Neo-Nazis in Greenpoint?

Five backwards halfwits living in their moms’ basements and drawing swastikas on their bedroom walls doesn’t really warrant a trend in our minds. Has anyone else noticed an upsurge?

It is at once a deeply-rooted Polish neighbourhood with industrial roots where immigrants still speak in their native tongue on the streets.

At the same time, Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighbourhood is a fast-gentrifying area of New York full of young families and working professionals who wish to live close to Manhattan.

But the northernmost neighbourhood in Brooklyn is also home to a group of Polish neo-Nazis, who walk the streets, just like anybody else, and are fiercely proud of their beliefs….

A Facebook group called Greenpoint Antifa was founded by activists in the neighbourhood who serve as vigilantes against what they say is ‘fascist, violent’ conditions.

In fact, there have been rumblings of unrest over the past few years. Only last month, earrings bearing the symbol were spotted at a store on Manhattan Avenue.

The swastika studs were nearly sold out at The Bejewelled shop, with only one pair left. ‘It’s totally outrageous,’ City Councilman Steve Levin told the New York Daily News.

In 2009, the Greenpoint Gazette noted that there was an upsurge of anti-Semitic and homophobic graffiti posted on mailboxes or sprayed on walls.


  1. those light bulbs still need changing

  2. immerart says:

    I cannot beleive these idiots. I am Polish and I am ashamed of my people. I used to walk the streets of Greenpoint horrified of what I saw. The simple, dumb, uneducated and obnoxious morans who make it impossible for other Polish people to shake the prejudice of being stupid. Everywhere I ran into them, I heared nothing but cursing and bad language not to mention thier dumb ways of looking at life in general. I am glad that Greenpoint is evolving to a better neighborhood, time to move on and leave the stupidity behind.

  3. Oddly, I was traveling through Poland a few years back at the same time that I also happened to live in Greenpoint before it got too expensive for me. I made friends with some locals in Warsaw and to my surprise they knew of Greenpoint even though they had never been to the U.S. I asked them what they knew of it and they described is as a backward enclave stuck in the 80’s (referring to the Polish population). I was struck because I thought they weren’t too far off the mark given all the buzzcuts on men and artificial tans the women sport. Though many of those Polish men/boys seem very aggro’ especially when drinking, I’ve never witnessed any blatant racism (although I don’t speak Polish). However, I have been told though from a friend who is black who used to live in the neighborhood that he often felt he was treated “less politely” by the Polish population and I on two separate occasions have been threatened physically on the street coming home at night.

  4. I am Polish, I live in Greenpoint, I know most of the young people here and I can tell you that if those nazis were real – they would not survive a day in Greenpoint. We are well aware of our history – it’s hard not to when almost every month we have a national holiday commemorating victims and/or herose who died for our freedom.The Patriotic feeling is strong but the anti-nazi and anti-communist feeling is even stronger.If those neo-nazis do exist please give me their names and we will deal with them.This case is more about antipolonism than antisemitism. A.Krause found a very shameful way to get international publicity by posting those photos.Antisemitism always sells so why don’t I make the Polish people into nazis now and hit them right in their hearts – was his thinking. You people are smarter than that and I am sure that you have Polish friends who are probably as pissed at this whole situation as I am right now. For us WW II ended in 1989 with Solidarity and we had to fight for our freedom twice before we finally got it. We are working hard to rebuild our image after years of nazism and communism and we don’t deserve to be hit like that by some wannabe photographer. Give us a freaking break, please we’ve earned it. All of those bold headed kids you see in Greenpoint listen to hip-hop these days and I encourage you to stop them and ask them what do they think about the nazis, you’ll see for yourself what really generates their anger. They only joke in this situation is those out there who believe in this whole anti-polish propaganda crap without really getting to know the community and applying some common sense and critical thinking before making up their opinions. I agree that Polish community needs some improvements but it is definitely not getting rid of their nazis because they simply don’t exist. Please, use your brains people.

  5. The above seems to follow long lasting thread of bashing Poland, thread that is very popular among quarter-brained, biased repeaters who lack ability to think and draw conclusions. This “article” here serves their purpose, it is a great start to say in a month or two that Poland is responsible for Holocaust or even WWII.

    If the “journalist” here, based on the centuries of unbiased journalistic practice of those he should have learned from, would instead of applying fiction, got the facts, he would probably not decide to put those bubbles out into the www.

    I see hundreds people every day and do not see any “nazis” except.

    If you claim that there is any antisemitism in Greenpoint, this article is simply anti-Polish.

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