us not trying to bang a bed bug sippin’ on a coconut, check out the rest of their fantastic tips for lurrrve.
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The Daily Footprint 09/28/09

North 7th and Bedford Ave

'World's Fastest Nudist' Spotted In Williamsburg

We don’t have much information on this dude but he claims to be the “current holder of over 400 nude-speed records.” Oh, and he likes risotto, tacos, and exposing his shiny ass in public:

Evidently, he’s making a documentary. Will there be cameos by the Naked Cowboy or this freak of nature? For now, you can follow him on Twitter, visit his Tumblr or, um, pray to God his special place didn’t touch that subway seat you sat in earlier today on the L. If you have more information, definitely let us know.

Julian Plenti Covers Horse With No Name

If you missed this show, I’m sorry. The folks over at the Guggenheim definitely know what they’re doing. Next month’s installment will be showcasing (drum roll please) Yeasayer. So get your tickets, dudes… As expected, the Wright rotunda delivered some serious magic. Check out the video, and see if you can spot your favorite music editor in the crowd…

Phoenix & Passion Pit, Summerstage 9/25 and 9/26

French phenom Phoenix brought the sold-out crowd and rocked Central Park both Friday and Saturday nights. The delightful surprise for the uninitiated few was Passion Pit’s show-stealing opening sets.
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Arithmetic Williamsburg Style

(Daddy’s + Wavves) x The Black Lips = Friday night chaos. My only wish is that, Hipster Runoff, you will treat this with such poetic justice as you have done so before.

Livin' For The Rude Dudes, And We're Looking For Local DJs

Tonight, after I MoMA MiXX it up with Hercules & Love Affair, you can find me at Legion with the Rude Dudes. If you don’t know, these guys throw one of the best dance parties in the ‘hood. Plus, with a name like Rude Dudes, a girl like me (aka a lover of, well, a-holes) can’t resist.
And if you’re loving these boys as much as I am, get excited. We’ve been talking to the Dudes about exclusive downloadable mixes for FREEwilly… You down? Also, if you’re a local DJ and you think you’re worthy, holler at this girl with a mix all your own for our lovely readers. Party on, Garth!
Flyer c/o Behold The Destroyer

Wavves @ Santos Party House

Santos Party House hosted a loud, sweaty rager last night with the performance of the San Diego-based Wavves.
Nathan Williams a.k.a. Wavves, and his new drummer Zach Hill (of the noise-rock band Hella) started it off with their hit ‚”I’m so Bored,” from the album Wavvves to get the show started right. The crowd was comprised mostly of testosterone, and as soon as the music started, a mosh pit formed in front and center. As the performance went on, the pit expanded to a point where everyone in the room was at least slightly involved.
To spare the audience from suffering through a dull moment, the band filled time between songs with screeching guitar noise. At one point, there was hardly a single person without cupped hands over their ears to filter out the harsh sound. ‚”The ear is a tiny organ, it will heal,” said one devoted fan in the front.
If you’re bummed to have missed the show last night, don’t fret: they’re playing again this evening with Todd P. NYC and Ganglians at 8:00 pm.
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