Brooklyn Bowl Turns One, Offering Free Bowling All Night

It’s been a year since Brooklyn Bowl came on the scene here in Williamsburg, and they’ve come along way. We expected a terrifying influx of the bridge-and-tunnel crowd, but instead saw the venue join Bowery Presents and begin booking an awesome line-up that’s included a month-long stint by Soulive, an in-house guest DJ the likes of ?uestlove, and a pretty damn awesome Northside Festival weekend.

To celebrate the successful year, Bklyn Bowl is offering free bowling tonight for anyone who comes for Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk show. It’s $10. Get info, buy tickets.

Attack Outside Metropolitan Bar

From our mailbag:

my friend dave, a guy from nebraska, was leaving the metropolitan bar in our neighborhood this weekend, he was about two blocks from the bar on a corner when some guys jumped him. i’m not exactly sure what happened but it seems like there was a woman with them who said something to dave to distract him and then he was jumped from behind. he never saw his attackers. they kicked him and punched him while calling him a faggot the whole time. after the beating they stole his stuff (i’ve been told the stealing part seemed like an afterthought). he was in the hospital for a few days and had to have reconstructive surgery on the right side of his face as he had many broken bones. he is in good spirits and is now out of the hospital.

the guys that beat him up used his credit card to buy a subway ticket so there may be a photo of them, but it may be hard to prosecute them because dave didn’t see them, although he probably could identify the woman that was with them.

Let us know if you saw anything. Oh, and be careful guys!

Luxury Condo Marketing to the Antichrist or Roman Catholics, We're Not Quite Sure

A subway ad for the Williamsburg Edge condo posted above ground at the Bedford Avenue L train station features a Suicide Girls-type model rocking an inverted crucifix on her left wrist. Charlie Daniels, what’s this mean?!

The devil went down to Georgia [Williamsburg], he was looking for a soul to steal. He was in a bind ‘cos he was way behind: he was willin’ to make a deal.

Now, there seem to be two schools of thought out there as to what the inverted cross really means. Traditionally, it’s seen by Christians as the Cross of St. Peter. Simon Peter, some believe, was crucified upside down as a symbol of humility towards Jesus Christ. However, it’s much more widely accepted as a symbol of anti-Christian methodology. Some see it as the stamp of the devil himself.

And then there’s that eye. Whose eye is that? What’s it looking at? Is it the dark lord himself, staring out from the black tar-filled abyss of Brooklyn real estate marketing conference rooms? And just what the hell does he want with her heart?! Demons don’t necessarily drink blood. As long as I’ve known them, they’ve pretty much left that up to the Twilight crowd.

Neighborly blogger Miss Heather cleverly notes the marketers probably forgot a few things, like, “someone sitting at the table surrounded by empty cans of PBR and Colt 45 cutting up a suspicious white substance with a gold card,” or as her husband adds, “the scraggly haired son of bitch passed out on the couch.”

All together, Edge is just trying to look, well, edgy, so it’s doubtful they’re really going after these two competing and much sought after groups. They just wanted some chick with a tattoo to get you idiots to go buy up some “hardcore luxury” property.

[H/T & a "thank you" to Miss Heather for the photos.]

Food Blogger Nearly Loses Finger on Restaurant's Mechanical Bull

The mechanical bull residing at the recently opended Viva El Toro nearly claimed a Grub Street blogger’s finger over the weekend. But luckily for Daniel Maurer, New York Magazine’s near-unemployable writer, it sounds like he’s going to be ok.

As we type this (wincing in pain with each keystroke), the sheen of Neosporin does nothing to obscure a gash across the middle of our fingernail where nail has separated from cuticle, in the manner of a Mayan torture victim. Of course, New York Magazine insures our blogging hands for $20 million (we’re like Liberace and Keith Richards that way), so we’ll just patiently wait for the newly loosened half of our fingernail to fall off or be torn off in an excruciating manner, then wait for it to grow back, and be okay.

As for Viva, well, Danny signed a waiver that pretty much absolves them of all responsibility, even if employees were to give incomplete warnings, instructions, or use malfunctioning equipment, because they have busy jobs you know!

[photo c/o Katie Sokoler/Gothamist]

Bushwick's New Wine Bar: The Bodega

The Bodega

We’re excited about The Bodega Wine Bar that recently opened in Bushwick which features wines from Spain, Argentina, Chile and Portugal as well as from local vineyards in Long Island. When speaking about why they opened the wine bar, Owners Ben Warren and Gina Leone said “We lived in Sevilla for a little while. They have more bars per square foot than anywhere else in the world. When we moved to Bushwick we definitely missed our bars. We liked that the bar and café culture tied into peoples daily life there. In Spain ‘bodega’ means wine cellar and here it’s slang for the corner store where you buy necessities like Twinkies and water – we think good wine and beer is a necessity too!”

We couldn’t agree more. See the full listing here

The Bodega. 24 St. Nicholas Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11237. 646.924.8488.

Sisters would totally hold a boom box up outside your window.

It’s 101 degrees outside, so yeah motherfuckers, summertime is here. What does that mean for you, aside from nonstop Mr. Softie jingles and risking heatstroke as soon as you walk anywhere near your bike?


That’s right, the L Magazine-sponsored event is back, and every Wednesday all summer long you’ll be treated to great bands and free movies smack dab in the middle of McCarren park. This year it’s extra exciting — not only are all the movies based on our childhood crushes (ok, childhood for us 80s babies), but Free Williamsburg is in charge of curating the music!

First up, playing before for the 1989 classic movie Say Anything (starring a young dreamy John Cusack) is the noise pop duo Sisters (with the Sundelles opening). (ps – the movie for next week is Labrynth. Five points if you can guess who we’ll have play then).

Free Williamsburg sat down with Aaron Pfannebecker (vox, guitar) and Matt Conboy (drums, keyboards) of Sisters to talk about summertime in Brooklyn, their music, and whether the new McCarren park pool will be gross or not.

Summerscreen is every Wednesday at 6pm in the Mccarren park ballfields.

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Department of Tumblrs You Saw Coming: Emo Pets

A tipster and fan of silly animal-based Tumblrs writes:

There’s a new tumblr in town. I guess with all the hipster blogs its time to choose another meme name and now we have EMO PETS. Its just like Hipster puppies, instead they have emo puppies and the captions are pretty funny as well.

Internet, meet Emo Pets.

Williamsburg Waterfront's 2010 Jelly Pool Parties Schedule Announced

After yesterday’s false alarm, here’s your official 2010 schedule for the Pool Parties at the Williamsburg Waterfront (East River State Park). This year’s lineup includes Deerhoof (playing Joy Division?), Cut Copy, Lightning Bolt, No Age, Cut Copy, Restless People, Future Islands, etc. etc. etc.

Dodge ball is back. Something called “The Allsaints Pub” will be keeping everybody hydrated.

First up is Sunday, July 11: with Xiu Xiu and Deerhoof play Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures, Why?, Fang Island, and Pictureplane.

Click the flyer to the right to enlarge.

The Pool Parties V : The Kingdom of the Christal Skull from The Pool Parties on Vimeo.

Full line-up is after the jump:

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