Peter Gabriel Is Cooler Than You, Alan Palomo

This is pretty fucking rad. Via Stereogum:

The D√∏ Make Our Day, They Do

Ticket Giveaway: Twin Tigers at Cameo Tonight

Georgia’s Twin Tigers are in town and ready to share their haze-infused indie rock with the lovely folks of Williamsburg tonight at Cameo Gallery in the back of N. 6th’s Lovin’ Cup. Of course, FREEwilly has a pair of tickets for one super lucky reader!
All you’ve gotta do is post a comment over on the Facebook contest thread and you can ask out that hot barista you’ve had an eye on ever since Spring, well, sprung. Who knows, maybe kisses in the rain are in your near future. Right-click to download Twin Tigers’ newest track, “Everyday”, here to set the mood for the memories of your next ex-gf/bf.
If tonight’s your weekly sit-on-the-couch-with-your-hand-down-your-pants night, then head out to Pianos tomorrow night for Twin Tigers encore NYC presentation. And be sure to check out the video for “Red Fox Run” after the jump…

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More from the Bubble Tea Ninjas aka "Crazy Bitches"

The black-skirted feminists who stormed down North 6th Street and Bedford a few weeks ago leaving a trail of shattered windows in their wake sent out a second manifesto. In it, they note their excitement over your “utter horror,” call for more crazy bitches, and warn they’re gonna “negate the shit out of you.”
Behold! A Modest Proposal from some Crazy Bitches:

In the past weeks, crazy bitches have chosen to show gross yuppie neighborhoods and scummy pesudo[sic]-anarchist rapists their power in some pretty sick and sadistic ways. While rape apologists and generally fucked-up dudes have act horrified and evoked anachronistic concepts of ‚”community” to repudiate this, we, as fellow crazy bitches out to tear this shit to pieces say, ‚”we want more!” The fact of the matter is, when bitches get attacked for making war on their fucked-up conditions, other crazy bitches will be there to turn up the heat even further. We’re excited at the utter horror of ‚”anarcho”-dudes everywhere; this means that someone’s done something right. Our simple proposal: crews of crazy bitches form everywhere, in every city in this country and beyond. Kick the shit out of your rapists, write the insurrectionary feminist theory that we need so bad, become an autonomous force that will destroy everything in its wake. And rape apologists, patriarchs, and ‚”anarcho”-dudes be warned, you will not be safe from our fury. When you fuck with a crazy bitch, you have fucked with all of us. And we’re not so demure and dainty these days.
‚”Dude, I’m gonna negate the shit out of you.”
-one of many future autonomous cells of crazy bitches

Their first comment, a running reactionary theme: “Personally, I feel that the reciprocal action has muted my voice and that the violent reaction to violence is hypocritical at best.”

Tonight: Color of Pomegranates Rooftop Screening

The Color of Pomegranates by Sergei Parajanov is considered one of the best films of all time by some of the most influential film makers including Fellini, Godard and Antonioni– so what better way to celebrate rooftop weather by getting all sorts of cultural with this visual masterpiece!?
Drinks and popcorn start at 6:30, Film starts at 8:30
If you’re not there, we’ll know you hate life.

Die Antwoord And M.I.A. To Perform At Governor's Island!

We couldn’t be more excited about this show. Tickets are on sale now.
Age: All Ages
Doors Open: 5:00PM EST


BBQing It Up in Roberta's Backyard

Get your mind out of the gutter, silly! This will be good wholesome fun!
Live music, BBQ, and enough attractive and belligerent folks to get right back in the gutter with. It’s also the perfect opportunity to play my favorite game, Spot Your Favorite Music Editor and Buy Her a Beer.
Of course, all proceeds go to supporting the Brooklyn Grange. So come celebrate the summer and take a sneak peek at all the farming the Roberta’s crew has been up to! 2pm-8pm

Rosanna Scotto Joins The New York Local News Blooper Hall of Fame

This is the funniest thing we’ve heard on the local news since Ernie Anastos told the Fox 5 weatherman to “keep fucking that chicken.” Rosanna Scotto is our new hero.

Other local news highlights after the jump:

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