Indie Art invades Brooklyn

Naked Duck Gallery and Brooklyn Fire Proof, Inc.
“Artwork from some of today’s finest independent musicians”
October 29 – November 21, 2004
Live Music Venue at Brooklyn Fire Proof, Inc. 10:00 PM Friday October 29
Featured Artists
Devendra Banhart (Solo, Angels of Light)
Daniel Smith (Danielson Famile)
Tim Rutili (Califone, Red Red Meat)
David Pajo (Papa M, Will Oldham)
Jessica Billey (Mekons, Boxhead Ensemble)
Loren Connors (Solo, Jim O’Rourke)
Jon Langford (Mekons, Waco Brothers)
Tara Jane O’Neil (Solo, Retsin)
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Eminem Kicks Some Republican Ass

We officially LOVE Eminem after watching this. Karl Rove and Dubya don’t share the sentiment. Check out his new, amazingly vindictive indictment of Bush Inc. Hopefully MTV will have the balls to air it. As Salon states “‘Mosh'” [is] the most powerful broadside against the administration since ‘Fahrenheit 9/11.'”
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Even The American Conservative endorses Kerry!

Pat Buchanan’s The American Conservative can’t even find it in themselves to support the incompetent and scary George W. Bush. Today they announced their support for John Kerry, batting home our belief that this year our choices are for a moderate, pro-choice Republican (Kerry) versus a jingoistic, Rapture-ready, Armageddon-here-we-come Neo-conservative. Even if you’re a Republican, Kerry is the correct choice.
From The American Conservative:
“George W. Bush has come to embody a politics that is antithetical to almost any kind of thoughtful conservatism.

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Lick Bush Ltd., Music For America, Bands Against Bush
and IndyVoter present.
Reminding you to get your ass to the polls on Nov 2nd
Tuesday, October 26, 7:30 p.m.
Siberia, 356 W. 40th St./9th Ave.
Featuring: Members of the Ataris, The Everyothers, The
Tallboys, The Weekenders, Pretty Flowers, Starchild,
UKUK, Hearts on Fire and Emma La Reina, plus guest
speakers and surprises.
More information: 718-670-3707 or [email protected]

Inouk Interview

interview by alexander laurence

It’s our job at Free Williamsburg to expose new bands that are bound to take the indie world by storm. Inouk is one of those bands. They are bringing psychedelic music to the people. And 2004 was the summer of groovy love power.
Inouk was originally formed in Philadelphia. The band consists of brothers Damon McMahon (vocals/guitar) and Alexander McMahon (vocals/guitars), Ian Fenger (lead guitar), Jesse Johnson (bass) and Glen Brasile (drums). Their music is unclassifiable — progressive music that allows for many musical influences to come and go. Inouk is making music where the music is the most important thing, not fashion or hairstyles (despite that Flock of Seagulls thing going on in the picture).
Inouk released an EP a few months ago. After that they have been playing nonstop all year. In August 2004, their first album “No Danger” was finally released. I got to speak to Damon McMahon before they started touring again with Hope Of The States. INOUK WILL BE LIVE AT THE FADER CMJ PARTY | SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16 | 176 ORCHARD ST. AT HOUSTON | 7PM

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Robert Henke, Fat Day, and Fast Forward/T Cells

Robert Henke
"Signal to Noise"
(Imbalance Computer Music)

In a country overrun with laptop dub wizards and art gallery DJs, Robert Henke
is perhaps one of Germany’s more interesting thump-funkers. As Monolake, Henke
creates spatial sound environments you can dance to that succeed at inducing
physical motivation as well as mental stimulation — to the satisfaction of
fashionable booty-shakers and digital glitch fanatics everywhere.

Henke’s latest effort, "Signal to Noise," (pictured above) however,
finds the Berliner expanding his palette beyond the caverns of warehouse club
culture and outside the realm of the headphone mindset.

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DFA Party

Yes, it’s true…. DFA has consummated a relationship with EMI. We love them too much to not forgive them.
Don’t miss their “onwards party” Friday October 15 at The Dark Room (165 Ludlow Street). No list. No cover. Starts at 10pm.

Get Involved:

Publicolor welcomes local ARTISTS and community volunteers to HELP transform a Williamsburg high school with COLOR!!! Publicolor is a not for profit organization that teaches at-risk students the marketable skill of commercial painting. Students are empowered to change thier dreary school into a beautiful learning environment by painting the interior with vibrant colors. This influential change can not be done without the time and energy from volunteers every Saturday (10:30am-2:30pm)! Please learn more about Publicolor on our website ( and email us at [email protected] to pick a saturday and get directions!!!! Many COLORFUL thanks!
They are painting a high school in Williamsburg (Van Arsdale- North 6th and Roebling). It is a huge school and is mostly beige. It is an incredible experience because the space visibly changes from boring to brilliant by the afternoon.