Brooklyn Electronic Dance Round Up: June 19-21

Hello Summer! This weekend marks the start of the season and it’s evident in the sprinkling of daytime outdoor options. Celebrate today’s end to the work week with a happy hour in the sun on the roof of Output with Have A Killer Time presents John Barera & Will Martin, two of Boston’s finest up-and-coming House producers. At night, head into Good Room for the return of the Dope Jams DJs, an all night clubbing affair with Paul Nickerson and Francis Englehardt. Saturday continues at Bossa Nova with the leftfield techno party Down By Low featuring Alex From Queens. Then as Pride Week makes its way into Brooklyn, Club Shade hosts a secret warehouse fest featuring Hearthrob, Honey Dijon and more. By Sunday you’ll want to cap it all off on N6th street as CAMEO and Beats In Space close down the block for Make Music New York featuring the sweet and eclectic Disco sounds of WNYU’s Tim Sweeney, Tom Noble, and Ivan Berko. See you on the other side! -@evvnmichael


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Top 5 shows of the weekend

ken mode

With the Northside festival in the rear view mirror (review), we return to our somewhat normal schedule for the Top 5 Shows of the Weekend column.

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Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcombe says he was bullied by Apple for opting out of Apple Music


Sure, Newcombe’s a little bit, um, opinionated, but that shouldn’t discount the repulsiveness of Apple’s bullying. Especially since Brian Jonestown Massacre has a history of generosity — remember they posted their entire catalog online to be downloaded for free. This is pretty despicable:

Recently, we learned of Apple’s decision to not pay royalties to artists during their 3 month free trial of the new streaming service Apple Music. Now Anton Newcombe, frontman of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, recently shared some distressing details about his experience resisting that policy. [Read more...]

A potentially depressing “90s fest” is coming to Williamsburg featuring Smash Mouth and Pauly Shore

90sMy interest was immediately piqued when I saw the logo (above) for the recently announced 90′s Fest on September 12th at Williamsburg’s 50 Kent. I was a teenager in the latter half of the 90′s and I love music/nostalgia! I was not so pumped after seeing [Read more...]

2015 Northside Music Review

ex hex

The seventh Northside festival wrapped up on the 14th of June, with over 100,000 people spending time indulging either music, innovation, film, or a combination of the three. Free Williamsburg staff spent time at various shows from metal to pop acts, among thousands or sometimes only a dozen likeminded souls. The best sets and the ones that got away all feature below.

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Eight new hotels coming to Miami Williamsburg, Brooklyn, plus more in Greenpoint and Bushwick


55 Wythe Ave – holy shit is this thing HUGE

We’ve been covering North Brooklyn’s insane  hotel boom, but Brownstoner has a handy recap of all the construction in Williamsburg. In addition to existing hotels like The Wythe and McCarren Park Hotel, these seven are in the works: The Williamsburg Hotel at 96 Wythe Avenue, The Hoxton at 97 Wythe, The William Vale at 55 Wythe Avenue between North 12th and North 13th, Yotel at 280 Meeker Avenue, The Pod Hotel on 626 Driggs Avenue at North 4th Street,  The M500 just off the Lorimer stop at 500 Metroplitan Avenue, and The Williamsburghotel at 159 Broadway. [Read more...]

Update: man beaten at the Charleston is brain-dead, details are confusing and still unfolding


The details surrounding Sunday’s altercation in Williamsburg are confusing and conflicted, but the news keeps getting worse.

The sister of Michael Sapp, the man beaten into a coma at the Charleston on Bedford Avenue on Saturday night, said she is coming to terms with doctors’ pronouncement that he is brain-dead, but she is aggravated that police aren’t telling her anything about what happened. Ampora Yazdani flew to New York from Los Angeles on Sunday as soon as she heard from the mother of Sapp’s child that he was at Bellevue Medical Center.

Sapp, 33, suffered a fractured skull and contusions to the back of his head “as if he was hit from behind,” she said. He lost blood flow to his brain and doctors declared him unable to breathe on his own yesterday. Yazdani knows that the next step is to take him off life support but is holding out hope.

“I’m pursuing all of my contacts here to see if there’s a neurologist who could give a second opinion,” she said. “I know there’s probably no chance, but I’m hoping that there might be a miracle.”

Gothamist has patchy details about this ongoing investigation. Stay tuned.

Previously: Man suffers head trauma, in critical condition, following fight at The Charleston

Update: We’re sad to discover that Michael Sapp has died.

This One Goes To Eleven: 11 must-hear metal albums of 2015 (so far)

TOGTE11While it might be hard to believe, we are now halfway through the year, and in our crusty, charred corner of the music journalism world that means one thing and one thing only: It’s time to start brandishing premature, list-based proclamations like a street oracle does his cardboard countdown to the coming rapture. Sure, in 6 months time when the world is still standing and the sun is still slung up there in the sky, we will look idiots, but for now that’s half the fun. So, without further rambling ado, I am psyched to present This One Goes To Eleven’s 11 Must-Hear Metal Albums of 2015 (so far). Whether you’ve been following along all year or are just stopping by for the first time, you’re sure to find something heavy to sink those fangs into.

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