"Best Funeral Ever" in Greenwood Cemetery!

Charlie Todd and his Improv Everywhere crew thought they’d find a man’s poorly attended funeral and make it the best funeral ever! They found one for an 87-year old man, with just a few surviving relatives, and brought over 30 agents to his graveside funeral in Greenwood Cemetery. They were sneaky, “hiding behind tombstones, trees, and bushes with zoom lenses.” Lol, right?
Here’s how it went down:

The funeral we picked was in Greenwood Cemetery, an enormous plot of land in Brooklyn. (I’m not going to list the name of the deceased to prevent the family from finding this via a Google search, but it was an 87 year old male.) We met in a park a few blocks from the cemetery gate, and I briefed all of the agents, who had arrived dressed for a funeral. I instructed everyone to be as realistic as possible and not to be too over the top. I was very worried that the family would think we were making fun of them, which was the last thing we were trying to do. I told everyone to just act like you would if it had been your grandfather who passed away and behave accordingly.

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The Daily Footprint 03/31/09

'C Me Dance'

We are totally going to see this on opening night.


This couldn’t have anything to do with the Obama Special Olympics gaffe could it? R-word.org was launched by Special Olympics just days after his Tonight Show appearance and it encourages people to take this pledge:

I pledge and support the elimination of the derogatory use of the r-word from everyday speech and promote the acceptance and inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities.

We’re all about encouraging sensitivity, but aren’t there more important things to worry about, like raising awareness, ensuring proper medical care, and preventative research? As Gawker points out, in a few years “retarded” will likely be the term of choice. It’s like obsessing over the juvenile use of the word gay (see thinkb4youspeak.com) instead of trying to overturn gay marriage bans. These campaigns just strike us as being, uh, r-word, g-word, and utterly missing the big picture.

Lazy Catfish Taking a Break

The Feedbag noticed that Lazy Catfish needed a little bit of motivation from the Department of Health to get that dang hot water problem checked out. In a sign (below the jump) posted by the DOH, it appears the Catfish is closed for unknown health/hygene related problems. But in another, management blames the hot water problem. Perhaps they’re related? Can’t boil the vermin germs off the plates no mo’? So, this is a bummer. Get off your lazy asses and get that heater problem fixed! <3 u.

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The World's Most Photographed Party

The consonants-only LVHRD is throwing their annual party PHTHRD in Williamsburg tomorrow night. They’re going for The World’s Most Photographed Party record, as certified by the Universal Record Database, so be sure to bring a camera. They’ll take “everything from Nikon D3x’s to Kodak Fun Saver Disposables‚ÄîPolaroid PoGo’s to Lomo Pop9′s‚ÄîCanon HD Camcorders to Flip Minos.”
So where is it? I don’t know! But if you sign up you’ll get a text message “the day before,” which of course is today, telling you where to go. Hint: It’s five blocks from the water. They’ll have Nick Catchdubs and an open bar by Dewar’s and Brooklyn Brewery. Visit LVHRD at Eventbrite for tix and more info. Use the discount code “memberhrd” for $10 off the ticket price, and then join them on Facebook so you don’t feel bad about it.

Spotted: Arden Goll and Heather Scharf

Meet Arden Goll and Heather Scharf, two Brooklyn buddies who share the same passion for the Pastry Arts, and the love of sharing them with your four legged friends…
Arden and Heather

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The Daily Footprint 03/29/09

spring is here!
KoolMan took the trucks out this weekend. The First Sign of Spring.