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The MTA and DOT have finally revealed their L Train shutdown plans and not everyone is happy

So after dragging their feet for months, the DOT and MTA have finally announced their plans for the impending L Train shutdown. It includes:

DOT claims that 80% of the L Train’s 225,000 daily passengers will be absorbed by the G,M,J and Z which seems INSANE given how crowded those trains are currently. Even with increased service on other lines, excruciating delays and jam-packed cars are inevitable.

There’s also no discussion of expanding Citibike to Bushwick and East Williamsburg, which seems like an easy transportation alternative to pursue.

One of the biggest points of contentions is the DOT’s refusal to create a dedicated bus lane on the Williamsburg bridge. The plan instead will create a HOV3+ lane during rush hour:


Robert Lanham :