Write to the Hipster Grifter in Jail!

Our beloved Hipster Grifter wants letters! She wrote a real letter to Bucky at Animal!

Kari Ferrell’s hand-written correspondence reveals what prison life is like for America’s favorite tattooed tiny Asian criminal. She tells us about her sentencing, her cellmates, the media’s portrayal of her and wonders how much she could get for her dirty jail underwear on eBay.

You can probably send her postcards to the following address (via Gawker):

K. Ferrell
Inmate SO#: 295558
Salt Lake Correctional Facility
3415 South 900 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84119

That’d be nice of you. It’s getting a tad cold out there to be just a lonely hot dog in a hallway.

Horny Andrew W.K. Will Not Rock Your Place of Worship

The “Bloody-nose rocker turned motivational speaker and TV personality” (his words, not mine) Andrew W.K. moved a few tour dates around because of what he’s calling a “really intense personal experience” that now prevents him from performing at any religiously-named venue. This wasn’t necessarily some kind of born-again religious realization, but rather looks to be more like a wet dream. Andrew, will you explain?

The best I can do to describe my experience, is to say that the world opened up to me, and I received it, as Spirit and Love and of course, a lot of fun and pleasure. It was a sexual feeling, and I just didn’t feel right about bringing that onto a holy stage. My choice to move the venues is out of respect for this feeling, for myself, and my body, and for the alters themselves.

Luckily for NYC fans of this television personality, tomorrow’s show at Joe’s Pub is unaffected. That is unless he decides to receive Joe later tonight.

New Wes Anderson 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' Trailer

Thankfully, this one is much better than the first. There are also some cool featurettes over at fantasticmrfoxmovie.com. Look for the film on November 25th

[Check it out in HD here]

Finding Love (and Sex) in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Based polled their friends to find the best spots in the borough to find love and romance. Surprisingly, Union Pool shone through with the most mentions, which I don’t know what that says about our humanity but basically means you’re better off prowling Craigslist.
Some of your relevant love spots for Williamsburg, which racked up all the points for getting laid from a bar pick-up, are: Union Pool, Royal Oak, Macri Park, Second Chance, IONA, etc. etc., you know the drill.
For the rest of us not trying to bang a bed bug sippin’ on a coconut, check out the rest of their fantastic tips for lurrrve.
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The Daily Footprint 09/28/09

North 7th and Bedford Ave

'World's Fastest Nudist' Spotted In Williamsburg

We don’t have much information on this dude but he claims to be the “current holder of over 400 nude-speed records.” Oh, and he likes risotto, tacos, and exposing his shiny ass in public:

Evidently, he’s making a documentary. Will there be cameos by the Naked Cowboy or this freak of nature? For now, you can follow him on Twitter, visit his Tumblr or, um, pray to God his special place didn’t touch that subway seat you sat in earlier today on the L. If you have more information, definitely let us know.

Julian Plenti Covers Horse With No Name

If you missed this show, I’m sorry. The folks over at the Guggenheim definitely know what they’re doing. Next month’s installment will be showcasing (drum roll please) Yeasayer. So get your tickets, dudes… As expected, the Wright rotunda delivered some serious magic. Check out the video, and see if you can spot your favorite music editor in the crowd…

Phoenix & Passion Pit, Summerstage 9/25 and 9/26

French phenom Phoenix brought the sold-out crowd and rocked Central Park both Friday and Saturday nights. The delightful surprise for the uninitiated few was Passion Pit’s show-stealing opening sets.
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