The April 2009 Movie Preview

by David Dylan Thomas
It’s the last hurrah before sequels and reboots dominate the theaters for three and a half months (let’s be honest, the last half of August is a wash). And we begin with… a reboot of an eight-year-old franchise.
April 3
Do you want to watch cars go boom? I think this will deliver. Other than that, weep for the potential that director Justin Lin showed in Better Luck Tomorrow and then didn’t deliver on, including the last Fast/Furious flick which, by the way, has the same writer as this one.
Between Adventureland this week and Hannah Montana and Observe and Report next week, you are actually shredding a little bit of the demo, but bringing back all four original leads should make for a decent opening. $108mil.
(Moved from March)
Superbad Amusement Park

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Bon Appetit Gives Us A Shout Out

This month’s Bon Appetit has a story on the Williamsburg food scene. They give us a nice mention:

That sense of personal and like-minded connection is one of the things that first attracted Williamsburgers like Robert Lanham, the founding editor of the comprehensive and indispensable Free Williamsburg blog. “You’d walk down the street and recognize people,” remembers Lanham, who is also, tellingly, the author of The Hipster Handbook. He admits that much has changed in the 12 years that he’s lived in the neighborhood (among other things, he can no longer afford to live as close to the center of things as he once did) but “you still feel like you’re part of a real community,” he says.

You can read it all and see their restaurant picks here.

Bruno Trailer

Check it out:

Bruno’s got a new haircut but everything else seems about the same (funny as hell). Word is that it was hit with an NC-17 rating on the first trip to the MPAA but hopefully Sascha Baron Cohen will tame it down enough that I can bring my 14 year old cousin to see it. Kid needs an education.

All Day, Every Day [Subway Poster]

The New York City subways: service changes all day, every day.
via WTF & Benjamin Stein

Silent Circle – Hide Away, Man Is Coming

As Rumproast points out, this is “hell’s house band”:

Rye: New Southside Restaurant By Former Dumont Chef

image c/o Eater
From Eater:

“I was told to try and keep it down a bit about this place because the kinks are not worked out yet and they wanna get it right before they get slammed. So I really can’t say if the room was beautifully restored, or that the scallop dish and short rib terrine were phenomenal!!!!, and that my old fashioned was PERFECTLY made. The room is dark and gives off that old timey speakeasy in Pennsylvania vibe, but very beautiful (nearly no cheese factor). The food being turned out is refined, say a small step above Walter (similar to Dressler), but ok ok that’s really all I can say.”

It’s at 247 South First between Roebling and Havemeyer, but we didn’t tell you.

Björk Joins Led Zeppelin

So Led Zep has been looking for a new lead, I guess. And today, Bj√∂rk’s people made an official announcement accepting the position. Her conditions are as follows:

Björk has though put forward her wish that they only cover with her songs from album I and IV, among them pure classics like:
“Good Times Bad Times”, “You Shook Me”, “Dazed and Confused”, “Your Time Is Gonna Come”, “Black Mountain Side”, “Communication Breakdown”, “I Can’t Quit You Baby”, “Black Dog” , “Rock and Roll”, “The Battle of Evermore” and “Stairway to Heaven”.

Get the full scoop, and more importantly– tour dates, on her website.
In other Björk news, you can check out a truly one-of-a-kind collabo with The Dirty Projectors in May, if you can afford it.

Are You Pete Nice or Peaches Geldof?

The L Magazine’s got a little Brooklyn cred quiz to see how well you know this here village. Sample question: On which street in Williamsburg can you get arepas, bibimbap, burritos, prawn crisps, buffalo mozzarella, vegetarian chicken wings and a haircut? Answers: Grand, No. 6th or In the mini-mall…
Answer is after the jump. Go take the quiz, fools.

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