Watch a short documentary about a Williamsburg pizza delivery man

bestpizzaIf you haven’t already seen it, check out this excellent short documentary about a 52-year-old Williamsburg pizza delivery man named Bill. Bill delivers for Best Pizza on Havermeyer St. and you may recognize him from his many fixie travels around the neighborhood. The [Read more...]

Interview: The Fresh & Onlys

freshnonlys_2blog Tim Cohen has dabbled in garage rock, neo-psych, post-punk, folk and even black metal in his decade-plus spanning career, most notably as the frontman of The Fresh & Onlys. So, I wasn’t too surprised that they re-invented the wheel again on their latest offering, “House of Spirits” which was released earlier this year on Mexican Summer. The record takes on a darker, more emotionally charged tone in comparison to past releases. It’s wrought with images of lucid desolation that, as Cohen told us when we sat down with him the other day, sound all the more dynamic live.

I know I’m psyched to find out what he means by that. So psyched that we’ve teamed up with PopGun Presents to bring The Fresh & Onlys to Glasslands for a special performance of “House of Spirits” next Wednesday, July 23. The Shilohs and Christines will open, and I’ll be behind the decks, before, after and in between sets. Tickets are still on sale, but they’re going fast.

As I alluded to, Tim was nice enough to take a few minutes out of his hectic touring schedule the other day to speak with us about the record, what we can expect from the show, and an unfortunate run-in he had with the NYPD the last time he was at Glasslands.

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Video: Mobb Deep played Queensbridge Park last night


The iconic 90s group played an hour-long set last night to a huge crowd — we estimate 8,000 to 10,000 fans attended. The free show was sponsored by Summerstage. See the closing moments of their set below: [Read more...]

Good news Greenpoint… Ferry service will resume next week


Just in time for the impending G train clusterfuck! From DNA:

Greenpoint’s ferry stop may be back in service by next Friday. The India Street dock that shut down in February after a ramp suddenly collapsed is expected to be replaced in the next week, according to the city’s Economic Development Corporation spokesman Ian Fried.

RedSky Capital, which privately owns the pier, should be finished installing the new ramp by the time the G train suspends service for five weeks for Superstorm Sandy repairs next Friday, said Fried, whose organization is in charge of the ferry route and works with the landings.

Greenpoint riders have had to take a shuttle to the North Williamsburg stop for the past five months.

“The G train is a critical transportation link for people in the area,” Fried said. “We recognize the importance of making sure the East River Ferry is operating in Greenpoint prior to the G train shutdown. RedSky has always operated with this in mind.”

The gangway leading to the ferry’s landing detached in February during a snowstorm, giving away moments after riders had crossed. Noone was injured.

Preliminary reports indicated the gangway itself was safe, but the poles holding it up had problems, Fried said.

‘Bushwick Nightz’ book launch party is tonight


Our friends at Bushwick Daily just released a collection of short stories, Bushwick Nightz. Tonight they’re throwing a party to celebrate:

In 12 original, honest, brutal and completely self-aware stories, you’ll explore the bright and dark moments of all that occurs here from drug deals, to gallery shows, drinking, sex, Zagat-rated meals, gentrification and trying to figure it all out.

Meet the writers in person, hear them read, discuss the stories, drink some champagne & most importantly celebrate Bushwick with us!

8:30-9:30: Discussion & reading moderated by Eric Silver with writers Dallas Athent, Prospero Vega & John Jarzemsky [Read more...]

Someone managed to make an entire song about Williamsburg without including the word ‘hipster’

brooklyngirlsVirginia native Catey Shaw’s new song Brooklyn Girls takes place in Williamsburg (and a little bit in Bushwick). “There’s a palace of bricks in 11206 where all the fly Brooklyn chicks reside.” While I give her an incredible amount of credit for not putting the word ‘hipster’ in the chorus like everything else ever made, the song/music video is of course still full of standard Williamsburg [Read more...]

Interview: Mortals

mortalsGo ahead, world, thinkpiece yourself until hell freezes into a giant cosmic ice cube and Satan is left jobless and alone, wishing he remembered a damn cardigan. Mortals, don’t give a fuck. Sure, they’re girls in a dude-dominated metal-verse; yeah, they went straight from unsigned to the biggest extreme label on earth; and, yep, they’re from buzz-band Brooklyn, but all these blackened doom breakouts really want to talk about is their debut album, Cursed to See the Future, and it only takes one listen to understand why. A potent concoction of killer riffs, Oslo-approved shriekage, and ambitious arrangements, Cursed is one of the best debuts you will hear this year and we caught up with the trio to discuss it, boxing in bathing suites, idiot MTV writers, and why you shouldn’t miss their record release rager at The Acheron on Friday night. After all, your backpatch cred may well depend on it.

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Rainy day tunes: Iska Dhaaf

With so much precipitation in the air, now is the perfect time to listen to some tunes from the Pacific Northwest. As Seattle natives, and soon to be New Yorkers, Iska Dhaaf is the perfect band to fill your ears over the sound of rain on your window, or in my case, dripping into a bucket in the middle of my living room.

The duo of Nathan Quiroga and Benjamin Verdoes, released their debut album Even the Sun Will Burn this spring on Brick Lane Records and I had the opportunity to catch them live at Baby’s All Right when they came through town a couple weeks ago. The set ranged in style and tempo, showcasing the pair’s exceptional songwriting skills. For a two person band, Iska Dhaaf filled the stage, bouncing from instrument to instrument and spilling over with energy. Their songs explore the highs and lows of human emotion- happy at times, cathartic at others.

Retro sounds meshed with flecks of psychedelic notes and catchy melodies make Even the Sun Will Burn an album made for the FM dial. The album toes the lines of punk without punching you in the face and stays within the bounds of “indie rock.” Needless to say, there was no moshing at Baby’s All Right on a relatively quiet Sunday night.

Happy listening!