Our Commander-in-Chief



  1. badBoay says:

    What a DORK!

  2. vroom vroom! let’s roll

  3. It’s like Dukakis in the tank minus the testicles.

  4. I would rather see Bush in this jeep looking at the illegal alien invasion than hiding out in Washington.
    Democrats are EVEN WORSE than BUSH on the immigrant issue. That is truly scary. Our shit Senators BIllary and Chucky Cheese basically are giving up the whole nation to an invasion. Practice your espanol hipster nerds.

  5. Anonymous says:

    You guys are retarded.

  6. Jahplaya says:

    you’re retarded

  7. Teenwolf says:

    Yes, all Democrats are the same.
    And all Hispanics are the same.
    And all Jews are the same.
    Hatred is so much easier when you make sweeping generalizations.

  8. fucking racist

  9. Teenwolf says:

    Sorry if I was being vague…
    I was mocking “Ray” for being such a douchebag.

  10. I vote that Ray is a Moron, too.
    How totally lost his worldview is! Amazing.

  11. Jahlipop says:

    vrroomm! vrroomm! stay the course.

  12. i’s dont lik da way america is meen to minoritys. bush is stoopid and dont belong as president. peace

  13. Anonymous says:

    For a second I read the word ‘hispanics’ as ‘hipsters’

  14. therealJah says:

    whoever wrote “i’s don’t like da way america…” used my Jah tag illegally and should be deported. use your own tag, ya rascal. also, i didn’t mean to write “i’s” in my previous post. i meant to write i’d – the d is next to the s on typepad. you right-wing wackos make me so goldern frustrated i type too fast. word.

  15. Was this Bush getting to know the “other side” of the driving range?

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