Over the Counter : This Week in New and Interesting Music

freakheatwaves“Over the Counter” is a column by our music editor focusing on new and interesting music that isn’t featured prominently on the blog-o-sphere. This edition examines new releases from Freak Heat Waves, Big Dick, Limbs Bin and Two Million Tons of Shit and recommends Washer’s show at The Grand Victory. [Read more...]

Locals concerned that “acrid toxic smoke” from CitiStorage fire could cause health problems

Fighting the fire

CitiStorage fire; credit disoriented.net

Concerned that Saturday’s huge warehouse fire on Kent Street created potentially toxic conditions, many local Brooklynites are insisting the mayor move more swiftly to ensure that the air quality is safe in Williamsburg. There’s a petition set up at Change.org with 170 signatures thus far:

Over the past few days, a huge 7-alarm fire has been burning out of control in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, sending a plume of acrid toxic smoke into the air for miles. Residents downwind have been complaining about foul odors, sore throats, headaches, and even the insides of their homes reeking of smoke.

DNA has more on the story:

In response, several activists have started a Change.org petition calling on Mayor Bill de Blasio to take more action in protecting the health of residents in the neighborhood, which has for years dealt with negative environmental impacts from the area’s industrial past. [Read more...]

Forecastle Festival 2015


Remember that sweet little southern festival I covered last year down on the Louisville waterfront? Well Forecastle Festival is back, and the lineup is anything but small. Heading the bill are Sam Smith, Widespread Panic, Modest Mouse and the Ville’s (because that’s what we call it back home) own My Morning Jacket (who totally bring it every time they play their hometown). Though the festival skews toward mainstream and indie rock acts, Forecastle’s lineup is still exceptionally diverse with a balanced offering of establish and up and coming acts from genres spanning electronic, hip-hop, punk, bluegrass and more, with additional artists still to be announced.

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What’s Not to Love? February’s Must See Shows


The Patriots won, the Mayor didn’t kill the groundhog and your brain should finally be starting to recover from that booze-fueled romp that you took this weekend. Can you believe it’s already February? I have plenty to show for this year. For starters, I have a pretty cool looking bruise on my right thigh and a failed attempt at sober January (I was good for three weeks then made a surprise trip to Chicago to visit my sister and Mysteryland crew, and that all went to shit).

But that’s okay! I was living, and isn’t that what being in your 20s is all about? And speaking of “living” NYC’s got a stellar lineup of shows coming at you this February. Grab your buddies, grab your Valentines and let’s show some love to some of my favorite artists making appearances in NYC this month.

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This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

DITM2I want to begin this week by offering a titanic thank you to everyone who turned out to The Acheron on Saturday night for our latest rager featuring Horrendous, Artificial Brain, Throaat, and Kosmodemonic. That was one of raddest Brooklyn metal turnouts I’ve seen in quite some time and a perfect welcome party for the best Philly death metal unit going, so cheers. Now, if nobody has any objections, let’s loose these fucking hounds and get at it.

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Free manicures and organic skin care workshop this weekend at Brooklyn Groove



Warm up the winter and start your Valentine’s Day celebrations a week early. What better time to show yourself a little love than now — which is why we are inviting you to our next event. We want you to feel inspired with new, healthy discoveries. [Read more...]

Live Review: Viet Cong played Mercury Lounge

Viet Cong

The term “post-punk” is almost as nauseatingly ubiquitous as saying “indie”, but language is descriptive and lazy-usage aside, post-punk is going to land you smack bang into Viet Cong-territory. The Canadian 4-piece arrive on a wave of expectation due to their outstanding self-titled album that has just been released; Mercury Lounge is suitably packed to the rafters (as was Union Pool the previous night).

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Media speculates that Williamsburg fire was arson


The fire spotted from the air; credit Gary He

If we see a developer breaking ground on a multi-million dollar tower in coming days, let’s just say we won’t be surprised. The news about a second fire in the warehouse and the clear and windy weather conditions make it all the more suspicious.

From the Times:

…the department interviewed three warehouse employees, but investigators had not been able to enter the building and were not close to determining the fire’s cause. Marshals were investigating whether the first fire had rekindled or a second fire started independently, and whether the fire had been deliberately set or sparked accidentally.

In Williamsburg, where luxury high-rises have rapidly replaced the old factories and warehouses and residents fear the 11-acre site where the CitiStorage building sits is next, it was not hard to find people who believed the fire’s cause was obvious. [Read more...]