Open next week in Williamsburg – The Gorbals


The Gorbals is set to open next Tuesday (July 22) with a menu that includes bacon wrapped matzo balls. The Urban Outfitters blog — um, we know — spoke with the chef Ilan Hall, Season two’s Top Chef winner. Urban Outfitters? Top Chef? Boy is Williamsburg edgy these days. When do we get our American Girl store?! Here’s what The Gorbals chef has to say about his new menu:

I’m trying to use things that are really seasonal and maybe a little bit more obscure. Not obscure but, like, less common fish. Most people don’t put bluefish on their menu—bluefish is one of my favorite fish. I’d rather use a skate cheek than a skate wing. I’d rather use a monkfish liver or a monkfish tail. There are so many great parts of an animal, and you don’t have to always use the basic filet. There’s this farm really close to where I grew up on Long Island in Glen Cove that, in the spring and summer, has amazing produce. We’re opening at the best possible time for New York [produce]. There’s peas, ramps, spring garlic, fava beans, soft shell crab, Bouchout mussels from Maine.

On his favorite places to eat in Williamsburg:

Every time I have a meal, I’m inspired. I love places in the [Williamsburg] neighborhood: St. Anselm, Café Mogador. I love eating wherever I can, all the time.

More pics, from the UO blog below:



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