Interview with Die Antwoord

Maybe these guys are a joke, but we still love them.

Ticket Giveaway: Rilo Kiley's Jason Boesel at the Bowery

Jason Boesel 13-25-26.jpg
For the last 15 years, LA-based drummer Jason Boesel has been planted firmly behind the kit, keeping time for the likes of Rilo Kiley, Bright Eyes, The Elected, and more recently, Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band.
His first solo album, Hustler’s Son, is out now on Team Love Records and we’ve got a pair of tickets for his upcoming Bowery Ballroom show on Friday Feb, 19th. You know what to do… Just comment it up on our Facebook page and you can be the proud new owner of Jason Boesel tickets!

Love & War @ McCarren Park on Wednesday – Missed Connections

In less than 48 hours, it will be Valentine’s Day. With no conceivable chance of un-lonely-ing myself by then, I thought I would use my position as a circulator of tidings to try to bring together the stray hearts of two strangers who would otherwise spend the holiday alone. And everyone knows where to listen for the sweetest songs of flourishing lovebirds: missed connections!
It seems that snowballs weren’t the only things flying at the big fight in McCarren Park last Wednesday! There were also sparks… of the figurative variety. In the heat of epic, snowy battle, one man and one woman thought they might have found “the one [to at least get them through the weekend]“. But alas, damn those cross’d stars, our heros were pitted against each other. Williamsburg’s own Romeo & Juliet might have simply departed without exchanging numbers, but who knows? Maybe with the help of this post they’ll be lucky enough to reunite and die in each other’s arms by the end of next week. Sigh. Young love.
So if you felt like you dropped the (snow)ball (ha!) on some cutie last Wednesday, you’d better read on, and I’d better be invited to the wedding.

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Glasslands tonight

Babyskinglove is crazy (and hopefully naked), DJs Florence Knight and Gale make tasty beats and the promoter is hysterical. See you there.

Last Night: Metric at Milk Studios


From Our Inbox, To Your Face

As FREEwilly’s music editor, I get a lot of weird shit sent to my inbox. This arrived late last night with nothing but a YouTube link in the body of the email. When I found myself singing “Onion… is the Underdog” in my head while brushing my teeth this morning, I figured I should share:

The Films of the 2000s

Snow lion sphinx cave at McCarren