New Matt & Kim "Cameras"

Matt & Kim have never given us a reason to dislike them. They run around naked. They are super appreciative of their fans and every type of success they have. I am sure they have never not been smiling. And so, of course, the first single off the upcoming  album Sidewalks, does not disappoint. “Cameras” is cheery, bouncy, tinged with horns and synths, and it declares that life is for living not for worrying about documenting! I’m sure twitpics are still cool, though. Am I right?

Listen to the song at the band’s Facebook or at 107.7 The End’s website. (Remember when the Real World worked at that radio station?)


  1. I would be appreciative of my fans also if I were as horrible as Matt & Kim.

  2. This is a good idea! hope to be better!

    ——– __@
    —– _`\<,_
    —- (*)/ (*)

  3. This single goes down in my book as the black sheep to an undisputed stellar collection of previous works.

  4. Isn’t this the same message as Ted Leo’s “One Polaroid A Day”?

  5. they are terrible. this song is no exception

  6. this is williamsburg brooklyn – one of the most artistic, creative and musically influential areas in the entire country.

    there are plenty of great things to get excited about, so please stop supporting this awful, awful music.

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