Obama's Base: Jane Fonda, Commies, And Scary Black People

Archie Bunker, Joe McCarthy, and the ghost of Strom Thurmond have apparently teamed up to pen a *completely idiotic* editorial about Obama’s supporters for the National Review. Wake up and smell the decade. [Hat tip Jezebel]

For a Boomer like me, following the threads of the Obama movement is like a flashback from a bad 60s drug trip — an old, unwelcome nightmare. Whether it’s Billy Ayers or Bernadine Dohrn, Tom Hayden or Jane Fonda, or any of the other lesser-knowns, 60s Marxist radicals are lining up behind Obama.
Obama’s young worshippers think they see something altogether new, a unique persona, seemingly magically transported to this moment in history to help them finally be the ones to net the elusive butterfly of socialism’s never-realized promise…. Sixties’ radicals see their as yet unfulfilled yearning for socialist utopia in a well-groomed, glittery, establishment-approved package… Obama is clean-cut. He talks unity, not subversion. He promises equal outcomes without resorting to violence to get them. He endorses marriage and fidelity for himself, without condeming other lifestyle choices. He speaks in highbrow English, rather than the 60s revolutionary slogans…
Obama’s followers make high-tech videos, mindlessly chanting, ‚”Yes, we can” instead of making bombs to blow up government buildings, or holding up armored trucks and killing police officers.
This new generation seems to have the opportunity to do now with mere votes what their predecessors tried and failed to do through violence. We can finally seal the deal on the real revolution — democratically. Obama, the Closer, is at hand.
Evidenced by his list of supporters, from Ayers Dohrn, Hayden and Fonda, to the New Black Panthers, the New SDS, the New Winter Soldiers, et al., the radical Left has anointed Obama as the One. Every aging, anti-war, anti-capitalist group and their new offshoots are flocking around Obama like moths to a flame…
To these rabid Marxist radicals, Obama is the One, because he’s probably their last chance to see socialism triumph on our own soil.

It’s appropriate that the article is actually penned by someone named “Shiver.”


  1. oh those conservative boomers. they always think communism is nigh. they’d fight Vietnam all over again given the choice.
    Obama and the democrats are not even remotely Marxist.
    Parish the thought!

  2. badfrog says:

    Maybe it’s just possible that older people actually HAVE seen similar things in the past, in other countries and even in our own, and can draw parallels.
    Why the hell do you think older people are conservative, anyway. We’ve seen all the bs politicians and all the scams and dirty tricks.
    We’ve seen McGovern, and Jimmy Carter, and Nixon, and LBJ, and other failed candidates and failed predidency. To you, Obama is the shining Messiah who will take you to that utopia that you know is just over the hill.
    We’ve gone over those hills with politicians before, and those utopias, they ain’t there. We’ve seen Obama before. We’ve also seen shining heroes in other countries where it’s gone REALLY bad.
    Like a candy bar, little boy?

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