Review [w/ PICS]: Edward Scissorhands at Bayard St. Theatre Through July 3

The Brooklyn Studio Lab Theatre group has done something awesome in bringing to life the stage adaptation of Edward Scissorhands here in Williamsburg at the Bayard Street Theatre.

The world stage premiere for the adaption of the now classic story began June 24th and wraps up this Saturday, July 3rd, with two final shows. Yep, it’s a shorty, but damn you guys if it’s not a goodie.

“The gothic fairy tale returns, this time on the stage, in New York. The classic story gets it’s world stage premiere at Bayard Studios. Edward is created and is incomplete. He has everything a human has, except his hands, which are scissors….”

Clocking in at 1hr and 40 mins of performance time, split by a 15-minute intermission, the experience could be seen on the longer side. But with such a talented and passionate cast, its immersive set design, and a story you probably know and love, the show is well worth the $15 price of a ticket.

The Theatre’s set design, conceptually developed by artist Tom Taylor to match director Richard Crawford’s interpretation of the story, is fantastically arranged for the experience. It’s economically-constructed from the mind of Edward – maniacal, mysterious – yet somehow overwhelmingly accessible.

You’ll notice this immediately after entering the two curtain-draped doors at the face of the warehouse on Bayard Street, where one enters under the guise of a caricatured Edward himself. Here, theatre-goers are greeted by the ghostly sounds of a sole harp player seated across from a theatre bar serving light refreshments. Guests sit at a series of white, cloth-draped numbered tables out in the center of the building’s floor. I was seated at lucky number 13…

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The 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time


Possibly (yep!) Fake NYC Jelly Pool Party Summer 2010 Lineup

7/11 – Les Savy Fav, Frankie Rose & The Outs, Dinosaur Feathers

7/18 – Murder City Devils, Obits, Jeff The Brotherhood

7/25 – Cap’n Jazz, No Age, Lightning Bolt

8/1 – Spoon, Blonde Redhead, Xeno & Oaklander

8/8 – Gang Gang Dance, Man Man, The Beets

8/15 – Titus Andronics, Crystal Stilts, Drink Up Buttercup

8/22 – Iggy & The Stooges, The Thermals, The Entrance Band

via Music Slut; Update: BrooklynVegan posts, “I just posted a Pool Party lineup that was posted to Twitter, but apparently it’s not real. Stay tuned for more info hopefully soon. Sorry! :(

Say this was it. Would you be psyched?

"Vuvuzelas for BP" Sending 1,000 Vuvuzelas to BP's Headquarters in London: An Interview With the Project Creator

Adam Quirk is a Park Slope-based video producer behind “Vuvuzelas for BP,” a Kickstarter project that’s been getting some traction lately for its aim to buy a shitload of vuvuzelas, pass them out around BP headquarters in London, and have people blow on them all day, every day, until BP fixes the gushing oil spill in the Gulf. Quite frankly, it’s genius. His goal of raising $2,000 is nearly 75% complete, and with 7 days to go on the Kickstarter timeline, it’s looking quite likely that this will happen.

We reached out to Adam to get the story and ask a few questions after seeing a link to the project blow up on Reddit. Adam told us, “I’m very happy that people have gotten behind this. I think the response has been so positive mainly because it’s seemingly a fun mixture of memes, and the end result is a net positive in that BP gets real-world pressure, and the Gulf Fund gets real money.”

FREEwilliamsburg: What gave you the idea?

Adam Quirk: It was inspired by the incredible annoyance of millions of people by the vuvuzela drone on all the World Cup broadcasts, and the seemingly cold indifference postured by Tony Hayward in his Congressional hearings. I am a video remix artist, so it’s sort of my job to combine memes and current events to make new things.

FW: How has the internet community’s (namely: reddit) attention, feedback, and/or support affected your plans & expectations?

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The Domino Development: FREEwilly Readers' Opposing Views

Matt writes:

Let’s think about all the people that commute to the city every morning. THE CONGESTION IS INSANE ALREADY. Not only will the L train become un-usable (which is practically is every morning) but it’s going to literally change the vibe, and eventually culture of the neighborhood, and not in a good way. The dust, noise, etc that goes along with this construction is going to be HORRIBLE and especially damaging to the new buildings and businesses such as Glasslands Gallery and the new IndieScreen.

Josh counters:

dude, you’re one stop away from manhattan, and the earth’s population is going to rise by another 30% in the next 40 years. how do you think that your neighborhood is not going to change? if you’re worried about the stress on public transporation, then argue for better public transportation. don’t argue against infill development. infill (as opposed to sprawl) is the most environmentally sensitive (and socially smart) way to build housing, and more housing will always be needed. not to mention, using an existing building is also recycling!

You Eat Basically Everything: Bistro, Italian, New American, Polish, Bar Food, Traditional

Very Small Array, via Gawker

The Postelles "White Night" Video

The boys will be playing a show at Bowery Ballroom with the So So Glos and Ambassadors on the 28th of July… maybe we’ll even have a pair of tickets to giveaway. I’d be on the lookout if I was you…

Quotable: "Look, tenants like the guy. Yazmany's young and hip, which matches our renter profile."

“Look, tenants like the guy. Yazmany’s young and hip, which matches our renter profile,” says David Sigman, senior vice president at LCOR, a building that has commissioned the artist behind those “The Assassination of Hillary Clinton” and “The Assassination of Barack Obama” faux-galleries.