Nitehawk Weekend Brunch: Food, Booze and Films for Your Inner Child

photos c/o Lanterloon and Fan Pop

INCONCEIVABLE! This Saturday and Sunday, Nitehawk Cinema will bring together two of the Y Generation’s most beloved pastimes: eating brunch and watching The Princess Bride.  The theater’s full brunch menu will be served along with early day cocktails like the Carrie (vodka, house Bloody Mary mix, pickled vegetables) and the classic AM Gold (prosecco with fresh squeezed orange juice). Breakfast tacos, Inigo Montoya…. What better way to start the weekend? Show times are 12:15pm this Saturday and Sunday only.

Nitehawk will continue to show awesome movies during brunch time as part of their “Nitehawk Weekend Brunch: Movies for Everyone and Everything” series. Check out some other beloved flicks that are coming up:

images c/o Nitehawk Cinema

Wallace & Gromit in the Case of the Were-Rabbit: February 11th and 12th at 12:15pm

Blazing Saddles: February 18th and 19th at 12:15pm

The NeverEnding Story: February 25th and 26th at 12:15pm

On February 11th, the cinema will also be hosting an event called “Spoons, Toons, and Booze” in one of the other theaters at 12:00pm. According to their website, the epic brunch event will have an all-you-can-eat sugar cereal bar and extensive White Russian selection, which includes milky-vodka concoctions made with Cocoa Puffs and “Quik-induced flavors like chocolate, strawberry or banana.” More importantly, the cartoon selection is pretty epic, and the audience can vote on which ones will be shown. Here are some of the totally rad shows you could possibly see:

Duck Tales, Thundercats, Jem, Gummi Bears, Smurfs, Batman the Animated Series, Looney Toons, He-Man, The Real Ghostbusters, Garfield & Friends, Transformers, X-Men, Tail Spin

Oh, the memories! It’s like second grade all over again… with booze.

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