Dancing Alone to Pony & Bros Ponying Bros: A Ginuwine Resurgence

Dancing Alone to Pony is a tumblr blog that collects videos of people dancing alone to Ginuwine’s hit single “Pony.” It is, in DAtP’s words, “dedicated to the solitary soldiers keeping the grind alive.” Pony dancing is quickly moving towards meme status, as another site, Bros Ponying Bros, clearly demonstrates. This merges the rules of “Icing” with what one should do upon hearing the song “Pony.”

The rules to Bros Ponying Bros:

1. When the song ‘Pony’ by Ginuwine is played for you, you must stop what you’re doing and dance.

2. If you have a phone or mp3 player with the song ‘Pony’ by Ginuwine on it on your person, you can block the pony-ing, and the original pony-er must then dance.

Here’s kylepounds, who recorded this “genuwine belly dance” earlier last year, but now finds himself highlighted on DAtP:

(ed: h/t @SuperStartz & BuzzFeed for the bros bit. sorry for two icing posts today. sometimes, it just happens.)

Hunter S. Thompson's 2:58 Voicemail to an A/V Dealer: "I'll be on your ass all day long!"

Hunter S. Thompson was pretty pissed once about the half-assed installation results of an A/V store’s employee, so he called ‘em up and left a nice, long, very Hunter S. Thompson-y voicemail expressing how pleased he is with their service.

My favorite quote starts about 2:27: “I write about a lot of things…I write books i write things that get out and people read! I’ll [unintelligible] you goddamn idiots you fuck up my system…go to any book store any magazine rack and look you’ll see what the fuck I can do to you..and I will! You bastards, you fuck up my system like this. Goddamnit, Fuck you. Get up here.”

He kinda sounds like a blogger, no? Miss U HST.

Butchers Icing Butchers at the Meathook

The Post takes a look at the three-week old trend of “icing,” and finds, of all places, that its epicenter is amongst the cleavers and duck hearts of The Meathook!

Sarah Bigelow, a 24-year-old butcher at the store, allegedly iced her boss and Meathook co-owner Ben Turley at the East River Bar. Later, she stepped it up and iced Tom Mylan, who then pondered “how they get that many calories in a 12-ounce bottle.”

Those are just 2 of the reported 12 icings that went down last week over there. What’s going on Mylan? Bigelow’s dangerous! Get that girl in check! Here’s a tip: back-pocket your own ice. That’s your block. Bigelow will be on her knee in no time.

FREEmarketing: Giant Blogger Circle Jerk Results in Smaller, More Fragmented Discussion of Said Circle Jerk

So last weekend there was this very inside baseball networking event called the Brooklyn Blogfest, in which a bunch of Brooklyn bloggers got together to talk about blogging in Brooklyn.

In previous years, it was a small, but seemingly enjoyable gathering for new and upcoming bloggers to ask more experienced bloggers for tips and pointers. It probably wasn’t the most awesome thing in the world, but it certainly never seemed to cause any major backlash amongst the community.

This year however, something went horribly awry as PR people co-opted the whole thing by giving out shitty tchotkes like flipcams and free bottles of Absolut Vodka and access to Spike Lee and his wacky glasses. Now everybody’s up in a huff, and rightfully so. The blogfest is accused of becoming a shillfest and others are saying it was “a big fat joke” in the first place.

So how’d Big Vodka come in and manage to douse the Brooklyn blogging flame of love with Spike Lee and their drunken potatoes? It’s easy! Here’s a simple 6-step strategy to co-opting your very own hyper-local blogosphere.

Step One: Identify your target demographic and find a weak point at which you can buy your way in.

Step Two: Find a related celebrity.

Step Three: Tweak your product to be inspired by related celebrity so that bloggers simply cannot refuse because of its blatant pandering to their audience.

Step Four: Sweeten the deal with bloggers by providing things like flipcams, booze, and “VIP access” to THEIR OWN EVENT at which celebrity speaks.

Step Five: Co-opt their networks. Require things like “three dedicated blog posts throughout the summer,” an “agreement” to post their product image, and spamming your friends on Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare “to promote the blog posts/program.”

Step Six: Profit! Everybody go buy ABSOLUT BROOKLYN!!

(Ed: For the record, we were approached to be a blog partner as well by a representative of the PR agency repping the brand. We declined to take part. And to be fair, here’s a defense of the whole thing by one of the event organizers. She also answers the question, “Why didn’t you disclose the money and other gifts you accepted from Absolut in exchange for turning this year’s Blogfest into a corporate launch party?” at the New York Times.)

Kittens, Inspired by David Lee Roth


The End Is Near

[Thanks, Debbie]

American Apparel Has a "New Standard" of Fashion and Shady Photography-Based Hiring Practices

Gawker’s Hamilton Nolan has been looking into the hiring practices of American Apparel these last couple days that find, of course, they discriminate worse than your high school’s cheerleading squad. Every new employee prospect is photographed from top down and sent up the chain of command.

Also, from a leaked document sent to Gawker, let’s get to know American Apparel’s “New Standard” of fashion.

The “New Standard” is described in a company document as “Classy-Vintage-Chique-Late 80′s-Early 90′s-Ralph Lauren-Vogue-Nautical-High end brand.” What the hell is that? Well I’ll tell you for shoes it most certainly isn’t Uggs, winter boots, flip-flops, gladiators, converses, vans, keds, moccasins, or fucking Dock Martins. It is vintage shoes, heels, booties, boat shoes, sperry’s, and white Keds, “as long as they’re impeccably clean.” Keep your dirty-ass Keds off of AA’s property!

Anybody work at the AA on North 6th? We’ve heard some shady things over there from years past, would love to update our mental catalogue.

From the Front Lines: Loreley Restaurant Williamsburg on Opening Night

Claiborne McDonald, a reader who contributed a review of the Delorean show earlier this week, writes in with a report from the scene at the new Biergarten last night.

On a block otherwise known for… well, nothing; an addition to the family of the Lower East Side biergarten “Loreley” (pronounced Lorelai, named for a Siren of German myth who led boats to crash on the banks of the Rhine) has finally hit the ‘burg, and surprise!: they haven’t changed their prices. Fenced in by a beautiful brick wall (resembling the Storefront for Architecture sculpture on Allen street) Loreley boasts an authentic German beer-garden feeling, replete with a good selection of brews and Essen to match. But at $7 for my Hefe Weiss, the patrons around me agreed– a good happy hour would do the place well. Nonetheless, if you want your German fix and have the cash to spend, this isn’t the worst spot to cool off in this summer (under the shadow of the BQE).

Thanks Claiborne! To the rest of you: if you find yourselves at the front lines of an event, opening, or show, and want to send in a review…do it! You can always find us at [email protected]