Multiple Reports of Sexual Assaults in Bushwick

Be careful!

Multiple sexual assaults fitting similar descriptions have occurred over the last week in Bushwick, the Brooklyn neighborhood now known more for artisanal pizza at Roberta’s than dingy warehouses. Just a block away from the restaurant, “I was taking stuff out of the garage and moments after I opened the door onto White Street I felt my head being grabbed by my hair and slammed into the brick wall,” one of the victims told Gothamist. “He was ripping at my jacket from behind and he was trying to put his hand over my mouth, and telling me, ‘I’m gonna fuck you,’ or ‘I’m gonna fuck you up.’ Before he was able to get it all the way over I screamed loud enough to make him run.”

A second victim described a similar attack, and both women reported their stories to the police, but according to Bushwick Daily, five women may have been assaulted in all. “The attacker is tall, medium build, Hispanic, wearing a hooded jacket. He grabs the women in the dark from behind and slams them against a building wall, covering their mouths so they can’t scream,” reported a tipster. “

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