NYPD Cop Pogan Guilty of Filing a False Complaint, Not Guilty of Assault

Today, a cop who slammed a bicyclist off of his bike, and was guilty in the court of public opinion because of a conclusive youtube video that sealed the deal, was found not guilty of assault in court. However, he was convicted of filing a false criminal complaint against Christopher Long, a charge which Gothamist notes “carries the biggest penalty, up to four years in prison.”
Time’s Up! Statement reads as follows:

This guilty verdict should send a message to Bloomberg that he needs to direct Raymond Kelly to start training his officers in sensible procedures to safely deal with the growing presence of bikes on NYC streets. This case highlighted an extreme, but not isolated case of police harassment toward cyclists.

The next Critical Mass ride is, oh how convenient, tomorrow.


  1. not that i disagree, but i think you can hardly call almost any youtube video “conclusive” evidence. i feel he was probably guilty as much as i feel you are guilty of excessive use of a comma.

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