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There’s been a show on the MSG network this summer (I’ve never heard of the MSG network either, until now), and it’s a reality show/contest for New York’s subway musicians. It makes me feel as though perhaps I have been living in a different city, because I don’t recognize any of the contestants. SIgh.
The series will culminate this week with a big ‘ole concert at The Cutting Room on 24th Street for the remaining musicians on September 3rd. However, I’m still unclear on what the prize is. Hopefully something involving money and a record deal? And no, unfortunately, the Beatles cover songs guy is not one of the final four.
More info available HERE


  1. This show is pretty great. It’s fun to recognize folks I’ve seen.
    You DO NOT have to pay to vote. The votes are given money increments to simulate how much you’d give them on the subway, i.e. I like this woman more than this guy so I vote 75 cents versus 25 cents.

  2. Christine Dupree says:

    I love the show too.
    It’s also available on MSG Network. They usually play Knicks or Rangers games.

  3. You can watch the show on cable TV (channel 27 on time warner) and you can also watch it online.
    You DO NOT have to pay to vote, as nonynon explained.
    The prize is the chance to play at one of MSG’s venues – the garden itself, beacon or radio city.
    you should really watch the show before you write about it. it’s an interesting concept and it would be nice if you did a bit of research before publishing something negative and uninformed.

  4. Ah man, I love the Beatles cover song guy, I always see him in the L -> 1,2,3 walkway!

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