The Daily Footprint 6/22/09

North 3rd and Kent

Papacitos Robbed

image c/o BrooklynBased
This really sucks, so go give Papacitos some business. From Gothamist:

Papacitos, the wildly popular Greenpoint Mexican restaurant with the best vegetarian tacos in town, was the victim of a brazen robbery Saturday night. Co-owner Cody Utzman tells us that thieves broke into the establishment after it closed, hopping the courtyard fence and entering through the back. According to Utzman, the robbers smashed open the cash register and made off with a safe that had $10,000 inside, as well as the restaurant stereo and some employees’ personal belongings. Police have dusted for fingerprints and are investigating the incident.
But there’s also good news for Papacitos fans; Utzman tells us he’s doubling the size of the place by expanding into the adjacent storefront, which is part of the same building and was the former home of a palm reader. He adds that a “very high profile” designer is overseeing the expansion, which will include a 12 foot tequila bar (whenever Papacitos’ liquor license finally gets renewed) and a new mosaic fountain in the spacious courtyard. Work is expected to start next month, with the expansion complete by the end of July.

Zs Record Release Party Inside the Secret Robot

For years, Zs have been making headway marrying jazz and avant garde textures. On Wednesday, they will release their latest album for the Social Registry. Awesome festivities (Grade 13, Effi Briest, Nine 11 Thesaurus) will be happening at Secret Project Robot.

Atlas Rings The Dinner Bell

Atlast Cafe.jpg
At Atlas, you’ve been able to nosh on savory pastries, salads, and sandwiches–and down wine or beer with your brunch–for some time now. But starting this Friday, you and your MacBook have reason to linger after dark when the Italian-owned cafe completes its transformation to full-fledged restaurant. Chef Andrea Milazzo, who did indeed work under Ducasse in Monte Carlo, and later opened the slightly less glamorous PT on Bedford, will be serving up a small selection of roughly four appetizers, four pastas, and a handful of desserts. (Menu details coming soon.) Owner Enrico Lorenzetti also confirms that prior to dinner, you will be able to deaden your coffee buzz with aperitivo service, starting around 6pm, and that he will be offering a few incentives–free beer and coffee, say–to lure diners away from Lodge and all the newcomers on Grand Street’s restaurant row. If it works, dinner service will stick around, despite the advertised end-of-summer cutoff. Watch your back, Fiore: you dethroned Baci & Abbracci but now someone is gunning for you. assaults Perez Hilton (and not with terrible music)

Not sure why he didn’t call the police himself…via his sidekick.
I guess this is what it feels like to be entertained by
Some laugh-out-louds after the jump:

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Bleszt, aka Mr. Brick Bandit, is a 21 year old out of Newark, and while we like to maintain a fairly anti-Jersey platform here, I’m gonna risk a demerit on my NYC-card today. This is Bleszt’s new mixtape, and it’ll only cost you bandwith to get (totally worth it). Plus, when was the last time a rapper came out of New Jersey? Federline? The whole thing’s pretty cool, R&B and hip hop, lots of auto-tune and over-are-tik-yoo-lay-ting and other Lil Wayne-isms but there’s more than enough personality of its own. It’s called Nine 7 Three.
Download it here
Listen to it here
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Autotune the News #5

The Rude Dudes Rock Me

This monthly party started last month – and last month (I kid you not) I danced for about three hours straight, walked outside, then went back in and danced some more! And I was moving earrrly the next morning…so basically what I’m trying to say is if you like to dance or like to watch people dance or like to drink while people are dancing or like to be out on a patio while dancing people ask you for cigarettes you HAVE to come to this. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!