Music to See and Tickets to Buy This Week: 4/29-5/5

I have a perfectly acceptable explanation for why this post is late (and only half-finished for the moment): yesterday I got an excellent deal on a butcher block-top table through CraigsList that I just couldn’t pass up. To celebrate my new furniture addition I drank too much wine, and forgot to finish this post. You understand, right? Now get out your wallets and buy some concert tickets.


On Sale Now:
Everyone’s favorite Dubstep singer/songwriter (which is a thing now) James Blake is playing Webster Hall on July 13. To cut down on scalpers or to make your life more difficult, you can only buy 2 tickets at a time which can only be picked up at the Will Call window before the show. Tickets are $30 and, surprisingly, still available.

On Sale Now: Gloomy synth pop composer and friend of Ariel Pink, John Maus, plays Glasslands on May 9 with Holy Shit!, Gary War and a couple DJs.  Tickets are $12.

4/29 @ 12 noon: Indie rapper and NYC resident Theophilus London has just been added to the expanding  Northside Fest as headliner for the opening night (June 16) party at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Tickets are $18.

4/29 @ 12 noon: Bon Iver, the coolest dude for a guest spot on your album, celebrates a bon été at Prospect Park on August 10 with a full band and a “Special Guest”. Tickets are $43.

4/29 @ 12 noon: I got a feeling NJ-native, singer-songwriter Nicole Atkins is finally gonna break soon, so catch her on the cheap while you can. She plays with the Black Sea at Music Hall on July 8th. Tickets are $19.

4/29 @ 12 noon: Mysterious UK pop-ers Wu Lyf must have impressed at their US debut a few weeks ago, because they’ll be back in the city in July for two shows: July 22 at Mercury Lounge with Bass Drum of Death and July 23 at Knitting Factory Brooklyn.  Tickets are around $15.

4/29: Surfer Blood is now selling out every show they play. I know I should have caught that little show at Market Hotel a year and a half ago. Ah well. That’s why there’s CraigsList. They play with …Trail of Dead (still going for it, huh, guys?) at Bowery Ballroom tonight. They also play Music Hall on May 13 with tickets still available, in case CL flakes on you.

4/29: Folks seem to like Free Energy’s garage dance pop (I’m not even sure what that means and I made it up), but I think they’re annoying. To each his own. If you dig on the James Murphy-approved (and produced) band check them at Glasslands with Bronze and Motive. Tickets are $14.

4/29:The Kills make music that sounds like the stripped-to-the-bone nub of the crux of the sex and death and madness at the heart of the very best rock ‘n’ roll.” Oh good! I’m not the only one completely fabricating musical descriptions. If you’re into death by sexy rockin’, talk to a scalper to get tickets to their show at Terminal 5 with Cold Cave (stripped the wire of the transistor bleep-bloop gloom pop, or whatever).

4/30: See Surfer Blood concert description, but substitute with Titus Andronicus. Their show is at Music Hall with Dinowalrus and The Suzan. Tickets were $15, so don’t let CL rip you off.  They also play Maxwell’s tonight but, eww, New Jersey.

5/1 – 5/3: Total snore-bore at the clubsss. Use the time to craft a realistic plaster of Paris sculpture of your head for Mother’s Day so your Mom will quit nagging you about visiting.

5/4: Kiwi guitar pop outfit Surf City headline Brooklyn Bowl on Wednesday, but their openers, Xray Eyeballs (Brooklyn via S.F. garage band), are the real draw for me. With Darlings, too. Tickets are only $5!

5/5: The Thermals are one of very, very few actually good pop punk bands (there’s also Superchunk and… who else?). They play Le Poisson Rouge with crooning, New Wave-ish Twin Shadow, a peculiar choice, and Tyvek. If you go to NYU, tickets are $7 . The rest of us can only buy tickets day of the show for $10. Doors at 6:00.

And there we have it.

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