[PIC] Meeting Sen. Chuck Schumer at the Pool Party

Senator Charles Schumer stopped by Sunday’s Pool Party to say, “You’re welcome.” Here’s a photo, via Eric Rex on Flickr, which we’re posting the same day the Senator announced a war on Zombie Sparks (and all booze-filled energy drinks). If this was MySpace, I’d be feeling “conflicted” on my profile.

Source: New Jelly Pool Parties Spot at Wythe & South 2nd

A tipster / FREEwilly contributer stopped by the Wythe and South 2nd lot this weekend and spoke with a few artists painting up the wall. They hinted that it’s where the second Jelly concert series will go down.

If true, it fits the hints Jelly & Gothamist dropped last week — it’s South Williamsburg, not on the water, and big enough to fit a crowd. We reached out to Jelly for comment but have no word yet.

Check out some shots of the street art at RWK Street Spot and Robots Will Kill.

[Above photo c/o RWK.]

Complaint Box: "Williamsburg cops are too local!"

A reader writes:

I live on union near the St. Carmel festival. People are parking in front of hydrants, on the sidewalk and in no standing zones. I confronted cops on the street as well as cops in cars from the 94th. I was told by both that because it was a church function they turned a blind eye. How fair is this? When I brought up separation of church and state and reminded them who they worked for I was told my priorities were off. Williamsburg cops are too local! My cat [sic, lol] was towed on Saturday on union because of the farmers market.. It was my fault entirely and I paid my dues. What about everyone else?

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I gotta agree with the cops here, bro. The St. Carmel festival has been going on here in Brooklyn for over 100 years. 123 years to be exact. You can put up with a few misparked cars. To bring up separation of church and state is a tad sillypants. To angrily bang that out on your iPhone is even sillier! The amendment was initially created to keep the government from imposing religion on the populace, and to keep congress from creating any laws requiring one. It wasn’t created to force the NYPD to ticket cars parking illegally during a church festival.

And sorry about your cat being towed but you really gotta keep them indoors. They hate big crowds.

[VIDEO] Fang Island @ East River State Park – "Illinois"

Fang Island rocking “Illinois” at Sunday’s pool party:

F yea, summer.

New Panda Bear 'Tomboy' Tracks Released

2 tracks from Panda Bear AKA Noah Lennox’s new album ‘Tomboy’ have been released by Stereogum. Could this be the album to save indie music in 2k10 as some claim?

He plays 9/11/10 on the Beach @ Governor’s Island for $30, but hopefully a few more shows pop up after Tomboy’s release.

On another note, here’s a music video I just finished for PB-inspired artist Navajo Bixby that has gotten some blog love this week. Sorry for the shameless self-promotion, just thought I’d share.

World Cup And The First Williamsburg Waterfront Pool Party Of 2010

Looks like we’ll be drinking early — the World Cup, the first Pool Party and a solar eclipse are all coming together at once tomorrow. As noted before, here are some top spots for watching the game (our top picks are Iona and Brooklyn Bowl). Plus Deerhoof (not to be confused with Deer Hunter) and Xiu Xiu will be playing a free show on the Williamsburg Waterfront. See you there!

Deerhoof and Xiu Xiu will be performing Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures

[VIDEO] Grateful Dead – One More Saturday Night

[VIDEO] NYPD Officer Grabs Recording iPhones, Gets Scolded by Senior Officer

A reader sent in the below footage of a little situation involving an upset police officer interacting with multiple people on the 8th Avenue L Train platform and a superior officer scolding him as he tries to calm him down.

The tipster writes:

Me and my buddy were attacked in the subway station tonight by an office [sic] Kann from the NYPD bag [sic] # 13225. And we were hoping you guys might know anyone or could get the word out to anyone who was one the 8th Ave L train stop Friday July 9th 2010 around 11:20PM. Any help would be appreciated, for this abuse in power.

We need a little more context before coming to any conclusions. This doesn’t really constitute an “attack,” when compared to others, but it does offer a rare glimpse at how a senior officer acts when a junior cop is a bit out of control.

Kudos to him for keeping his head in the situation.

Watch it and tell us what you think: