Kool Keith & Tom Waits?

This is the strangest pairing since Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue. From the album Spirit of Apollo.
N.A.S.A. – Spacious Thoughts (feat. Tom Waits & Kool Keith) .

Dirty Car Art

While the majority of window art consists of hasty doodles of body parts or the played-out request to be washed, Scott Wade reshapes the dirt and grime that accumulates on car windows into works of art. Among his masterpieces include a portrait of Albert Einstein, the Mona Lisa, and kidnapped passengers screaming to be released.
See them all in the Dirty Car Art Gallery.

Annoying Neighborhood Micro-Celeb Arrested

Schadenfreude alert!!!!
Remember Kenley, from this past season of Project Runway? She was super irritating and came terrifyingly close to winning the competition. Well apparently she isn’t only cunty and crazy on TV – but in real life too. She was arrested on Herbert Street yesterday in a cat-throwing, laptop-tossing, screaming fiasco with her ex-boyfriend. Attacking people and animals? What a supreme beast.
And oh jeez, his last name is “Penley” (insert gratuitous jokes here).
And say what you will about Murdoch’s shitty gossip rag, but that’s the perfect headline.
The NY Post has more details here, if you have the time to waste. And so does Defamer!

Mmm, Brooklyn.

As NYC Restaurant Week comes to a close (one more day, folks– get your fill), us lucky little Brooklynites have another week of yummy gluttony to look forward to. Dine In Brooklyn is featuring over 200 restaurants in the best borough that are offering up $23 three course meals, with a special new 2-for-1 deal on brunch. Some local faves include Baci & Abbracci, Zenkichi, and even Bushwick’s own sole addition, Northeast Kingdom.
(Check out our restarant pages for more info)
Starts March 23rd, Ends April 2nd. So go ahead, spend the last of those recession bucks, you deserve it!

Art Fair Week Round Up

rede jornal NY detalhe.jpg
Volta, Installation View: Maria Nepomuceno, c/o Marcio Botner, A GENTIL CARIOCA GALLERY
The Armory Show is a mecca for the who’s who in the international art scene. More importantly, it always offers dealers, curators, critics, collectors, artists and other art luminaries the ability to party and network in the name of the emerging art scene. Not to be clich√©–but here an artist’s career is easily made.
A natural outgrowth of the Armory has been the satellite fairs. Often, these are for younger, less connected galleries. While some might look down on these as lesser quality, it was at the satellite fairs that I saw the best work. Why? Because these galleries are hungry for it. Right now, the Armory feels like a craft fair. The installations are less thought out, the floor plan is a little chaotic and the overwhelming number of participating galleries makes the works less palpable.
So, if you are in the mood to check out the fairs next year, you should skip the Armory and head down to Volta, Pulse and the like. Below are some highlights from this year.

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Nollywood Movie Trailers

Nigeria, in addition to rich natural resources and bank scams, has a nascent film industry within its borders, operating under the moniker of “Nollywood.” It’s the third largest film industry in the world (Behind Hollywood and Bollywood) and makes the country of Nigeria a bit richer by churning out high-quality home videos with lots of pirated soundtrack songs and bargain special-effects. It seems that “Izogn Movies” has put their trailers up on youtube allowing even the most remote Nollywood fan to take in some of their work. Check out some trailers after the jump:

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The Barking Benefit

Tomorrow night The Shiny Squirrel is hosting a benefit for Williamsburg’s BARC Animal Shelter.
Reasons you should go:
- It’s at K+M Bar
- Free food
- Free shots
- Great bands
- No cover
- You ‚ô• animals

Eat Local, Join a CSA

The Southside CSA (read: Community Supported Agriculture) is offering around 50 memberships, with a choice of four types of shares ‚Äì vegetable, fruit, eggs and wine – all grown in black dirt at MimoMex Farm up in Goshen, New York. If you’re interested in locally grown produce with a hot and sexy Mexican flavor, CSA organizers are having a farmer meet n’ greet taco potluck (!!!) this sunday from 2-5p.m. on Metropolitan Ave. Email them for the exact address. Click through the jump for a full farm grow list and availability.

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