New Bodega Sells Hipness Instead of Jamaican Beef Patties

New bars and venues open constantly in this neighborhood–it almost feels like the community board consists of a solitary robot with a giant rubber “Approved” stamp for liquor license applications. To which I say “Huzzah!” because papa needs his sweet, sweet booze.
Anyway, today we take a look at a new music venue in Bushwick called Bodega (1089 Broadway), which is run by those hip souls over at Chiefmag. The space holds 300 people and used to be an actual bodega–one which used to sell crack I am told, which goes great with beef patties and Boar’s Head turkey sandwiches.
Most bands they host are of the Todd P variety, including Japanther, The Death Set, Ninjasonik, etc. Shows are usually in the $5-$6 range, perfect for the club’s young, eight-people-to-a-loft crowd.
In related news, I was perusing an interview that Chief did with The Teenagers and I read this:

Where in Brooklyn did you check out?

Quentin: We walked through Williamsburg, down Bedford. Everyone looked like they were out of a video or something. It was weird. I felt really uncomfortable because everyone was so hot.

Keep it up, you sexy ass Williamsburgers.


  1. Oh good, because as much as I like Boar’s Head turkey, I just can’t get with the beef patties. Sometimes they have words stamped into the crust and that sketches me out. Bring on the booze ‘n’ tunes!

  2. anonymous says:

    the bodega is not a new venue…what the hell fw?

  3. Bodega hosts bands of the Todd P variety from like 2 years ago. Who hasn’t seen enough of Japanther and the Death Set?

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