More than just a fix: Craft Coffee

Craft Coffee Holiday BoxCoffee, long may you run our lives, help the hung-over, and get us through our daily plight as semi-creative worker bees. And while we can’t all be coffee aficionados, we don’t have to stand by idly like Bartelby, consuming lifeless and burnt drivel. Some have always known that there’s more to coffee than just caffeine, but for us in the masses it’s not always easy finding the good stuff. That’s all changing thanks to a local Brooklyn service, Craft Coffee. Born right out of the burg they send a sampler pack of three amazing coffees from top roasters around the country right to your doorstep.

No joke, this is the best coffee you will ever taste, and they have the hip barista tasting crew to prove it. Blind taste tests and forty coffees sampled every month means the absolute best coffee for you.

Order now,as in right now, if you want to gift a Holiday Tasting Box in time for the Holidays at ($29.99 free shipping)  Three, six and twelve month subscriptions start at $19.99 a month.

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