MozGate 2013: No, Morrissey Will Not Be At B&N Union Square and Probably Hates You


Morrissey at lunch

One of the best things about Rough Trade opening in our fair city was the healthy import stock of Morrissey’s epically gushy, sublimely written new Autobiography. Previously only available in the UK, the much-ballyhooed (and, in our opinion, for good reason) tome chronicles Moz’s childhood, entry into music, the formation of the Smiths and his solo career up to present day, with a lacerating wit.

To celebrate the book’s U.S. release this week, news surfaced on Saturday that Morrissey would be appearing at Barnes & Noble in Union Square.


No performance, no reading, do not make eye contact with Moz lest ye find out exactly to what depths his disdain for you can reach. Still, though, an incredibly rare opportunity to, if nothing else, witness Morrissey (somewhat) willingly have human contact for the 3.5 seconds it’d take to scratch his last name onto a book’s title page with a pen.

Last night, though, word began leaking that, nope, no Moz:

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 3.04.06 PM

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 3.14.29 PM



And, thusly, over before it began, with a whimper not a bang, there goes MozGate. We’ll never know how many dirty New York hands he’d shake before storming off: 15 maybe? 25? A whopping 100?

Seriously, though, our heart goes out to whatever went on behind the scenes at B&N to have this happen, because hell hath no fury like a Morrissey fan scorned. The store’s taken to Twitter to explain, but we’d like to encourage any interested to skip the edited American edition of Autobiography and go straight for the meaty UK edition. Oops, we said “meaty”. 

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