Nighthawk Cinema + Booze = Heaven

Nighthawk Cinema

After all our complaints about wanting a movie theater in Williamsburg (in addition to IndieScreen) we can finally rejoice that not only has a theater opened that plays indie first run films, but also serves booze! Nighthawk Cinema officially opens this weekend with showings of Midnight in Paris, The Trip, and Submarine. Zagat has the full scoop on the theater.

“There are tables between every two seats, complete with drinks holders, and you can place written orders from a waiter throughout the flick. The drink list contains options that are themed around movies, while the food options range from homemade beef jerky to watermelon salad. If you don’t want to stay for a show, there is a bar area that is open to the public as well.”

Tickets are $11, and the food is all prepared by Chef Saul Bolton who won a Michelin star for his restaurant Saul on Smith Street. Here’s a peek at the whole menu.

Nighthawk Cinema; 136 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY; 718.963.2917


  1. FYI you can’t drink/bring booze into the theater itself… just the bar

  2. Yet, they are in the process of gaining the liquor license for the theater space. Licenses are notoriously difficult to get in NYC

  3. Uhh… Spectacle? Why no love for the better/cheaper/more interesting locale just blocks away?

  4. As if we don’t have enough dolts talking and texting during movies. Now the jerks will be fueled by booze to add to the volume and inanity of their remarks. Way to go Metropolitan!

  5. Great place. Very unique. Food was off the hook, and booze was strong…very nice time.

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