Nate Hill is retiring?

Ever see a dolphin giving bouncy rides in the subway? Or have a death bear show up at your apartment to take away your ex-lover’s stuff? Or been at a party that got crack delivered, but it was actually hard sugar candy? Well, the days of you enjoying these Nate Hill’s weird furry art (the self-proclaimed Best Art Show of 2011) may be ending.

At least the well known and much-beloved Free Bouncy Rides and Punch Me Panda will be retired. The last bouncy ride was tonight at 6 train 68th St-Hunter College subway platform. Tomorrow Punch Me Panda, a “safe place to punch someone,” will make its final appearance n the Lexington Ave/53rd St stop of the E, M subway platform at 6 pm.

We will miss you, creepy dolphin lap bouncing sessions in the subway.

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