Hungry teens arrested for stealing Doritos from the Williamsburg Frito-Lay factory

doritos2A 14-year-old and 15-year-old were arrested last week for breaking into the Williamsburg Frito-Lay factory (Williamsburg has a Frito-Lay factory?) and stealing several cases of chips. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say there’s a slight chance this idea was influenced by a recently decriminalized substance. From [Read more...]

Bushwick’s The Coffee Shop posts “Greedy Infiltrators” and an anti-Semitic tirade


Um, this can’t be good for business. WTF?! Whoever is running  Bushwick’s The Coffee Shop’s Instagram account posted the above “Greedy Infiltrators” picture and the following tirade:

Ok, what I REALLY want to talk about is how to consider the Jews (oh yes, let’s talk about it) who want a piece or all of Bushwick. My stubborn Bushwick-oroginal neighbor is a hoarder and a mess- true.. and he’s refused selling his building for lots and lots of money. His building and treatment of it makes the hood look much less attractive and I would like him to either clean up or move along. BUT NOT be bought out by Jews however, who in this case (and many cases separate- SORRY!) function via greed and dominance. [Read more...]

Forrest Point – beautiful new bar & restaurant now open in Bushwick


Forrest Point is at 970 Flushing Avenue, not far from the Morgan stop and Jefftown. It’s from the same people who run 983 Bushwick, which is across the street. Gothamist paid them a visit and was impressed:

First and foremost: the fantastic outdoor seating area, boasting room for 70 imbibers on chairs, benches and even swings and couches. We may be nearing the end of the al fresco season, but the on-site fruit trees still have their greenery, amplified by hanging ferns and quaint strings of incandescent bulbs. The design is by Emporium Design (Boulton & Watts, Blind Barber), and the Forrest Point team also enlisted Art Battles’ Ben Angotti to add some dramatic murals to the facade, including a gorgeous elephant and some borough-appropriate plaid. Then there’s the bright fluorescent sign perched atop the building, like a beacon drawing you in to a whimsical jungle bar.

Inside, seating for 60 more beneath birdcage lamps and an industrial, unfinished ceiling. Matching isn’t high on the list of priorities here; stools of all shapes and sizes ring the perimeter, tables of varying sizes offer more places to perch. The bar doles out glasses of milk punch ($9)—a cocktail variety gaining popularity among serious cocktail dens like Midtown’s Betony—as easily as it does shot-and-beer specials. The eclectic food menu spans Tuna Tartare Tacos ($12) to Chicken Fried Oysters ($14), Porchetta Sandwiches ($8) to Shwarma Style Chicken Flatbread ($11).


Here’s the menu: [Read more...]

Hook N Sling Releases Ultraviolence Remix


You may remember when I interviewed Australian DJ and Producer Hook N Sling at this year’s Electric Zoo festival. Well he’s straight killin’ it right now with the official video for that remix of Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence that he dished about. The song has already accumulated more than a million combined listens/views on Soundcloud and YouTube, so it’s not like he really needs to your help, but like, I NEED you to listen to it. So just do it. Crank this shit and pump your rump on hump day! Can you guys tell I’m loopy?

ANYWAY . . . give those ears some candy. Mmmm, candy.

US Time Warp Lineup Announced


The longest running underground techno festival will be invading the The Kingsbridge Armory in the Bronx this Thanksgiving Day weekend, November 28-29th. The “20 Years Tour” features the first ever US lineup stacked with high-profile techno pioneers, and more to be announced.

[Read more...]

FREE Mark E Show at Output this Friday


This week was cray, right? What better way to say, SEE YA than with a free show at Output? Well, you’re in luck because Mark E, Signal Flow, Ataxia and Saoirse are a few of the names kickin’ it from 10 PM – 6 AM this Friday, Oct. 3rd. And you’ll have plenty of cash to spend on drinks because admission is FREE before midnight if you RSVP here. This gets you access to the main room AND the cozy Panther Room. Woot woot. Let’s start this weekend off in style by getting our groove on with some pulsing house!

Mark E/ Signal Flow (Live)/ Ataxia/ Saoirse

Billing: Mark E/ Signal Flow (Live)/ Ataxia/ Saoirse/ James Friedman/ Pixelife/ Pittsburgh Track Authority/ Druzzi
Date/Time: Friday, October 3 // 10pm – 6am
Venue: Output + The Panther Room // 74 Wythe Avenue Brooklyn NYC
Tickets: FREE before 12am w/RSVP

Check out Mark E’s Boiler Room Set below:


Interview: Peter Matthew Bauer – Liberation!


Peter Matthew Bauer has stepped into the spotlight after 13 years playing various instruments in The Walkmen, who are currently on “extreme hiatus”. It’s not often that the end of a band can be celebrated but judging by the strength of Bauer’s solo debut, Liberation!, being part of a group may well have been holding back an extremely talented songwriter. Liberation! is a spellbinding album, and it is a real album; the sum of it’s parts, the flow and vibe of the full 42-minutes are a joy to behold.

Peter was kind enough to answer a few questions we had regarding the album and you can catch him on tour opening for Delta Spirit at the Music Hall of Williamsburg on the 2nd of October. Liberation! is out now on Mexican Summer, which you purchase here.

[Read more...]

Northside restaurant update: openings, closings and four Michelin stars


Le Fond, credit: Urban Daddy

First, the bad news. Free Williamsburg favorite Potlikker has shuttered. Maybe it was the prices — they could be a tad spendy– but we loved the food and vibe. We hope Liza Queen (who previously ran Queen’s Hideaway in Greenpoint) finds a new home. We miss her food already.

The generally well-received Potlikker on Williamsburg’s Southside appears to be closed for good. The phone number for the Bedford Avenue restaurant is disconnected, Open Table is no longer facilitating reservations, the establishment was locked up tight over the weekend, and the reliable neighborhood Thai restaurant Khao Sarn has announced plans to relocate into the space in November.
Liza Queen, a talented chef and restaurateur known for her trailblazing Greenpoint restaurant Queen’s Hideaway, opened Potlikker in 2012 with high hopes and a 14 year lease. The reviews were mostly positive, though some felt the menu was overpriced. (It wasn’t cheap.) Queen has not responded to our email requesting comment about the closure, but this hilariously strange Yelp review suggests Potlikker’s been closed since July.

Le Fond, a so-called “Neo Bistro” (whatever the hell that means) is now open in Greenpoint. You can take a peek at their menu here. Urban Daddy has more pictures and we can’t wait to try it. Greenpointers was impressed:

The menu features good-looking starters such as marinated mussels with white beans, tomato confit and fennel, and rabbit terrine with apple mustard, hazelnuts and toast. Mains include a daube de bouef with red wine glazed vegetables, and hake with sherry caper vinaigrette and black lentils. There’s also a griddled burger with dill relish and French fries if you’re in line for something a little more American.
When I visited at the weekend I tried the skate with carrot browned butter puree, fennel and lemon parsley sauce. It was superb, with the anise flavor of the fennel playing deliciously against the sweet carrot and the slightly salty, perfectly cooked skate wings. I also had a beautifully moist almond cake with poached pears and a salted caramel sauce.

In other news, four Northside restaurants were awarded Michelin stars! [Read more...]