New Bar: Nights & Weekends

c/o The New York Times/ Brian Park

A new bar brought to you from the owners of Five Leaves called “Nights and Weekends” adjacent to McCarren Park is now officially open for business. Nights and Weekends features a selection of liquor that’s very rum heavy (think Island beverages along the lines of frozen pisco sours, Red Stripe beer, Malbec wines from Argentina and Chilean Carmeneres), and a menu inspired by Cuba and the West Indies. We hear that the waffles slathered with spiced rum butter are a must order.

If you’re thinking the themed menu might be a bit much, remember that Nights and Weekends isn’t a cheesy themed bar, “We were careful not to skew too tiki,” says Dan Sabo, one of the bartenders. “This isn’t a Hawaiian shirt sort of list. Instead, it’s cocktails for pirates and desperadoes.”

Check out the full listing here:


  1. this bar is NOT open for business yet

  2. I’ve heard about this bar through my friend. And she wanted us to go there and drink some Margarita or Wine as an advance celebration for her birthday. When they will be open? Thanks..

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