132 North 5th St. Building Flyer: "Hello, I am an Asshole!"

A resident threw a party on the roof of 132 North 5th Street, leaving beer cans and some garbage throughout the public space. Another resident, fuming out the nostrils as he or she bent over the xerox machine, printed out enough flyers to cover all floors of the bulding calling the original partier (OP) an asshole. OP responded by scribbling on the flyer, “I only had a few people over + cleaned up most of it. Poster writer = king douche.”

Check it out:

Swearing In English 101

“Little children and pregnant women shouldn’t watch.”


American Apparel Responds: "This is a standard practice among fashion-forward retailers."

American Apparel released a statement today to address recent accusations about their hiring practices.

Here’s the gist:

American Apparel does not hire or retain applicants based on ‘beauty.’ Our main priority is finding people with a strong sense of style who can inspire customers as they make selections from our extensive line. This is an integral part of the job, and we look for people who will enjoy it as a creative outlet. It has never been the policy of American Apparel, as some blogs claim, to fire employees who are not “good looking” or any of the other accusations implied by the anonymous or unverified third party sources. The company legitimately reviews current photographs of job applications and employees to consider their sense of style and the way in which they present themselves. Through personal interviews, we evaluate whether they possess the skills and personality required to successfully sell our products. This is a standard practice among fashion-forward retailers.

If you want to talk to the man himself, you can email the company’s Founder and CEO at [email protected]. If he answers, let us know, it’ll be like getting an email from Steve Jobs but maybe hairier?

Trapeze Class at Streb

I cannot say if trapeze classes have the potential to be the next trendy workout, following in the esteemed path of the likes of prison workout, hanging yoga and parkour that get a lot of press before eventually fading into obscurity. I can, however, say with certainty that trapeze classes at Streb on North 1st are goddamn fun.

Previously a skill only the circus folks got to partake in, the trapeze classes at Streb open up a whole new world of physical feats. Immediately.

In my first class, when the instructor told me to backflip out on my fifth swing ever, I assumed he was joking.


Not only did I get into a knee hanging position after a few tentative swings, they had me flipping out of each turn and even getting caught–grabbing a hanging instructor waiting on his own trapeze–before class was over.

My arms, shoulders, trapezoids and even legs were sore a full five days later. (Sore from a trapeze? Imagine that.) The swinging left bruises just under the backs of my knees, a painless, albeit strange looking, reminder of my high flying ways.

At 25 bucks a class the price is a bit steep, but where else are you going to fly through the air on a Wednesday night? Sign up for classes at the Streb website or call (718) 384-6491.

Sel de Mer + Variety= Miller's Tavern

image c/o Eater

We’re super excited to hear that the talented people behind two of our favorite places — Variety & Sel de Mer — have joined forces to open a joint venture called Miller’s Tavern. Miller’s Tavern is replacing the shuttered Flying Cow space on Hope Street between Roebling and Havemeyer. The menu focuses on local, organic American Nouveau cuisine. Eater reports “on the menu are items like tuna tartare, roast chicken, market salads, steak, and a simplified version of Sel de Mer’s excellent burger. Glasses of wine are around $6-8.”

We haven’t gotten a chance to check it out yet, but will be sure to swing by this week. Have you been there yet? Let us know what you thought of the place.

Neutral Uke Hotel – King of Carrot Flowers, Pt. 1

From www.neutralukehotel.com:

Neutral Uke Hotel’s mission statement is simple: to unite obsessed fans of Neutral Milk Hotel for a live performance of their critically acclaimed “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea” album, played in its entirety on ukulele by Shawn Fogel, with accompaniment from members of Golden Bloom and The Motion Sick.

They’ll be performing tomorrow night with The Handsome Family at Mercury Lounge. Get tickets here.

Drake, Hanson, & Ninjasonik Team Up for Free Show…Yes, That Hanson

Drake, Hanson, and Ninjasonik will be playing the Seaport tomorrow, June 15th, at 6-9pm for free, presumably to celebrate Drake’s Thank Me Later street date and the fact that the three brothers of Hanson have yet to leave earth in their alien spaceship.

VIDEO: Future Islands, Inch of Dust: Live @ Silent Barn

RJOiii sent in video of Future Islands playing the Silent Barn Saturday night. Here’s Inch of Dust:

He writes:

Future Islands played the Silent Barn in Brooklyn last night. I was there with my camera. This is video of the track “Inch of Dust”. You can’t see it, but the floor was shaking.

Behold, the sweatiest, happiest, most bad-ass show I’ve seen in a Brooklyn DIY venue in a long long time.

Future Islands wrapped up a two-month spring tour last night and have a month off before starting back up in July for a week. Then, they’re off to Europe in September. They released their latest LP In Evening Air May 4th.