Top 5 shows of the weekend


Thanks to Pete for subbing last week. Nothing helps me get over disappointing election results and earth shattering musicians dying (RIP Prince) than blowing a chunk of cash on records, so it’s more than fortuitous that my favourite label, The Numero Group, are hosting their third annual pop up this weekend; You can head over to 170 Franklin Street from Thursday until Sunday (details here). There are shows to be seen, too, of course…  [Read more...]

Williamsburg’s Crown Vic is closing

It seems like every backyard bar in North Brooklyn is closing just in time for summer. The latest casualty is Crown Vic on South 2nd street. From [Read more...]

How did Greenpoint, Williamsburg and Bushwick vote?


Greenpoint loves Bernie (c/o NY Times)

Bernie Sanders had the largest support in the city from Greenpoint and Bushwick. Or as the NY Times obnoxiously puts it: “Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont fared best with young gentrifiers in Bushwick and Greenpoint.” South Williamsburg on the other hand loves Ted Cruz. See how the North Brooklyn voted below: [Read more...]

MTA displacing residents around the M train in Bushwick during repairs

mtrainshutdownWell, all of this train business just keeps getting worse.

BUSHWICK — Dozens of homes, a coffee shop and bike store along the M train line have to be vacated for between six and ten months, or even longer, during repairs to a section of the elevated tracks, according to MTA documents.

Twenty-six apartments along Myrtle Avenue, Broadway and Ditmars Street as well as the coffee shop and Asian fusion eatery Little MO and Harvest Cyclery have to be relocated, according to the MTA. Board members signed off on the relocations on March 21. [Read more...]

The MTA plans to wait to shut down the L train until 2019

canarsieThe impending L train tunnel repairs/mass exodus of Williamsburg won’t happen for three more years according to documents released by [Read more...]

Breaking Bad coffeeshop is coming to Bushwick in June


Sorry Williamsburg. The owners of Walter’s Coffee Roastery are NOW slotted to open in Bushwick this June.

Owner Deniz Kosan, who operates a location of Walter’s Coffee Roastery in Istanbul, [Read more...]

Top 5 Shows of the weekend

napalmdeathDISCLAIMER: The real number one show of the weekend is the Bernie Sanders rally at Prospect Park on Sunday. I just couldn’t rank a Grizzly Bear set ahead of any of the other shows on the list. Please be advised that the FREEwilliamsburg staff wholeheartedly feels the Bern. But we also feel doom, post-punk, thrash and hardcore. We suspect Mr. Sanders does as well. All those memes told us so. You know the ones. GO BERNIE! [Read more...]

Kvelertak make metal fun again at Irving Plaza

kvelertaknattesferdPlenty has been written about metal’s Machiavellian renaissance over the past 5 years, and with good reason: It is perhaps the least likely, most prolific, and best sustained musical movement since grunge (which, paradoxically enough, authored metal’s first extinction in the early 90s). As this coalition of disparate sub-genres has congealed and grown, however, a pattern—at least in listener-facing media—has emerged.

[Read more...]