"The Williamsburg"

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Sure, the caption is technically grammatically correct, but still. In other news, the waterfront is now open for the season?
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That Tiger Ad

Do you kinda feel, I dunno, strange inside after having watched that? More to Nike’s point, do you feel bad, just a little bit, for Tiger, having to listen to his Dad’s voice from behind the grave scolding him for his public wrongs? That’d be Nike’s goal here, I believe. You feel bad. We all feel bad. The world sees him through the ever-glistening shot glass of humanity. And we all move on. There’s golf to play, damnit. Go watch.

Hipster Puppies Book Deal, FML

In case you haven’t heard, our beloved Hipster Puppies got a book deal… after just a few short weeks of being a Tumblr. Umm, can I get a book deal too? Be sure to tell me how undeserving I am in the comments…
I guess I’ll just focus my frustration on the best possible hipster puppy photo I can take for a photo credit in a part of our generation’s obsession with ironic coffee table books… Here’s how you and your furry best friend can make history too.

Giveaway: Midlake's The Courage of Others

From The L Magazine:
Pitchfork destroyed the new Midlake record, The Courage of Others, with a shockingly low 3.6, and we find ourselves hoping, more than ever, that people don’t take their word as gospel. It’s a beautiful record, clearly inspired by British folk music, and as engrossing as any we’ve heard all year.
We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! That’s why we have two copies of Midlake’s newest album for two lucky readers… one vinyl and one CD. Just head over to our Facebook page and comment on the contest thread, and The Courage of Others can be all yours. Don’t forget to specify why records are awesome, or why you still own a CD player…
And be sure to check out Midlake tonight at the Bowery Ballroom with John Grant!

Williamsburg: Lowest Census Response Rate in All of NYC

Congratulations, Williamsburg! You are in dead last in census return rates with an impressive 31.3%. Your neighbors to the north in Queens are the highest, with 62.9% returned. Nihilists!
For a little non-context, this rate of 31.3% is equal to the amount of U.S. troops killed from accidents or illness in Iraq (May 2004), White male students likely to have carried a weapon in school in the US, and Hispanics in the state of California in 2001.
Bloomberg said, ‚”For each person who is not counted in the census, the city loses about $3,000 in federal aid every year.” So put it this way. We’re not getting any new parks, waterfront concerts, McCarren Park updates, trees, bike lanes, bike racks, or anything else the city pays for with federal money until you send in your census.*
*I have no idea how federal monies are used and am not even close to an expert on the subject.
Full list of return rates here.

WinterBand's Greatest Hits

winterBand.jpgThe Awl just posted a new piece by yours truly about WinterBand–aka the most important band of our time:

Just when I’d ‚”discovered the magic” of Celtic Thunder and become certain that nothing could more effortlessly succeed at making my ears bleed, a friend sent me a link to North Carolina’s WinterBand–the most disturbing Christian rock band since, well, since ever. If you’re a geriatric, hobo-wizard, Jesus freak with a dirty mop-head hanging from your chin, it’s probably not the best idea to be too critical of others. But that doesn’t stop WinterBand’s namesake, Steve Winter, from attacking Catholics, Muslims, democrats, women and countless others for the intolerable sin of being outside his confusing comfort zone.

Check out this important band’s music over at The Awl.

Jumelle Responds: W'burg Walks Quotes "are inaccurate, misrepresented and false."

Candice Waldron, owner of Jumelle (148 Bedford) wrote to set the record straight regarding the Brooklyn Paper story about Williamsburg Walks cutting back.
Her email (emphasis mine):

The comments and quotes from my staff that have appeared in recent articles about the reduced Williamsburg Walks schedule are inaccurate, misrepresented and false. We have contacted the staff writer asking for a correction.
Williamsburg Walks did not have any negative impact on my business revenue; this aspect of the story was never discussed with the reporter. In fact that comment was made by another local shop owner. We remained open every weekend during the walks and welcomed new customers.
Furthermore, the caption, “She got her wish now that the pedestrian mall has been cut to just two days” that appears with a photo of one of my staff is entirely fabricated. We have not actively campaigned to cut Williamsburg Walks.
Jumelle has been an active participant in the community and we simply wish to set the record straight.

Photo via Hazel Kiesewetter c/o NY Mag

Pic: Meat Hook Delivery!

The Meat Hook gets a delivery of lambs and pigs.
Pic posted on April 7, 2010 by Venueczar.