Openings: BrisketTown, Williamsburg Pizza, Selamat Pagi and Xixa

BrisketTown (c/o Eater)

There are lots of great new places now open in the hood:

Selamat Pagi

From the NY Times:
Indonesian restaurants are scarce in New York, and this one specializes in the cuisine of Bali. The owners are the ice cream artisans Ben Van Leeuwen, Pete Van Leeuwen and Laura O’Neill, who had some storefront space at their production kitchen and decided to take their love of Bali to the public. Of course, their sweets are served. But before dessert, consider finishing your plate of lemon-grass fish curry, prawn and fish satay, bluefish caramelized with palm sugar, and nasi goreng (a type of fried rice). The chef, Sophia Loch, came from Otto. The pastry chef, Chelsea Wilkes, from Marlow & Sons, is whipping up a Balinese coconut crème brûlée

Williamsburg Pizza:

From Serious Eats:
The pizza was really good: housemade or Grande mozz on the slices, sweet canned San Marzanos strained as the sauce, and an old school NYC slice crust that had a crisp veneer and tender insides, with plenty of color and bubbles to boot…. We [also] had a grandma slice, a regular slice, a slice with apples, gorgonzola, and a rectangular slice with mushrooms and fresh rosemary. None were less than very good, and it’s clear that Coniglio has the chops and the desire to make terrific slices pizza born out of NYC slice tradition at its finest.


From Eater:
Pitmaster Daniel Delaney learned how to smoke meat from barbecue big shots Aaron Franklin and Wayne Mueller. Delaney’s acclaimed brisket retails for $25 a pound, and the menu also includes traditional barbecue sides. In its first week of business, BrisketTown sold out of meat, several times, so show up early.

Also, Xixa — a new joint from the people behind Traif — recently had a soft opening:

Sunday night we crashed a preview party at Xixa (pronounced “shiksa,” which of course is slang for a non-Jewish woman), the upcoming Mexican-inspired spin-off from the owners of Traif, set right down the block on S. 4th St. in Williamsburg. The completely redone room (in the former Aldo’s Coffee Shop) is sultrier than the original, while both the setup and the array of small bites – cheese-filled, deep-fried squash blossoms, sopes topped with foie gras and pineapple, an updated elote with Thai spice – seem poised to pull in the bar crowd (241 South 4th St.).

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