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This One Goes To Eleven: Weekly metal roundup

After a much-needed nature sabbatical, This One Goes to Eleven is back and up to its neck in hot, rotting garbage. Let’s get to this before I leave again and never come back.

WHAT TO HEAR: Leading us off this week is one of the true gems of the Brooklyn metal scene, Netherlands, who are set to unleash their new full length, Black Gaia (Records and Tapes Records) today. Like early Mastodon fronted by Perry Farrell in deep space (which makes sense, seeing as the band are currently on tour with the Savannah sludge legends), Black Gaia is as vibrant and fun as this stuff gets, toying with time signatures and audiences alike. A massive, synth-driven low-end anchors frontman Timo Ellis’s piercing, hook-prone tenor, offering an awesome ride for anyone willing to take it. Speaking of which, you can do that here.

After that, we check in on the style du jour—the semi-ironic nu/metalcore revival—with Jesus Piece’s crushing debut LP, Only Self (Southern Lord). While this year’s OTHER big early aughts nostalgia release, Vein’s Errorzone, was clever Dillinger Escape Plan worship, Jesus Piece bow at the altar of Hatebreed instead, turning in one closed-fist beatdown after the next. Have Harms Way already kind of done that this year? Yeah, but Jesus Piece’s packaging feels straight out of ‘99, and, when it comes down to it, that’s a big part of what we’re all here for anyway. Check it out via Revolver.

Meanwhile, in records-that-snuck-up-on-me-news, German duo Mantar—aka blackened Motörhead—are back with a new full length, The Modern Art of Setting Ablaze (Nuclear Blast). Flippant generalizations aside, Mantar are no longer just a post-Y2K Lemmy tribute, adding subtle synth inflections while displaying a greater complexity in the both their riff and song structures throughout. If you’re just in it for that midrange-y rollick, you’ll still find it spades, but get ready to hear a (slightly) new Mantar in the process.

Once you’re through with those, spend some time with AncestorsSuspended in Reflections (Pelagic Records). Like the contemporary atmo bm scene, Ancestors weave lush elements of shoegaze, slowcore, and drone into almost every intoxicating melody. But this isn’t just a bunch of guys who went out and bought fancy pedalboards. They’re conjuring the spirit of these influences, no approximating them, and in the process have created one of the coolest, chillest, catchiest doom records of the year. Unwind with it over at bandcamp and you won’t be disappointed.

Speaking of shoegaze, Relapse-backed brooders Nothing are back this week with their latest, Dance on the Blacktop. It’s definitely not metal, but Nothing have produced two of Relapse’s best releases in recent years, so make sure to give it a chance. After that, spin off into Stern’s new art-doom spiral Missive: Sister Ships (Sleeping Giant Glossolalia). Featuring three Kayo Dot alums, I don’t need to tell you what sort of mind-bending grooves you’re in for here.

Finally wrap things up with Lord’s Desperation Finds Hunger in All Men (Heavy Hound)—a hooky batch of Virginia sludgeMob RulesBeast Reborn (SPV/Steamhammer)—more killer power metal from the veteran German wailers. Both those call for some serious decibels, so grab the noise cancellers and check them out.

WHAT TO SEE: It’s Friday night and that means shows, starting with Annihilation Time/Hank Wood & the Hammerheads at Brooklyn Bazaar, Revenge Season at The Meatlocker, Black Water Rising at Dingbatz, Living Colour’s Corey Glover at The Brighton Bar, Bedpan Fight at Otto’s Shrunken Head, First Jason w/ Ari Lehman at Lucky 13 Saloon, Blackwells at The Nest, and a benefit show for migrant families at Vitus headlined by Racetraitor and La Armada. On Saturday, check out Godflesh/Tombs at Gramercy Theatre, Fit For an Autopsy at Debonair Music Hall, Rockaway Bitch at Dingbatz, 25 Ta Life at The Kingsland, Incite at Brooklyn Bazaar, Acid Witch at Saint Vitus, Dimmu Borgir at Playstation Theater, and Pink Mass at Shaker’s Pub, and then get back out there on Sunday for Multicult/Couch Slut at Brooklyn Bazaar and Black Tusk/Whores at Saint Vitus.

Monday is a little slow, with The Last 10 Seconds of Life at Gold Sounds the only show of note, while Tuesday rolls around with a Two Minutes to Late Night Halloween special taping at Saint Vitus. On Wednesday, Vitus hosts a free MxDxFxLx rager before Thursday wraps things with Lunatic Fringe at Angry Papa Entertainment, Dopethrone at Saint Vitus, and CKY (lol) at The Kingsland.


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Coleman Bentley :Staff scientist at This One Goes To Eleven