OWS Holiday Bazaar Comes to Williamsburg This Sunday

If you’re interested in seeing how a holiday market could work without regular currency exchange, check out the OWS Holiday Bazaar this Sunday from 1-9pm at City Life Wellness (75 Frost St., L train to Lorimer). The event will feature a live barter market, skill workshops, musical performances and other fun activities to keep your mind off the problems with our country’s economy. Here’s the lowdown via Peel Back the Curtain:

This is a FREE event! Why? OWS Sustainability and Evolver are committed to building alternative economies out of the shell of the old. Instead of relying on currency to determine value, we believe in a system that allows individuals to work together and assess value for themselves. People are encouraged to bring items or skills of their own so that they may interact with the vendors. The Holiday Bazaar will be packed with workshops and a live barter market, donation based body work, dinner and live music. Everyone is encouraged to bring an item, art, skill, or service to come and barter with. Folks are also free to accept donations as well.

The workshops included are below…and we are continuing to add more as the week goes on!!

  • Guerrilla Gardening: Seed Bomb The City, Transform The Space (OWS Sustainability)
  • Know Your Rights: Harm Reduction for Encounters with Police (Paula Segal, National Lawyers Guild)
  • Q & A with “No Impact Man” Colin Beavan
  • Introduction to Permaculture with Andrew Faust
  • Food Fermentation Workshops (Food Justice and OWS Sustainability)
  • A Presentation On Climate Science By Patrick Robbins (OWS Sustainability)
  • The Alternative Economy Think Tank (Alternative Economy)
  • How To Make Your Own Tea And Herbal Medicine (OWS Kitchen)
  • Live Demonstrations: Pedal Power Energy Bikes (OWS Sustainability and Times UP!)
  • How To Survive A Blackout: End Times Candle Making With Sarah (OWS Sustainability)
  • Fortune Telling And Life Counseling (People of Color Caucus)
  • Be Your Own Home Plumber: Rebecca Bone (Evolver)
  • Composting with Dr. Susan Rubin
  • How to Occupy A Hood (Occupy the Hood)
  • Bodywork by Donation, Including Reiki, Massage, Energy Healing, Group Meditation
  • Tarot By Donation
  • Live Music
  • Holiday Dinner (begins at 6:30pm)
  • Live Screen Printing (OWS Screen Printers Guild)
  • And more!

Can I Lead a Workshop? Can I set up a table? Can I be a vendor? YES!!!!!
Please email owssustainability@gmail.com and check out our Facebook event page to keep up to date.

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