Over the Counter: This Week in New and Interesting Music

pile“Over the Counter” is a column by our music editor focusing on new and interesting music that isn’t featured so prominently. In this edition: new releases from Pile, Container and ADVAETA, plus Ukiah Drag, Uniform and more.

Pile tried on some Brainiac-style (think Hissing Prigs in Static Couture) weirdness on their new single “Tin Foil Hat,” which dropped a couple of days ago, and it looks good on them. Their last LP, Dripping was the kind of competent mid-90s style indie rock you’d expect from an Exploding In Sound band, but this off-kilter single brings the promise of bigger and brighter things on their follow-up, due out March 3 (via Exploding In Sound.) It’s called You’re Better Than This, and it feels like a challenge. Or maybe they’re just telling Steve that he needs to chill?

The best time to release a new single is probably right after Bjork shouts out your live show at The Wick, and that’s exactly what Container’s Ren Schofield has done with “Vegetation.” The dream-like track popped up in my Soundcloud stream a few days ago, and it’s the first new song we’ve heard from Container since last year’s underrated techno-noise LP Adhesive. Container’s songs often inspire feelings of unease; almost like they’re a tangible force with ill intent. The hypnotic loop of “Vegetation” feels like it’s stalking you. Just as it’s about to grab on with both arms, it suddenly vanishes without a trace. It’s one of the more minimal tracks in the producer’s catalog; more along the lines of something you might hear from Boards of Canada. They’d probably dig Container’s set too.

The gals in ADVAETA have been at it for six and a half years, and they finally have an album, Death and the Internet, which is due out on April 26 via Fire Talk Records. Its first single, the densely layered and melodic “Angelfish,” is tighter and more complex than anything I’ve heard them play over the past few years. If you’re a regular at their usual haunts, Silent Barn, Shea Stadium and Big Snow (RIP), you probably know ADVAETA and think of them as more of a noisy punk band, but they’ve gone full shoegaze here. It’s truly invigorating to hear; “Angelfish” is the product of a band who has grown together and coalesced into something robust and beautiful.

Don’t miss this one:

If you’re into Destruction Unit and old Thrill Jockey records then you’ll be so down with the show at The Acheron this Sunday night with Ukiah Drag, Uniform, Cheena and Honey. Ukiah Drag’s In the Reaper’s Quarters was one of the most slept on releases last year (and for my money, the best record to come out of Florida in 2014), but the real draw is disassociating noise duo Uniform, which includes The Men’s Ben Greenberg.


  1. Are any of these bands playing shows in the NYC area soon?

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