FREEwilliamsburg Showcase Q&A with Javelin

(left to right) Tom van Buskirk, George Langford
Today is our final band Q&A ahead of the Northside festival. We’re having a chat with Javelin, a pair of guys from Providence, RI. The duo make music steeped in the day-glo aesthetic of their hometown, but smooth the edges with summery samples and R&B groove basslines. On jams with self-explanatory titles like “Andean Ocean Tape,” you can practically see dolphins performing synchronized leaps. Javelin is going to be playing tonight at Death By Audio at the FREEwilliamsburg Showcase.
Q&A after the jump:

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The Brick Testament

I’m not generally a big fan of the bible—its tribalism, wrath, homophobia, and violence doesn’t strike me as the best code of ethics to follow. But maybe I’ve just been reading the wrong translation. It’s totally better with Legos.


Wiliamsburg Flea market
“An eclectic array of vendors will showcase artwork, antiques, new and vintage home furnishings, clothing and accessories, food, crafts and more. The marketplace is situated in a unique space which features a vintage farm tractor, graffiti van, community garden, music and lounge area. The perfect way to spend a summer Sunday.
Come shop the market, hear some music, check the scene and enjoy a complimentary drink!”- Williamsburg Flea Market

Woods Release "To Clean" Video

[Via Pitchfork]
Download the track and check them out on Monday with WAVVES and our beloved Real Estate @ Bowery Ballroom!

FREEwilliamsburg Showcase Q&A with Organs

(left to right) Dan Baranello, Brian Chillemi, Ryan Heil
Next up in our slew of Northside showcase interviews is rockabilly garage trio Organs. Recently signed to self-distributing indie folks Puta! Records (releasing a single and cassette EP by the end of summer), these boys play the kind of songs that let your drunk head sway, or remind you why you were drinking that whiskey in the first place. Their regular appearances at neighborhood favorites Bar Matchless and Don Pedro’s always buzz eery with prohibition era vibes and memories of joyfully simple Rock ‘n Roll taboos.
An emotional drone of harmonica on tracks such as “Don’t Wanna See Me No More” or singer Brian Chillemi’s longing wails on “Need Your Love” present us with why people make music in the first place– to dance and feel and fight and, well, get you to want to take your pants off. If you’re a fan of any combination of those things, read the rest of the interview with Brian after the jump for a little insight on 20th century girls, the importance of good shoes, and Union Square drug dealers.
Get the Organs record here for FREE—->
Your myspace page says you guys sound like “If Hank Williams listened to the Stooges while fucking Little Richard”. How did you land on this style/sound? Or is it just a musical wetdream of yours to get all those dudes in one room?
The Stooges are the sickest rock n roll punk band ever, Hank Williams is the god father of country music and Little Richard is one of most primal performers in the history of rock n roll. We’re striving to integrate those three the best we can… and fucking isn’t a bad way to get people integrated.

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'Web 2.0' Declared Millionth Word In The English Language

“Web 2.0″ was just inaugurated as the English language’s one millionth word. Which is, well, totally retarded. We’re totally not accepting that in Scrabble. Buzzfeed sums up our opinion on this matter to a tee.

1. It’s not a fucking word
It’s a phrase. Not only is it a phrase – it’s a phrase with two numbers and a goddamn decimal point in it [....]
2. It doesn’t MEAN anything
One of the things about words is that they’re supposed to mean things. It’s why we have dictionaries. Web 2.0 is something that you say at marketing conferences in, like, 2004, so that the other marketing professionals from the early 2000s will give you their business cards [....]
4. The other candidate was going to have been ‚”n00b”
I’m not kidding. That would at least have been hilarious. ‘Cuz, like, when grownups came up to me and said, ‚”Please, sir, could you tell me what is a n00b?” I could have just said ‚”Look in the mirror, n00b.” And then punched them in the grundle.
5. It will only encourage them
Now that they have been officially validated, the bastards are going to start saying ‚”Web 3.0.” I just know it. And then where will we be?

Williamsburg Waterfront Shows

The Williamsburg Waterfront – the new home of the Mcarren Park Pool Parties
Yes, the McCarren Park Pool shows are now just a bygone memory of slip-n-slide bliss. But the good news is that the party will continue this year on the Williamsburg waterfront. We’re particularly excited because FREEwilliamsburg favorite, Beach House, has just been added to the the roster. According to Brooklyn Vegan, they’ll be opening for Grizzly Bear for the affordable, recession-friendly price of, well, FREE!
No word on whether there will be a slip-n-slide this year, but we’ll be keeping you up-to-date on all the Williamsburg waterfront shows at You can check out the full schedule (thus far) here. [image c/o Flickr]
UPDATE from our mailbag:
I have been told by a contact at Jelly that the slip n slide will be back. This is of particular interest to me, as my buddy and I have run the slip n’ slide for the past two summers. I’m excite for the new venue. Even less shade means even more slippers and sliders!

Ticket Giveaway: Hoots & Hellmouth CD Release Party

A couple months back, the twangy batch of energy known as Hoots & Hellmouth pleasantly surprised me on the Lower East Side. On June 2nd, the Philly boys released their second full-length, The Holy Open Secret, on MAD Dragon Records but are making sure that us NYC folks don’t miss out on the record release fun.
Comment it up on the Facebook thread, and you can be getting your gospel stomp on with a pair of tix. Contest closes at Midnight tomorrow night.
Comp tickets or not, check out Hoots at their second record release show, because two parties are better than one!
Thursday June 18th
Joe’s Pub
425 Lafayette St
New York, NY