NBC Caves to Evangelical Nutjobs

This is disgusting. Another victory for Dobson and the American Family Association

The last chapter of the controversial religious drama “The Book of Daniel” has been written at NBC. Although the network stopped short of saying the low-rated show was canceled, a spokeswoman said Tuesday it has been dropped from the schedule.
The series, which starred Aidan Quinn as an Episcopalian priest with a pill habit who holds regular conversations with Jesus, has a promiscuous son and a daughter who deals marijuana, proved better at drawing criticism than viewers.
Conservative Christian groups condemned the depiction of Jesus as blasphemous, accusing the writers of portraying Christ as tolerant of sin in talks with the priest. Seven NBC affiliates refused to air it.

Who knew there was a difference between cancelled and dropped from the schedule?
And here’s the AFA statement:

‚”NBC didn’t want to eat their economic losses,” said AFA Chairman Donald E. Wildmon. ‚”Had NBC not had to eat millions of dollars each time it aired, NBC would have kept ‘Daniel’ alive. But when the sponsors dropped the program, NBC decided it didn’t want to continue the fight.”
‚”This shows the average American that he doesn’t have to simply sit back and take the trash being offered on TV, but he can get involved and fight back with his pocketbook,” Wildmon said. ‚”We want to thank the 678,394 individuals who sent emails to NBC and the thousands who called and emailed their local affiliates.”

No wonder NBC is in last place in the ratings. Pussies. You can read the article here.

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