Flashback – the wondrously grubby, pre-condo Williamsburg waterfront featured in Pootie Tang


We hadn’t seen this gem of an opening scene from Pootie Tang in years, which many are surprised to find was written and directed by Louis CK. Wow, things have certainly changed on North 7th and Kent: [Read more...]

NAG hosting a series of Williamsburg/Greenpoint walking tours this month


Neighbors Allied for Good Growth are hosting a series of walks throughout April focusing on public spaces, urban planning, and the neighborhood’s history:

Through these walking workshops we seek to address the common goals of recapturing the waterfront and advocating for the people who live and work there, making the claim that the entire community is entitled to participate in decision-making and negotiation processes affecting their neighborhood, and promoting the right to design a future vision for shared public space. The walks include: an introduction to the Williamsburg waterfront, ownership, policies and past, present and future use and management of the space; a historical and physical evolution of the neighborhood; and an overview of demographic change and the social, political and economic reasons behind these. The walks will be centered around the themes of Public space / Public sphere, Collective Commonality, and Multiple Belonging and Difference.

More information over at NAG.

This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

EcateWelcome to April everyone. If we are to believe the pundits (and Adam D’s year-round party shorts), there’s more bearable weather right around the corner. Until it arrives, however, feel free to follow me back down to hell where the brimstone fires are stoked and the magma pools are just begging for a beer and a soak.

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Masha & the Bear – Russian restaurant with vodka on tap now open

Masha & the Bear, credit: NY Times

Masha & the Bear, credit: NY Times

There’s a new Russian restaurant in East Williamsburg called Masha & the Bear. It opened softly in January and is a great addition to the neighborhood. Especially since the have an amazing craft beer selection and, um, Vodka on tap! The Times paid them a visit and liked the food, but not the spotty service:

In the time of Peter the Great, the czar’s chief of police trained a bear to offer visitors a cup of pepper brandy. Down it, and you were ushered in; fail, and you were mauled (or “hugged,” as one 19th-century account delicately put it). At Masha & the Bear, which opened in January in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, there is no such entrance fee or ursine enforcer. But a challenge of sorts awaits on the drinks menu: horseradish vodka, infused in house. According to Vitaly Sherman, who runs the restaurant with his wife, Maria (known as Masha), Peter the Great mandated that all Russian inns keep a stash of horseradish vodka in their cellars for the rejuvenation of weary travelers. If an innkeeper did not comply, “he was executed,” Mr. Sherman said… [Read more...]

Live review: Deerhoof played Webster Hall Marlin Room


Deerhoof brought their current tour to a close with a career-spanning party at the Marlin room on Saturday night.

I prefer the Marlin Room to the Studio downstairs (and the ballroom, naturally), it’s a nice sized space with a low ceiling and good sight lines, there is some sound bleed from the other rooms, but aside from that the sound was fine. Although it does suffer from extortionate liquor prices!

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Live review: Swervedriver played Music Hall of Williamsburg


One of Oxford’s finest show that reunions are not just for cashcows going through the motions.  After 18 years, I Wasn’t Born to Lose You sounds like the band never went away. Most reunion albums don’t capture the magic of how things were first time around, but Swervedriver have bucked that trend and then some. I’d put this record up there with anything the band put out.

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Live review: Max Richter played Le Poisson Rouge

Max Richter Acme

Max Richter brought his Infra work from 2010 to life for an evening that was at times exhilarating. Originally planned for the 20th of March at St Ann in Brooklyn Heights, I’m always thankful for not having to go to a church, so welcomed the switch to Le Poisson Rouge.

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Live Review: A Winged Victory for the Sullen played Le Poisson Rouge

Winged Victory

A Winged Victory for the Sullen showed that you can serve up maximum intensity with minimal sound, their performance on Tuesday night at Le Poisson Rouge will live long in the memory.

The group consist of two ambient heavweights, Dustin O’Halloran and Adam Wiltzie, who met backstage at a Sparklehorse gig in 2007 (of whom Wiltzie was a member). Their self-titled release from 2011 was a work of beauty, blending neo-classical with ambient and drone. An impatient 3-year wait (from this listener) was rewarded in 2014 with the release of Atomos, an original score to a dance piece choreographed by Wayne McGregor. The hour-long, 11-piece score is simply exquisite and will appeal to a fan of any genre I’ve mentioned above.

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