New bar alert: Rocka Rolla now open in Williamsburg


credit: Gothamist

Rocka Rolla, 486 Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg

Rocka Rolla is the latest establishment from the people behind Skinny Dennis. We checked it out last night and its like Skinny Dennis for the classic rock and hair metal set, for those who prefer Van Halen to Merle Haggard. Unfortunately, it won’t have live music like its older brother. That said, it does have food — sausages and fries — which is a plus and an outdoor space with a view. Well, a view of the BQE that is.

Rocka Rolla is a nice addition to the neighborhood and will definitively be popular with anyone who appreciates the faux-dive aesthetic of Skinny Dennis. The owners did make the odd decision to serve drinks in heavy glass goblets which seem to weigh about 10 lbs after you’ve had a couple.



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