Ms Williamsburg is from New Jersey

Christophe Legris for Stuff Hipsters Don’t Like
While I never made it out to the Mr and Miss Williamsburg pageant last weekend, it turns out one participant is exposing the organizers and saying it was all a sham!
From SHDL:

Misha fielded our questions before we did a run through of how events would proceed. She also instructed us not to tell anyone from ‚”the press” that the whole applicant process was rigged! Sorry, Misha. Welcome to the 21st Century where ordinary people and seasoned journalists alike can blow your cover in the blogoshpere! Also on the list of things not to talk about was the Colt 45 story (fabricated publicity stunt) and the fact that almost all of the contestants were Misha’s friends from college.

Well that isn’t surprising. If you want to view a whole lot of people from New Jersey pretending to be from Williamsburg, check out Lola’s photo album on Picasa, or just click through the jump for a picture of our newly crowned Ms. Williamsburg chugging a PBR while simultaneously taking her underwear off while wearing an American Apparel onesie. Whew, I feel gross just typing that. Where’d the innocence go?! Somebody, please, spray me with Ecto-Cooler and take me to church.



  1. problemsolver says:

    Sore Loser?

  2. Oh come on.
    “Real” Hipsters in williamsburg all come from fucking Wisconsin or Rhode Island or are like a Japanese-Frenchwoman or something anyway. I’ve lived here for 9 years, and am from Bay Ridge, and I’ve never met a ‘hipster’ actually from brooklyn yet. Most just moved here and planted a flag for the nation of Hipsternia. The struggle to be so *down* is kind of embarrassing. So some jersey girls did a skit to pretend to be the people pretending to be people pretending to be from brooklyn. with fashion.. Oh Horror! Maybe it just shows how gay and boring the whole drama is in the first place.
    the lolcat would say,
    “up in yer hood
    fakin yor hepness”

  3. correct me if i am wrong, but the same woman who is supposedly slipping off her panties is in the picture above wearing shorts…if she really could do that than she can be named Ms. Whatever-neighborhood-in-new-york cuz thats amazing…

  4. wasn’t the whole thing a satire anyway??
    way to miss the point Lola you dumb snatch.

  5. What that Lola girl DIDN’T mention was her atrocious behavior backstage.
    I was hanging out in the dressing room long enough to witness her A) fall and fall HARD in a drunken, mascara-streaked stupor B) screech like a banshee that her purse was stolen when it was sitting right next to her and C) try to rip off Miss Williamsburg’s onesie in a fit of jealous rage. I’m embarrassed to even write all this, it demeans everyone involved. So it’s no wonder she’s feeding a pack of lies to every blog who’ll listen. She probably wants to cover up the gruesome spectacle she made, on top of the fact that her performance honestly SUCKED and she is clearly a weirdo narcissist with a bad temper.

  6. I think this is the same way my mom met my dad. one year later, married and pro life.

  7. Gilmore:
    You’re absolutly right, hipsters do not come from Bay Ridge. But what would NYC be if everyone was an overweight teenage parent of six that hates anyone that isn’t born here? Kind of boring. And fat.

  8. they certainly look like they’re from jersey.

  9. @Jacob: The funniest part about this is you thinking that “revealing” on every pageant-related comment board that I was blackout drunk is some kind of shocker that will shed the light of truth on me. Alert the press! They will surely want to know. Great revenge tactic, LOL. Get a life you douche.

  10. @Lola: I like your revenge tactic better, i.e. photoshopping a picture of the girl who threw the pageant and then spreading a bunch of lies because you’re mad about losing. Very effective! “LOL”!
    What I was “revealing” is that you are a f**king mess and are attempting to recreate your high school glory days of backstabbing and lies. You scared everyone who was working the event, myself included, and you should probably just go back to Maryland before all of Brooklyn realizes how freaky and malicious you are.
    p.s. i commented on ONE other blog, YOURS, which you promptly deleted.

  11. Oh that’s cute, the sore loser is sending photoshopped pictures around to every blog in New York.
    Well I’m Misha and I didn’t rig anything and I certainly don’t look like that. If you would like REAL event pics please visit the link below, by the fabulous Bek Anderson.
    If any other journalists want the real story (but really now, can we all stop caring? please?) send an email to [email protected]

  12. @jacobbb: It’s not revenge so much as I was bored at work and found it a good topic for my expository writing style.
    I wish I could photoshop that well (ie, photoshop the reality into those who only exist on the web in photoshopped form)! If you have seen any of my other blog entries you would know that I have absolutely zero photoshopping skills. Writing, obviously. InDesign, I am highly skilled. Photoshopping, not so much! If you don’t believe me look at the Picasa web album where there are 2 other pics from that sequence right next to the one Gothamist used.
    My photographer sent those to me raw they are not even resized!
    Also, I am from Michigan (but live and work in Williamsburg), thank you.

  13. I’m sure the photographer you hired for the event was perfectly capable of photoshopping his own work. Now let’s stop wasting everyone’s time with your sore-loserness. You’re making a even more of a fool of yourself than you did onstage.

  14. @Misha: I am sorry that it was a bad picture! It happens to the best of us. But it’s not like the whole room of people didn’t see you there anyway. It’s not like Christophe was using some kind of magical camera that captures things that the human eye can not. I don’t even think anyone could do that using merely Photoshop! You would definitely need Maya or the technology they use to create movie characters like Gollum in LOTR. Even the NY Press reporter noted that you were “sweating missiles.” Hey, it was a hot room, it happens. Please stop insulting my journalistic integrity though. I do not doctor my photos.

  15. Who ARE you people and what kind of bubble do you live in?

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