Of Bill Murray and the Streets of Williamsburg

Another day, another injection of Bill Murray’s Awesome Sauce into our lives. This time, it’s a party reporter’s guide to having dinner with him. In it, we learn he remembers everyone’s names, stands up as ladies take their seat, and he will beat his chest if the meal is roasted duck.
But most importantly, we learn the following bit about Williamsburg:

He might mention the Roebling Tea Room, where his son is a cook, and ‚”they’re very proud of their kale.” He might then discuss how he likes to walk the nearby streets in Williamsburg late at night, and how he shot a movie on the south side when it was just Hasids and hookers, and the Hasids would stand outside late at night telling dirty jokes. (‚”They weren’t on the street reading the Word, I can tell you that.”)

Dinner With Bill Murray: A Party Reporter’s Guide; Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images


  1. CocksuckerMattSpermgulgler says:

    i need men in my face.

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