Only Two North Brooklyn Restaurants On Eater’s Essential New York Restaurants List

Only Roberta’s and Diner made the cut. Seems crazy to ignore Gwynnett St. on Graham Avenue. Plus, we love Diner, but is it really essential? Eater thinks so:

The specials are the dishes to order at Diner (and yes, the servers still write them down on the table). Right now, chef de cuisine Ken Wiss is turning out inventive plates of Italian-influenced American fare, but you can always get the excellent burger and a serious steak, too. In terms of atmosphere, food, and value, Diner is one of North Brooklyn’s best restaurants.

What do you think they missed?


  1. It’s a major shame that they missed Gwynnett st. Their food is superior.

  2. “Is Diner really essential” – have you actually eaten there? Diner is THE best restaurant in Brooklyn. It shouldn’t even be in the same league as a pizza place. The same goes for Gwyneth St. (sorry you couldn’t cut it)

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